Cal Sailing Club's Executive Committee is the board of directors for the club.  Each officer has responsibility for one aspect of the club's operations and gets a vote in ExComm decisions on buying stuff, scheduling club activities, etc. The ExCommies are elected at General Membership Meetings in November and May.  Note: if you really need to communicate with someone on the list below, come to the club and contact them in person, don't just send an email.

Commodore: Joel Gussman

Oversees operation of the club, and acts as official spokesperson and representative.

Vice Commodore: Mary Lucus-Flannery, Lonnie

Coordinate memberships, publicity, and events!

First Vice Commodore: James Clarkson, Joshua Leihe, Dan Zaslavsky

In charge of the club's fleet of dinghies

Second Vice Commodore: Curt Lanyi, William Yu

CEO's re windsurfing equipment

Third Vice Commodore: Ryan Alder

In charge of keelboats

Rear Commodore: John Bongiovanni (Sailing), Matt Hess (Windsurfing)

Board of Education for the club's training of members.

Port Captain:  Brenden Kallaby, Lydia Lopez

Human resources department

Secretary: Carolyn Brown

Wins swordfights with keyboard

Treasurer: Stella  (assisted by Peter Kuhn)

Mistress of money


Committee Chairs

The club has a number of committees (usually of one) that take care of certain activities. The committee chairs are designated by the Commodore.

Banquet Chair: Stephen Dower

Feast organizer

Cruising Chair: Allan Champion

Really gets around

Sail maintenance chair: Sheldon Coad

Lower that jib at the dock, or else...

Sail Rating Chair: Mark Yampanis

The person to know when you want to obtain one of the club's advanced sailing ratings.

Saturday Morning Teaching Chair: Birk Huber

Appoints the clipboard carrier who will hook up teachers and students

Sunday Dinghy Racing Chair: David Fawcett, Sergio Rizzo

Administer race rules test, run Sunday morning races

Windsurfing Board Repair Chair: Sofien Sehiri

Resin Master

Windsurfing locker chair: Cindoll!

Rents lockers for storing your own windsurf gear at the club

Windsurfing Sail Repair chair: Mitsu Ozaki

Keeps the Club's windsurfing sails in top condition.

Windsurfing Rating Chair: Michael McKinley

Who to contact for your Senior Windsurfing rating.

Womens Sailing Chair: Caryl Woulfe

Coordinates teaching programs by and for women sailors

Youth Ride Chair: Deepti Karandur

Organizes skippers and crew for our summer youth introductory sail programs

Membership Chair: Stefano Maffulli

Brings in new members to keep the Club young and fresh

Safety Gear Chair: AnnaLise Hoopes

CEO of Nautical Fashion (Foulies, wetsuits, and PFDs)

Technology Chair: Ryan Lucus

Dragging the Club into the 20th century

Email Discussion Lists

Members of CSC and anyone interested can communicate with each other by e-mail through the Email Discussion Lists, which are a lively and informative forum for discussing topics relevant to sailing and Cal Sailing Club.

Address and Phone Number

The club's mailing address is:

Cal Sailing Club
124 University Avenue
Berkeley, California 94710

The Cal Sailing Club does not have a phone. You can contact any of the above officers and chairpersons through e-mail, or you can find them down at the club (usually on windy weekends!).

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