Credit Card Payment

If you want, you can use the buttons below to pay the club $120, $99 , $375, $75, or $175 with your credit card.  A receipt will be emailed to you by, the credit card processor.

But this does not automatically give you a valid membership.  Only paying with Paypal will do that.

If you pay with the buttons below, you also have to sign up on the website, and you have to tell the Treasurer:

  1. Sign up on the Membership signup page, by filling out the name, email, username, and password etc. fields
  2. After you've filled out all the fields, click on the Sign up button at the bottom of the page.
  3. On the next page, click on the text that begins with "Cancel payment", near the bottom of the page, underneath the button for paying with Paypal.
  4. Finally, you need to tell the Treasurer who the payment is for, by either giving a note with your name to the dayleade to put in the safe,, or emailing


Your membership won't be good until the Treasurer activates it.  You won't be able to log back into your account on the website until your membership is activated.

If you don't tell the Treasurer, your sign up info will get deleted, and you won't have a membership!

Click here to return to the Membership signup page.