Looking to learn how to sail or windsurf? Improve your skills?

The Cal Sailing Club is a non-profit, volunteer-run sailing and windsurfing club, located at the Berkeley Marina, that offers lessons, recreation, and free programs for the general public. Learn more about who we are.

Membership costs just $120 for 3 months ($99 for students and seniors) plus 2 hours volunteer work. There are no charges for lessons or use of equipment. Join today!

How to Purchase a Membership for Your Child

Please note: minor memberships require extra effort from parents compared to adult memberships.  Please read the instructions below very carefully; if you can't follow them, you shouldn't be signing your child up for a membership at Cal Sailing Club.  Please don't ask for help from club members who have plenty to do already.

Parents and guardians can purchase a membership for their child under 18 years old for $75 by sending $75 via Paypal to Treasurer@cal-sailing.org. If their child agrees to show up four times to help with lessons on weekends, the membership is discounted to $1, which we do not usually collect, thus it is free.  Please don't abuse this discount by failing to read the instructions.

We don't encourage parents and guardians to consider this option if they haven't already been members themselves.  Someone who's never been in the Cal Sailing Club may have a hard time judging if it's right for their child, and will not know how to get their child lessons and other benefits of CSC membership.. 

We offer this option because many current members would like their offspring to be able to use club equipment or take lessons, and those current members can provide their children all the help they'll need to sign up, get lessons, pass ratings, etc.

If you do want to sign up your child, then before you come in, please

1.  Print and fill out liability and medical forms for each of your children who is under 18.  Please review the parent/guardian's release of liability form carefully, and sign it if you agree, at the bottom of the second page.  Please print your name, address, and email address on the liability release.  Do this at home, not in the clubhouse, which has very limited space.

2.  Sign up (click on Membership, then Join) your child for a regular membership by filling out the name, email (please use the same email for your child as you use for yourself), username, and password, and clicking Sign Up.  On the next page, click on the text beginning with "Cancel payment" to cancel out of the payment process.  This gives your child an account on the website, which will give them a user ID once their membership is activated.

3.  Note: once you do the above, you won't be able to log in to the account until the membership is activated.

4.  File the printed and filled out medical and liability forms for all family members under 18 in the minor waivers binder (there's a 3 hole punch in the dayleader desk.) 

5.  You must email Treasurer@cal-sailing.org with a message including your child's name and stating it's a youth membership. Your child's membership won't be valid until the Treasurer has manually activated it.  Once that has happened, you'll be able to log into your child's account in order for them to take written tests, submit work hours for approval, etc.

Before you decide on a membership for your child, consider that your child does not need a membership to go out on a boat that is signed out by another member.  You do need a membership to sign out a boat or windsurfer, or to go out on a lesson.