CSC's fleet includes 22 dinghies, 6 keelboats, dozens of sail boards, a couple kayaks, and three powerboats.


Bahia 15



RS Vision


The club has a lone RS Vision.



The Laser is perhaps the best known one-person cat-rigged racing

dinghy. While no longer an Olympic class boat there is a substantial

fleet raced out of the Richmond marina. These boats are fairly

complicated to rig and require special instruction before they can be

checked out. CSC has one Laser.



The JY15 is a nimble dinghy that is ideal for two sailors. CSC has 7 of

these boats, rigged with trapeze gear, reefing mainsails, and masthead floats.






Catalina Capri 25 — "Pomodoro"


Catalina Capri 25

She is a light weight fiberglass sloop comparable to a J 24 but with a much larger cockpit, wide beam and higher boom.

  • LOA24’ 7”
  • LWL19’ 2”
  • Beam9’ 2”
  • Draft 4’ 2”
  • Displacement2950 lbs
  • Ballast, Lead900 lbs
  • Sail Area276 sq. ft.





Merit 25

Cal Sailing Club now has two of these!  They have a PHRF rating of 168, and are well suited to the SF Bay.

The large, self bailing cockpit offers two lockers and backrests on the cockpit seats.  The boat is equipped with two-speed primary winches and additional single-speed winches located on the cabin top. And, of course, full spinnaker gear.

  • LOA 24.4’
  • LWL 20.5’
  • Beam 8.0’
  • S.A. (Sq. Ft.) 286
  • Displacement 2900
  • Ballast (lbs) 1050
  • Draft 4’


"Uncle Donald"," Daisy", "Portugal Princess"



Pearson Commander

The club's three Commanders are the work horses of our fleet.  A design by the famous naval architect, Carl Alberg. Not intended as a cruiser or a racer, the Commander makes an excellent day sailor with its 9 foot cockpit and seakindly ways. The small cabin has sitting head room, berths for four, and is large enough for cruising if the parties are well acquainted.

Built: 1965 to 1967; 25.6 ft LOA, Displacement 5100 lbs, Draft 3.7 ft, Sail Area 310 sq. ft., Ballast 2,500 lbs, PHRF    261, Hull Speed  5.8 knots



Windsurfing Fleet.

Novice The club's fleet of 32 beginning windsurf boards are stable and unslippery, to make it as easy as possible to learn to sail standing up.  They range from 180 to 250 liters in volume, and have centerboards to help you sail upwind.  All are modern trainer boards that are wide and foam covered for a sure-footed ride. They include JP Funsters, Naish Kailuas, Fanatic Vipers, and Starboard Starts.  Novice windsurfers can use any of the club's windsurf sails, including the fleet of 32 Sailworks Ripper lightweight mini-sails (3.3 and 4.2 square meters) that are kept rigged and ready to go with booms in place, as well as the full-size sails that are stored with booms off to conserve space.  
Junior The club's fleet of 20 Junior windsurf boards, ranging from 120 to 170 liters in volume, offer a great platform to learn essential windsurfing skills like planing stance and water-starting.  The Junior boards are all modern designs--wide for easy handling, with long, high aspect ratio skegs--and include boards by F2, Fanatic, and RRD.  Juniors can use any of the club's sails, which span a range from 2.7 to 9.2 square meters.  
Junior+ The club's dozen Junior + boards range from 100 to 120 liters, and provide plenty of speed for windsurfers who are proficient in planing and waterstarting, in order to learn to carve jibes and land jumps.  
Senior For the club's cadre of skilled windsurfers, who have earned the Sr. Windsurf rating through volunteer work (especially teaching, repair, and construction projects) as well as windsurfing proficiency, the club has a fleet of both smaller "sinker" boards, ranging from 70 to 100 liters, and extra-wide, super lightweight formula boards.  


The club offers two sit-on tandem kayaks for members to use.

Stand-up Paddleboarding

The club uses its beginning windsurf boards, along with extra long paddles, for paddling around the South Sailing Basin.


The club has two 15' Boston Whalers that are regularly used for instruction and rescue duty, as well as a "sketchmobile" rig that mounts a 2 hp air-cooled motor on a Laser sailboat hull for instruction and rescue during low tides.