Frequently Asked Questions
Where is the Cal Sailing Club?
The Club is located at the Berkeley, California marina.  View on Google Maps.

If you need to send mail to the club, the address is:
Cal Sailing Club
124 University Ave.
Berkeley, CA  94710
When is the Club open?
Noon until sunset on weekdays, and 9:00am until sunset on weekends. Sailing and windsurfing can be restricted during low tide conditions (less than -0.5' MLLW -- see the Club Open/Close Hours page), high winds (beginner sailors/windsurfers above 20 knots, advanced above 30 knots), dense fog, thunderstorms, etc.
What's an Introductory Sail and when can I go on one?
The club offers the public a chance to try sailing for free during our Open Houses. Check the home page for dates.

Kids 5 and over welcome on our boats if accompanied by parent or guardian. Bring a change of clothes--it can get wet. Sign up at the clubhouse between 1 and 4 pm.

How much does the membership cost?
$120 ($99 for students and seniors, $75 for minors under 18 years old) for three months of sailing and windsurfing -- lessons included! No extra charges for use of equipment. Or $375 for a full year.  Please pay your dues online here.  In addition to dues, you will contribute work--you're expected to put in at least 2 hours every 3 months, more for your ratings.  Work can be helping with Introductory Sails, repairs, teaching, or dayleading.  Here are some suggestions for work that you might want to contribute.  Once you've joined, you can earn a free membership for 10 hours of work, and your family members can sign up with our discounted minor (under 18) and family memberships, too. Note that to activate a free membership with work hours, you will need to have at least 12 unused hours, 10 for the membership and 2 for the normal quarterly work requirement.
How do I sign up?
Right here on this website is the best!  Come down to the clubhouse, open weekdays 12p to sunset and weekends 9am to sunset, and you can use the computers there to sign up, but it's really easiest to do it from home.
Can I race in YRA events?
Sure, if you are a regular member!  Cal Sailing Club members who own their own sailboat can use the club as their yacht club in YRA events. 
Can I telephone the clubhouse?
No.  There is not a phone at the Club.  We like it this way.
When are the scheduled lessons?
Beginning Sailing Lessons are Mondays and Thursdays with signups taken between 12 pm and 4:00 pm (6:00 pm during Daylight Savings Time), and Saturdays with signups taken between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm
Keel boat lessons for intermediate sailors are Wednesday evenings (meet at J-Dock at 6:00pm).
Beginning Windsurfing Lessons are Saturdays starting with on-land orientation at 10:30am. and Sundays with on-land orientation at 11:00 am (both beginning and advanced instruction are available on Sundays)
All lessons are provided by CSC volunteers.  Above lesson starting times may vary due to tides or other reasons. 
I want to go on a Cruise.  What do I need to do?
Cruises are for members, but members can bring guests.  No reason you can't join the Club the day of the cruise, though.  Subscribe to the club email lists for announcements, and sign up if you see a keelboat or dinghy cruise that you want to attend.  Login to the website with your userid and password, and sign up for the cruise using these instructions. Signups are first-come, first served.  If you can't make it and don't cancel within 24 hours of the cruise, we will sell your credit card on the Internet.  If you aren't a CSC member and sign up for a cruise, you won't be allowed on board, and we will steal your car.
Carefully read over the cruise announcement posted by the person leading the cruise.   This should include the time and place to meet, where the cruise will take you, when to expect to return, and what to bring.  But in general, you will meet the day of the cruise at the CSC clubhouse. If you are late you may need to go directly to the dock (CSC keel boats are located at the very end of the west finger of J-Dock.  The J-Dock ramp is east of the Harbor Master's office.)   Bring a complete set of extra clothing, and throw a few extra items to share with people that forget.  It can be very hot and then very wet and cold during the cruise so be prepared!  A few snacks and a little extra cash can't hurt either.  A bottle of water is a good idea, too.
How do I contact a Club officer?
Check out the Contacts page.
Who do I contact for a sailing test?
On weekends and most weekdays you should be able to find a Senior down at the club.  You could also post a request on the club email lists.  If you want to pursue a Senior or Cruising rating, contact ExCom
Are any of the Cal Sailing booklets or instructional guides on-line?
Check the Files page
Where is the General Membership meeting?
Check the News section on the home page of this website.
How do I unsubscribe from the Cal-Sailing email list?
Check the Email Discussions Page.