SUP/Kayak Reservation

In these menus you can locate and sign up to reserve SUPs and kayaks. In the upcoming reservation tab you can locate future signups (you must be logged in to see this). If you click on one, you can find out more details. If there is space, an option to register will be active in which case you can sign up to reserve equipment. Otherwise, an option to join the waiting list will be active so that if a registered participant cancels you will be notified and given the option to register for a reservation.

In the my signups tab you can locate reservations you have made and cancel your reservations for upcoming events (you must be logged in to see this). Please cancel your reservation if you can no longer make it to your reserved day so that other members are given the opportunity to participate.

Kayaks and SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards) are available to be used in the junior area by all CSC members at dayleaders' discretion. Anyone signing up to use the kayaks or SUPs must pass the re-opening COVID training to sign up.

Our kayaks are tandem, sit-on-top plastic kayaks that weigh about 80 lbs and are not well suited for one person to carry to the dock and paddle alone. It is strongly suggested that they be checked out by users who have another household member to go out with them. Like dinghies and keelboats, only household members can go onboard kayaks with club members at this time.

All regular gear check-out and sanitation protocols also apply to kayaks and SUPs at this time.  You must check in with the dayleader on arrival, observe all covid precautions, wash down the kayak or SUP and spray the paddle handle areas after use, and check out with the dayleader.  Kayaks and SUPs can only be used once each day, in order to dry out thoroughly between uses.