Volunteer Spotlight: Stel Lababy

Cal Sailing Club's explosive financial growth is entirely due to the passionate leadership of our Treasurer, Stel Lababy, who shared a few insights.

Have you always sought leadership roles?

Oh goodness yes!  Even as a puppy I led my team in teat-chewing and runt-killing.  I was always at the front of the pack harassing the pigs on the farm where I grew up.

What shaped your passion for leadership?

Adversity.  When the farm's meth lab blew up, I had to refocus and map out my career goals again, putting in long hours as a rescue dog, then as a lowly family dog, before realizing my passion to succeed as CFO at CSC.

I've heard you have an exceptionally successful method for building consensus.

The secret is small, focused meetings where everyone is free to offer ideas, but everyone realizes they'll get bitten if they don't adopt my ideas.

I'm sure you must be a champion sailor and world-class windsurfer.

Frankly, I wouldn't set paw on anything floating.  I do enjoy biting things in the water, and as a Berkeley resident, I'm a passionate foodie, always looking for new places to find dried-up meat or dog-grade cheese.  But mostly I like hunting squirrels, it's my main obsession outside finance, and gives me the outlet I need to rebuild and regrow.