Want to contribute work to the club?  Here's a few suggestions.

Some things that require common (non-sailing/windsurf) skills:

  • clean up yard
  • cut back weeds
  • dump trash cans into dumpster
  • take lost belongings to lost and found area
  • straighten up PFD and wetsuit racks.

Want to learn to repair boats or boards?

  • check website and announce list and slack for upcoming clinics
  • read up and study videos: search “fiberglass repair” or “dinghy sailboat rigging”, etc.
  • especially recommended: West Systems Epoxy, RS boat owners rigging manuals
  • learn how to use orbital sanders, blind riveters, drills, other hand tools and small power tools
  • then contact the right person -- see the Contacts page

Want to teach sailing and windsurfing?

  • get your rating and get out on the water first
  • read the manuals and other files on the website's Resources page
  • then contact the Rear Commodore (Contacts page, there are two, one for sailing, one for windsurfing)

Is there something else you wanted to do?

  • make sure you have the skills and the time (part of the skills is judging how much time)
  • figure out which of the excom members (website Contacts page again) would be in charge
  • estimate the cost of supplies, etc. Contact Treasurer for tips
  • catch the excom member at the club, or send a brief note by email.  Keep it brief, they're busy.

Thanks for asking!