CSC Windsurfing Lesson for Novice

(try to teach this in 30 minutes to maximize retention [fewer words = stronger lesson])

o Obligation to learn and follow rules: designed to protect club and members
o Obligation to work: club cannot run on dues alone, and it can be fun and educational


o Dayleader
o Responsibility (to keep an eye out and support safety, not to act as a tow driver)
o Authority (to say when/if you can sail)
o Sailable weather/water
o Legible equipment log

o Sailing Areas
o Restaurant
o Third Dock
o Self-rescue (you are responsible to get yourself back to dock)

o Gear
o PFD & Wetsuit (PFD or FULL wetsuit and harness)
o Check Condition of your gear
o Carrying and Placement (mention the safety aspects, demonstrate later)


o Wind
o Neutral position (sail will show direction of wind)
o Neck and ears (you can feel it)
o Other craft (which way are they sailing; boat/board range difference)
o Wind Clock – No Go Zone (u r the center; wind is 12, no-go from 10-2)

o Stance
o Neutral (for up-hauling ONLY)
o 1st gear (for slow sailing; feel mast-base and centerboard knob w/your feet)

o Self Rescue
o 30 feet from boundaries and docks (begin s.r. if you cannot quickly turn)
o 40 feet from rocks (begin s.r. before you are 40’ from rocks)
o Boom on board (worth the effort to place it there)

o Turn
o Mast (toward nose or tail of board)
o Hands (away from body, wider than shoulders on boom)
o Feet (keep in by mast, 3 step turn or walk around mast)

o Self Rescue
o If you cannot rescue yourself, you need to quit for the day
o Boom on board
o Mast (not clew) toward wind
o Hold sail w/feet

o Dayleader Rescue
o Sit or stand on board, sail down, and wave your hands
o Be prepared to hook tow rope to board
o FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS of dayleader quickly

*This is all the more you need to teach for our beginner lesson; adding more will decrease the effectiveness of the lesson. Share this little bit, then get them out on the water to put this to use. Self Rescue is in here 3 times; that is on purpose.*