2002.12.22 - Excom

Sunday December 22, 2002

Present: Saul Schumsky, (Commodore); Barbara Knox, (2nd Vice Commodore); Tom Wu, (Port Captain); Beth Burstein, (Rear Commodore); Peter Kuhn, AKA Krusty (Treasurer); Lori Taguma, (Secretary).

ECM - Agenda Items

  1. Discussion regarding Jamael, who posed the question: “Why isn’t there a Yacht Racing Chair?” He has offered to fill the position.
  2. Mainsail for Donald $1200.00 and $250.00 of stuff for Keelboat.
  3. Report on January 8th open hearing at the Radisson, about the Marina Plan.
  4. Proposed sale of four new windsurf sails.
  5. Granting Mitsu a full membership, for the work he’s done on the Board Hospital.
  6. A motion to grant Nolan a membership.

Saul called the meeting to order.

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore):

The outcome of the State Park meeting: Everyone felt that the plan was generally good, except for the boaters. Nevertheless, the plan was approved. The Snipe needs to be picked up, and I will be doing that soon.

Jim (1st Vice Commodore):

(via Saul.) Open house days: There is a question about confirming rain dates, which coincide with low tide days.

Barbara (2nd Vice Commodore):

Somebody has taken on the Rhodes rub rail project as their Senior Project, and needs advice from someone who is knowledgeable. Would anyone like to advise?

3rd Vice Commodore (none):

He will be joining ECOM after the holiday jewelry demand has dissipated.

Tom (Port Captain):

Thanks to Ken Osborne for updating time sheets. Thanks to Davis Fraser for forwarding DL info. and interviewing potential DL candidates. Thanks to Matthias for making a new boat sling. Thanks to Robert Hugel for updating the web calendar. Thanks to Lori Taguma for getting the sailing manuals to the club before open house date. Work-study issues have been resolved. More money has been issued for work-study, which will keep the three current DLs. We will also need to hire one more DL to complete the coverage needed from Monday thru Sunday for the Spring semester. The club will now be open until sunset regardless of low tides starting Jan 20th, 2003.

Beth (Rear Commodore):

Saul, Ben, and I met to discuss the Educational Workshops. The issue of tides coinciding with dinghy sailing needs to be worked out. Robert O. has agreed to teach a proposed class. Peter Kuhn will teach Motor Use and Maintenance. Dan K. and Robert H. will take on the First Aid and Hypothermia class.

Peter (Treasurer):

I’m offering assistance for renewal of DMV registrations. Otherwise, we have been taking in lots of money and spending lots of money. The twenty-five horsepower skiff is dead. It needs $1000.00 worth of repairs, but there is still one functional rescue skiff.

Lori (Secretary):

Thanks to Bill Moseley, Sarah Hubbard, and John Frazier for teaching me their five-minute versions of HTML….and to Tom Wu for filling me in on meeting date changes. Peter Kuhn and I will be renewing craft registrations with the DMV. Thanks, Beth, for finishing the meeting minutes for me!

Old Agenda Items:


  • Antrim issue tabled to next meeting, until more Ex-Com members are present. Tabled
  • New Agenda Items:

      1. Total cost for Donald’s mainsail & other electrical repair parts for Keelboats: $1450.00. Saul made the motion to pass the item, which was seconded by Peter K. Approved by all present members.

      3. A motion was proposed to give Mitsu a free membership for all the work he’s done for the Club. Unanimously approved.

      5. Norm and John from Cal Adventures have joined CSC. Saul made the motion to give them a Jr. rating upon the completion of their work hours, which can include teaching, as long as it’s in the Day Sailing Area. Approved by all present.

      7. Bill Prinzmetal has asked for $2100.00 for new windsurfing sails, which will include 8 new Loft sails, delivered in March or April. It is about $100.00 more per sail than we spent last year, but these are new sails as opposed to used sails. Motion approved by all.

      9. Svensons: If we buy all of our maintenance and repair stuff from them, they will match Port Supply’s prices that we are paying now, and will let a certain number of people charge for the Club. They will sell us boats at their cost, plus 5%, if we pick them up that day with a check in hand. All CSC members can get a discount if they pay in cash, and Svensons will send people nine to twelve times per year to teach classes. Unofficial vote (before we get something in writing from Svensons ): All in agreement.

      11. Motion made by Peter: $1000.00 needed for the rescue skill motor repair. Motion unanimously approved.

      13. Saul moved to schedule ExCom meetings every other Sunday at 7:30pm. Motion was seconded by Beth and approved by all present. The next meeting will be in three weeks, January 12th, 2003, and then every two weeks thereafter, beginning January 26th.

    Saul motioned to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

    2002.12.05 - Excom

    Thursday December 05, 2002

    Present: Saul Schumsky, (Commodore); Jim Pottinger, (1st Vice Commodore); Barbara Knox, (2nd Vice Commodore); Tom Wu, (Port Captain); Lori Taguma, (Secretary).


    1. Dues change discussion.
    2. Discussion about Don McPherson, regarding 3rd Vice Chair.
    3. Dominic giving friends ride, during the Open House.
    4. Sypko, Membership Chair: discussion on exchange of lists for Harbormaster, regarding J-dock keys.

    Saul called meeting to order.

    Ex-Committee Reports

    Saul (Commodore):

    Thanks to old and exiting members of Ex-Com. for their hard work, to people who are staying, and to new members for volunteering. I believe accepting the Snipe would be good for the club. It is the donation season. I would like excom to be ready to respond to potential donations quickly. After somebody looks at the boat, we need to be ready to except via email and confirm at the next meeting. E-mail from Evan for tax form for write offs. Received 200-page document from Waterfront Commission for long term planning for Marina. Hearing tomorrow at Radisson regarding State and E. Shore plans for boathouse in N. Basin. Svendsen’s Boat Works- buying from them?

    Jim (1st Vice Commodore):

    Ed and Greg are doing heroic job keeping the Lidos going. There are three dinghies in contention, two Lasers need work, and the Rhodes needs a rub rail. We need to discuss paring down the fleet of Lasers. These would be three great senior projects.

    Barbara (2nd Vice Commodore):

    Mitsu has been putting in a lot of time painting the Board Hospital; special thanks to him for giving his time to the club. Thanks to Peter Kuhn for all of his hard work also.

    3rd Vice Commodore (none):

    Thanks to Ed and John Frazier who have done great work on the deck of Nena. The community service work we do helps us keep our 501c3 and much of this is done with the keelboats. We as a club and in particular the SENIORS need to put more maintenance time into the boats.

    Tom (Port Captain):

    I'm working on the Day Leader schedule, trying to cover X-mas. Students will leave on Dec. 20th and return Jan. 15th. Remind DLs to hand in work-study time sheet by the 12th. Get list of qualified volunteer DLs and ask them to fill in for the pay DLs winter break. Investigating Work Study/ financial aid issue. Currently, UCB has frozen any additional funds to Work Study.

    Lori (Secretary):

    Let me know if anything needs to be copied, written, or licensed. The new schedules for 2003 are in!

    Old Agenda Items:

    • Trimester vs. Quarterly Dues: Discussion concluded Quarterly over Trimester. Tabled
    • Disciplinary Action: Tabled
    • Lifejackets: Matthais originally mentioned making an operating rules change, that people wear their PFDs. In discussion it sounded like excom was moving towards making all windsurfers wear PFDs. Tabled

    New Agenda Items:

    • Dan McPherson volunteered to be 3rd Vice commodore after the holiday season. Saul made the motion to appoint him. Barbara seconded the motion. Don owns a boat and learned to sail with CSC. Motion passed unanimously.
    • Barbara made a motion to allow Dominic to take out a boat on December 8, during the Open House. Jim seconded the motion. Since sailing is a large part of the CSC, and Dominic is an active member who is returning to France, and it is the dead of winter, he will be allowed to take a boat out. If the request was in the summertime, he probably would not. Motion passed unanimously.
    • What to do with the Snipe donation offer? Saul said that he saw similar boats offered at $1500.00 to $6000.00, the same age and condition as the one being offered for donation. The Snipe is a fiberglass boat which is in nice shape, with a road ready trailer. It would very little to accept it, re-register it for approximately $50.00, and then sell it for whatever we can get. Because it can sit in the yard it will cost nothing to keep until it can be sold. Saul made the motion to accept the donation for the club. Tom seconded the motion. Motion passed with five in favor.

    New Agenda Item:

    There was a twenty five-minute discussion of building Antrims and people’s reactions, in the General Membership Meeting.

    Sypko mentioned the overwhelmingly favorable, yet emotional vote not being practical, but more of a barometer of feelings.

    Tom wants to know if there is a budget set aside to maintain the club, plus build the boats.

    Saul said there is money set aside for dinghy replacement, but there are several issues to discuss. The main question being: Which builder to pick?

    1. The first choice would be Joaquim. The Club could pay Joaquin to supervise the building of the boats. After the first two or three, there is potential to build the last boats with club members.
    2. Ron Moore would be the other choice. He has submitted a bid and is waiting for a commitment. He is considered to be one of the best small boat builders in the U.S. and is willing to work with CSC by holding molds until all 6 boats are built.

    Tom: If the money doesn’t go towards building the Antrims, then where would it go? Dinghy replacement. (This question is only in response to the comment that, "Peter is for the Antrims but he doesn't want to use any of the club money.")

    Saul: The materials fee to build the hull is approximately $1500.00 for laminate parts, $1500.00- $2500.00 for all other parts, and labor is $5000.00. Total of approximately $9000.00/boat. It is possible to solicit donations for materials from manufacturers. $50,000.00 is set aside for dinghy replacement. Who will maintain fleet of eight Precisions? Antrims will be a good solid product, which will last for a long time.

    WE can solicit donations until we commit. Saul ended by saying that we need to make a commitment soon.

    Saul motioned to adjourn the meeting. Motion was unanimously seconded.

    2002.11.21 - General

    Thursday November 21, 2002

    Saul Schumsky, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore; Trumpton MacFarlane, alt 2nd Vice Commodore; Seth Clark, 3rd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; David Fraser, Port Captain; Sarah Hubbard, Secretary; Peter Khun, Treasurer

    Pre-GMM Agenda:

    1. A motion was made to give Sherri Daniel, Floating Bottle editor, a free membership. Motion passed unanimously.

    2. Discussion about plan for General Membership Meeting

    3. Discussion about budget figures

    Meeting Adjourned

    General Membership Meeting

    1. Announcements: Many thanks to those who have worked especially hard for the club over the last few months, such as Paul, Ed, Sypko, Josh Polston, Art L, and Many others. Thanks much to Jerry and Jennifer for cooking yet another wonderful meal for all in attendance. If you are interested in Dragon Boat racing, meet at N Dock on Saturday at 10:30 for race practice, or Sunday at 9:30 (for less-serious training).

    2. Reports

    Saul - Commodore

    During his service as Commodore over the last six months, he has worked on trailer repairs, the Rhodes has been fixed, he’s worked with the waterfront commission and emphasized our need for the South Sailing Basin to be dredged, and worked with Sven’s and other retailers to offer CSC members discount goods and services.

    Allen - Vice Commodore

    Thanks to Floating Bottle editor Sherri Daniel, Peter K, Cecil, Sypko, Bill Mosely, Patrick Towhy, Alex Case, Branden Gates, Jerry, Jennifer, and Wilder for their many contributions to the club, as well as all who have helped with open houses.

    In the last year CSC has spent $3068 on ads in the East Bay Express, $609 for a Chronicle write-up, $1700 for Cal ads, $670 for Latitude 38 ad. Ads for March through November open house dates were put in the East Bay Express and the Cal paper, and all sort of radio and cable TV ads were sent out.

    Uncle Donald is ready for a spinnaker now.

    Sypko - Membership Chair

    Reported on the membership database, which is derived from the Green Cards and updated by Volunteers. Data is used to make mailing labels, email lists, and generate club data. Information in kept confidential. His two-page report details membership trends for the last three years. Some highlights: Peak membership for 2002 was August, with 716 members. 20% of members are female. 40% of members are rated sailors or windsurfers. For the complete report, see the minutes clipboard behind the dayleader desk.

    Matthias - 1st Vice

    Many thanks to Ed, Peter, Greg, and Jim, who all have spent many hours in the boatyard. The club wouldn’t work without you.

    Barbara and Trumpton - 2nd Vice

    The board hospital's anticipated date of completion is December 1. We're looking for volunteers to put on the roof. When it's finished, we will have a workspace for repairing boards, a tool storage area, and two additional changing rooms. Many thanks to the hard work of Reese, Josh Posamentier, and Peter Kuhn.

    We just purchased a 9.2 square meter sail for use by J+ and senior members.

    And we will soon have another senior board.

    Seth - 3rd Vice

    Slow but steady progress is being made on Nena, which is dry-docked in the yard. We have found lots of new things to repair. Thanks to all who have worked on her. Hewey’s mast is down to prep for haul-out. Seniors help is needed for all projects. Keelboat sign-out sheets have been changed: now say “persons on board” rather than “crew on board” to make it clear that captain is part of head count.

    Ben - Rear Commodore

    Saturday morning lessons got off to a rocky start this summer, but improved greatly with help from many members who made phone calls to teachers. Thanks to all who came out to teach on a regular basis. The lecture series has continued throughout the summer and fall. Saturday Dec 14 is next, with lecture on buying a boat. Hoe to be a better dinghy teacher is planned for January. Request for future classes are welcome, just let the next rear commodore know. Ben has raised discussion about revamping membership system; he feels membership data (ratings work hours, etc.) should be the responsibility of the member, not the club.

    David - Port Captain

    1. We have hired a total of three new dayleaders to supplement the totally excellent Fred, Meredith, and Anita. Our new work-study ad seems to be drawing considerable interest. Welcome to Tien Huynh, Jeff Park, and Takashi Im.

    2. We're fortunate to have a good group of volunteer dayleaders and will likely be seeking their help as the students enter the exam/holiday season. New volunteers to daylead and/or help the Port Captain team are welcome! 3. Robert Hugel has resumed handling scheduling, and many thanks to Bruce MacKenzie for taking over in his absence.

    4. Pamela Crawford will audit the dayleader hours--thanks!

    5. Kenn Osborne has been great about making sure the DLs get paid.

    6. On the discipline issue, I am arranging for dayleaders to email the Port Captain or an alternate, each time there is a suspension. The PC will be responsible for informing Excomm. As for informing the person disciplined, I think the Port Captain can designate members of the team to inform the person. My suggestion is that the new PC team come up with a way to do this.

    7. The revised Dayleader Manual is in effect, and I want to thank people who have written suggestions and corrections in the desk copy. All members are encouraged to add to this. I will do a further revision in the next two weeks and then print copies.

    8. Since this is my last report as Acting Port Captain, I'd like to thank all the members who have helped make my job easier. Over the past 18 months I've put together a set of documents to help the new team, and will be happy to forward these to my successor.

    Sarah - Secretary

    A new CSC brochure is ready to hit the press. It includes open house dates for 2003. Many thanks to Marceline for the format and content.

    Peter - Treasurer

    He has taken over the Treasurer role from Paul Herzmark.

    3. Antrim Discussion

    Saul presented a brief history of the Antrim boat process and allowed members to voice their opinions about how the club should proceed. History: in 1999, idea to build a custom boat for CSC was brought to the Ex Com. Designs were commissioned. Jim Antrim’s design was selected. He completed the design, but remains willing to incorporate comments before the boat is built. Concurrently, two production dinghies have been purchased (the Precision 15s). Ex Com had recently voted to move forward with the idea by beginning contract negotiations. Concerns that have been voiced and will be addressed include: cost ($120,000 estimate includes sails and trailers), bids (will be obtained from 3 or 4 builders), other options (we can buy a lot of keelboats for that money), cost of shipping, storing the molds, cost to produce additional boats in the future, using club members to build boats (Alameda builder has offered this as option, but can we count on members to put in the required time? Do we have the skills? Anyone interested in putting in hours building boats should email commodore@cal-sailing.org), CSC rights to design (We have 5 years to build and market boat, if we don’t market it he (Jim Antrim) will regain rights to market. We still retain rights to build for ourselves. We’d get royalties on all non-CSC boats taken out of molds.).

    Saul clarified that Ex Com has not approved spending any more money on building the Antrim yet, only approved perusing a contract. It is important that Ex Com have the support of the membership before proceeding.

    Members were welcomed to voice their opinions, each given up to 2 minutes to speak. All were reminded of our common concern for the club’s ability to serve members and the community, and respect for differing opinions was urged.

    Summary of opinions voiced:

    Allen: Cost is a concern. Would a production boat be suitable? How much $ is too much for club to spend on this? We’ll need to get three contractor bids to get a competitive price. (We have gotten 3 and are waiting for a 4th.) All of our questions need to be addressed contractually.

    Paul Kamen: Has been a club member for many years and is a naval architect. Originally skeptical, but questions the use of production boats. CSC is about fun and art. Building the Antrim involves risk, but we’ll never know if we don’t try. We’re one of few nonprofits who has the ability to do this kind of thing.

    Josh Polston: CSC has a hard time carry projects forward in a commercial way. What can we bring to a commercial (production) boat builder to fortify a production boat and get what we need, and avoid paying development costs. Can a computer simulation be done?

    Ken S: We shouldn’t get the Antrim. South sailing basin is running out of water. We aren’t equipped to market the boat.

    Amy: Our charter says we are a nonprofit teaching organization. Most members are unrated and in quest of an education. We can’t forget our primary mission of member service.

    Gary F: Been racer with club for two decades. Sees exciting opportunity. Concerned we won’t know how boat will handle until it is built. One boat will cost us $15000. Catalina 14.2 is only $6000…Antrim would need to last 2.5 times as long. If Precision were only other boat option, he’d be for the Antrim. Also, South Basin silting will need to be addressed.

    Dean A: Antrim design is for durability, maintenance prevention, harder to break, easier to repair. It would be worth paying more money for that.

    Ben P: South Basin silting is a scare tactic…we need to keep the club open and operational. We are making an effort to get the SSB dredged. It is reasonable to expect the Antrim to last 2-3 times as long as a production boat.

    Paul K: As a member of the Waterfront Commission, he can confirm that $1 million has been set aside to dredge the SSB, but this is likely not enough money. Cal Adventures is also concerned, and are discussing move to North Basin. One option is to operate in subtidal zone.

    Ed S: Zero water level is 6-8 inches. Digital charts of bay are available that show historic depths. There has been a 6 ft decrease in depth at the dock, and 8 ft in the surrounding are. Average is 1-3/4 to 2 inches per year. No sign that would slow down.

    Frank: Though Antrims may last 3X as long, what is wrong with buying 3X as many production boats? Newer boats would need fewer repairs, money could be used for other needs.

    Alex: Disagrees with Frank. Money saved by buying production boats wouldn’t dredge more the 20 sq. ft. Production boats need many hours of work and $ before they are ready to sail.

    Saul: Fortifying production boats is a lengthy process, one that we are going through with Precisions (and finding is slowly but surely increasing the price and the need for custom parts on those boats). Regarding computer simulations, the Antrim was designed by a naval architect. Regarding the Catalina 14.2, he was told it is not suitable for bay water sailing instruction (tippy, hard to right). Precisions cost +/- $7000 + modifications and later repairs. Boats need to be designed to be repaired easily.

    Barbara: Clarify that when we take an advisory vote it is simply for Ex Com to get a feel for how much the club supports moving forward with this project.

    Gary F: According to Ed Corbett, the "C14" handled almost exactly like the Lido, although it had some more tendency to broach during jibes in 18 knots and higher winds.

    Result of Advisory Vote: 31 member sin favor of pursuing contracts. 6 against.

    (Break for Dessert)

    4. Elections

    The following individuals were elected to the following positions:

    Saul Schumsky, Commodore

    Ben Pink, Vice Commodore

    Jim Pottenger, 1st Vice Commodore

    Barbara Knox and Trumpton McFarlane, 2nd Vice Commodore

    3rd Vice Commodore position not yet filled…interested members can go to an Ex Cam meeting to be appointed

    Beth Bernstien, Rear Commodore

    Tom Wu, Port Captain

    Lori Taguma, Secretary

    Peter Khun, Treasurer

    Meeting adjourned.

    New meeting called to order.

    A motion was made to appoint newly elected officers to their posts. Motion was approved with 7 in favor, 1 abstention

    Meeting adjourned.

    Tabled items from last meeting:

    by laws changes

    dues change - trimestral?


    windsurfing lifejackets

    2002.11.07 - Excom

    Thursday November 07, 2002

    Saul Schumsky, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore; Seth Clark, 3rd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; David Fraser, Acting Port Captain; Sarah Hubbard, Secretary.


    Commodore’s Report

    Saul was in New York last week. Nothing to report.

    1st Vice Commodore’s Report

    Jim Pottenger will be running for 1st Vice at general membership meeting.

    2nd Vice Commodore’s Report

    Peter Kuhn and Josh have been communicating about the kind of roof they would like on the Board Morgue. A workday will be called as soon as materials are delivered.

    I'm appealing to windsurfers to fill vacant positions on ex-comm such as Port Captain and Vice Commodore.

    I'd like to thank Peter Kuhn for all his hard work in getting the Board Hospital project off the ground and to Josh Posamentier for his patience.

    I'd also like to encourage windsurfers to become informed about an important issue that will be affecting the club: the Antrim designed dinghy and ex-comm's approval to enter into contract negotiations on this expensive project. If you have any thoughts on this very important decision, please be present at the next general membership meeting and voice your concerns.

    There is approximately $650 left over from our $4900 requested for the purchase of boards, booms, and masts. Our most recent allocations(soon to be at the club) include a senior board chosen by Reese and Josh and hopefully, a very large sail (8.5 or above) to be purchased by Art Locht. If there's anything else you feel we need, please contact second_vice@yahoogroups.com.

    Rear Commodore's Report

    The rear commodore is pleased to announce the start of a series of lecture forums. These will be discussions about sailing and windsurfing related topics, hosted by a CSC member, to include "expert" speakers on the particular topic.

    The first of the series will be Saturday November 16th at 4pm at the clubhouse. The forum is titled In Search Of: Other Great Sailing Meccas of the World. PART 1: Sailing the Mediterranean. With Special Host: Thalin Zarmanian

    If you have experience sailing in this part of the world, please contact the rear commodore if you would like to attend as part of the expert panel. Otherwise all club members are welcome to attend and participate.

    The second forum is scheduled for December 14 and is titled You want to buy a sailboat? What new boat owners should know. Event details will be announced.

    Thanks to Matthias Roschke for his great class on sailing physics on Saturday November 2nd.

    Port Captain’s Report

    David has hired one new dayleader and will hire a second soon.

    Treasurer’s Report

    Here are the balances in our bank accounts as of 11/7/02. Please note there are about $2,500 in outstanding checks that haven't been subtracted yet.

    Checking $3,331

    Dinghy fund $49,774.78

    Regular money market $64221.22

    Total $117,327.83


    1. A motion was made to sign CSC up with escrips. Friendly amendment: e-chair position created to maintain account and be contact person. Mike Hummel will be e-chair. Motion passed unanimously.

    Escrip collaborates with merchants that donate a portion of purchases made by escips members to local organizations that are signed up with escrips. For more information and to enroll as an escrips member, go to www.escrips.com.

    2. Ex Com is concerned with issue of mixing club and personal gear. This applies to windsurfing equipment (sails, booms, boards, universals), as well as use of private boats for club cruises and open house. Liability issues are the biggest concern. Issue has been tabled until a proposal is drafted.

    3. By-Laws changes. Tabled until further review. Will need to be brought to vote of general membership.

    4. Sergio Pacca’s senior project has been approved and his card has been signed.

    5. Ex Com is considering the possibility of changing the dues structure from quarterly to trimester. Suggested trimesteral dues are $70 (approximately the same cost per month as the quarterly dues). Saul will report on this at the general membership meeting.

    6. A motion was made to spend $150 to purchase a battery for Donald and a battery strap for Daisy. Motion passed unanimously.

    7. A motion was made to spend $200 to repair Nena’s weak and delaminating foredeck. Motion passed unanimously.

    8. A motion was made to spend $1700 to re-rig Donald for a spinnaker. Motion passed unanimously.

    9. Luau is planned for Sunday, November 10, after open house, weather permitting.

    10. Discussion about adjudication of disciplinary action. Dayleaders can and do suspend members for up to 36 hours. These suspensions are rarely brought to the attention of Ex Com. Further action should be taken for those members who regularly break rules and are suspended for short periods as a result. One suggestion is to have repeat offenders work as co-dayleader for a weekend day. We need to be sure that 1) a member knows that he/she is suspended and why, and 2) Ex Com regularly checks suspension log for repeat offenders. David Fraser will come up with a policy statement and present it to Ex Com for a vote.

    11. A motion was made to change the operating rules (Section IV part E)

    From: Windsurfers must wear a PFD while using Club sailboards, except that a PFD is not required for Junior, Junior-Plus, and Senior Windsurfers who are wearing a full (long-sleeved and long-legged) wetsuit and harness.


    Windsurfers must wear a PFD while using Club sailboards, except that a PFD is not required for Junior, Junior-Plus, and Senior Windsurfers who are wearing a full (long-sleeved and long-legged) wetsuit and harness. Even with the exception, it is highly advisable to wear a PFD, for greater safety and easier water starts.

    A second motion was made to table the motion. Second motion passed unanimously.

    12. Discussion about presenting the Antrim process/decision to the general membership. During the October 24 Ex Com meeting, a motion was approved to allow Commodore Saul Schumsky to initiate contract discussions with boat builders to build the Antrim dingy. Contract discussions will not ensue until Saul has presented the circumstances to the general membership, and has heard their feedback and concerns. Some of the anticipated concerns are:

    The original estimate ($120,000) is for a lot of money…are there better ways this can be spent?

    Will bids be sought from at least three contractors?

    The idea has been to build the mold and one boat, refine the design and build one boat at a time. Would we be able to get more for our money if we produce several at once?

    Who will store the molds and what will it cost us to store them?

    Would the price to produce the boats increase over time?

    How does the price of the Antrims compare to buying production boats?

    Has CSC defined what we want of a builder?

    What is our fallback if we don’t like what is produced?

    How much money would we be committing to?

    How can we justify committing more money that we currently have (given our fundraising rates)?

    What is the cost to the club to have boats inoperable on a regular basis?

    How does the silting in of the south sailing basin affect our plans?

    It is important to Ex Com that these questions be thoughtfully addressed. Many of the issues were addressed before the design process (for example, one of the criteria is that the boat should fit 4 average sized adults, but be possible to sail single handedly.) Saul will present the history and current status of the project at the general membership meeting, then give members the opportunity to ask questions and voice their concerns.

    Meeting adjourned.

    Tabled agenda items:

    by laws changes

    dues change - trimestral?


    windsurfing lifejackets

    2002.10.24 - Excom

    Thursday October 24, 2002

    Saul Schumsky, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore; Trumpton MacFarlane (alt 2nd Vice); Seth Clark, 3rd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; Sarah Hubbard, Secretary. Also present: Josh P, Stephane P, Paul K and Pauline.


    Elections will be held for the following Executive Committee positions at the next General Membership Meeting on Thursday, November 21, 2002.


    Vice Commodore (advertising/open house/fills in for Commodore when absent)

    First Vice (Dinghies)

    Third Vice (Keelboats)



    Saul Schumsky - Commodore

    Contacted by an individual who wants to bring 20 people down for Nov 10th open house. Looking into E-script

    Allen Champion - Vice Commodore

    Allen will not be running for reelection at the next General Membership Meeting.

    Barbara - Second Vice Report

    Thanks to Matthias Roschke for organizing winsurfing trip to the delta. A great time was had by all despite lack of wind.

    Thanks to Reese for informative clinic on board repair. Extra handouts are located on door of windsurfing locker in case you missed it.

    Dominique purchased 6 booms (4 200cm and 2 145cm-unfortunately there were no more 175s) for $560 which leaves us with $2366 for senior board(Reese and Josh), some fins, and other miscellaneous items. See me if there's something you think we need or don't need(there has been some discussion about whether new sails should be purchased in December). Please email

    cal-windsurfing@yahoogroups.com with your opinions.

    Bill is investigating the purchase of some loft sails to be proposed in December.

    Final plans for the board hospital will be presented by Josh Posamentier tonight.

    Thanks to Pauline P, Art, and Josh Polston for teaching.

    Thanks to Art Locht and Mark Yampanis for supervising the rigging of novice sails.

    Ben Pink - Rear Commodore Saturday, November 2 Matthias Roschke will give a lecture on boat physics.

    David Fraser - Deputy Port Captain's report

    1. Nick Chou has resigned as Port Captain effective November 1 and will be moving to New York. We will miss him and hisspirited presence, and wish him all the very best.

    2. As I've been sitting in for Nick, I'm happy to be Acting Port Captain until the November general election, if that's Excomm's wish. Having been Port Captain, Deputy, or an active member of the team for the past year and a half, I won't be running for Port Captain at the meeting. I'll be happy to help whoever is elected, and will share the info I put together for Dave Reichmuth and Nick with the new PC.

    3. We have been lucky to have several volunteers join the PC gang: Kenn Osborne is handling much of the Dayleader paperwork, especially payroll, and Pamela Crawford has agreed to do a monthly review of DL hours to keep us in good shape with Work Study. Work Study has been extremely helpful and accommodating, going out of their way (especially Lourdes Jesuitas and Dave Williams) to make sure our new ad was posted quickly and to smooth the hiring. ********* PLEASE PASS THE WORD! We could still hire several dayleaders.************

    4. We have hired a fourth Dayleader, Ms. Tien Huynh, who will start in winter due to schedule overlaps. Welcome Tien!!

    5. Other people who have been very helpful: Wilder Lee, who has offered to help with several aspects of the DL paperwork, and the incomparable Bruce MacKenzie, who is handling scheduling in the absence of the Schedulemeister, Robert Hugel. Many thanks!!

    6. Ben Pink and I did an ensemble DL training a few weeks back, assisted by Dave Cary on the skiff and Alex Bustamante at the drums (oops I mean desk). My apologies if I missed someone, but those who survived the "audition" and are already able to solo as volunteer dayleaders (VDLs): Tom Wu, Susan Esher, and Dave Cary. My thanks to all who attended. Other members who got trained may be ready to VDL, we just need to check to see how ready they are and when's convenient.

    7. I'm revising the recently approved Dayleader Manual, and will leave two copies in the green binder (now at home). One will be the clean copy for DLs to use, the other is for Excomm and other members to mark up with (mostly constructive) suggestions or corrections. Please add your points by Nov. 14. I plan to have the revision ready by the general meeting.


    1. A motion was made to approve $2000 to purchase items as listed on board hospital budget. Motion passed with 5 in favor, 0 opposed, and 2 abstentions.

    2. A motion was made to allow Stephane Plihon and Seth Clark to work out a reasonable senior project for Stephane to work on the keelboat Nena based on the list of tasks presented and, with Commodore Saul Schumsky’s approval, will determine a final Senior Project Proposal including a budget. Motion passed unanimously.

    Stephane Plihon Senior Project Task List

    1. holes in keel - need sanding and possibly more filler

    2. bottom paint -must be done within 2 weeks of boat getting in water (coordinate with Vivian)

    3. topside paint - waterline to deck (coordinate with Vivian)

    4. deck paint - how we maintain rough textured surface

    5. cockpit paint - need a final coat with non-slip surface

    6. cabin paint - final coat

    7. mount - motor mount (coordinate with Jim)

    8. Cabin doors - do they close properly

    9. Cabin doors - paint

    10. cockpit deck - reinforce crossbeams by sistering with hardwood

    11. cockpit deck install plywood deck

    11a cutout hatch

    11b drill holes

    11c paint with non-skid surface

    12. finish rudder - coordinate with Vivian

    13 get instructions for using hoist sling

    14 get 4x4x8? for use with sling

    15 coordinate getting one boat out and one boat in - including insuring both boats have safety equipment before they are moved. (anchor, paddles ...)

    16 scrub bottom of Hewey before hall-out

    **** Additional tasks not included in senior project *****

    17 prep standing rigging for boat

    18 coordinate stepping mast

    19 coordinate rig tuning

    20 check electric system / battery?

    3. A motion was made to approve the completion of Sergio Pacca’s Senior Project. A counter-motion was made to table the motion until the next meeting. The counter-motion passed unanimously.

    4. Member suspensions must be communicated to dayleaders. This has been done by making a note in the logbook (which may be difficult to find among all other log notes) or by posting to the dry erase board (though suspensions should not be public knowledge). It was decided that a tab would be added to the back of the logbook and all suspensions would be written after the tab, in the back section of the logbook.

    5. Discussion about mixing club and personal gear and required change to operating rules needed to clarify rule. Concerns brought up include dayleaders being unable to identify CSC windsurfers using personal sails, liability issues of mixing personal and club windsurfing gear, and liability issues of allowing club members to use private boats for open house rides and club sanctioned cruises. The issue will be discussed further. Saul will bring proposed operating rules change to general membership meeting.

    6. New brochures will be printed. These will indicate, among other things, that dues are nonrefundable and that lessons are not guaranteed.

    7. A motion was made to instate David Fraser as acting Port Captain, effective immediately. Motion passed unanimously.

    8. A motion was made to allow Commodore Saul Schumsky to initiate contract discussions with boat builders to build the Antrim dingy. Contract will not be signed until the Executive Committee approves. A motion to table this was made, with no second. The motion was approved with 6 in favor, 0 opposed, and 1 abstention. This topic (decision making, contract, finances, member buy-in) will be addressed at the General Membership Meeting in November. Interested and concerned members are encouraged to become active participants of the Executive Committee.

    Meeting Adjourned


    by laws changes - hard copy needed (Saul, post to list)

    Sergio Pacca’s Senior Project approval

    2002.10.10 - Excom

    Thursday October 10, 2002

    Attendance: Saul Schumsky, Commodore; Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; David Frasier, Port Captain (alt); Sarah Hubbard, Secretary.

    Announcement: The following Ex Com positions will be filled at the Nov. 21 General Membership Meeting: First Vice Commodore, Third Vice Commodore, Secretary.

    Agenda Items:

    1. Roxanne Patin and Shelly from Pittsburg Unified School District. Wanting to see of we could help students in alternate ed program be exposed to sailing. Ex Com agreed we would work with them on finding opportunities for the students to sail, and suggested Roxanne write an article for the Floating Bottle to gain support for the program. Ben will send her Floating Bottle editor Sherri’s email.


    3. REPORTS

    Saul Schumsky, Commodore

    Spoke with Jim Lamb re CA Aquatic Center Director’s Conference. Amy Rigby would be happy to meet with Jim to help us apply for grants. Also talked with manager of Sven’s to have them put in writing what kind of discount and conditions they are able to offer club.

    Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore

    Will take a closer look at Rhodes and will do jib inventory.

    Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore

    We've made the following purchases from the $4900 allocated for the purchase of Boards, Masts, Booms, etc.

    Techno Junior Board: $684.14 (Barbara)

    8 Masts (Bill): $972

    1 7.2 sale (Barbara and Isabella): $150

    The following purchases will be made:

    4-6 booms(145, 175 plus 40 cm extensions on both sized) at $89 each plus tax: $578.06 (Dominique)

    1 used boom from a private sale: $75

    That leaves a remainder of $2440.80.

    The following purchases/donations are being investigated:

    Booms from Ken Hartz (Barbara)

    Senior Board (Reese and Josh)

    Ex-comm has stated that it needs to approve any selling of used windsurfing equipment. I would like this to be put on the agenda for this evening as this has been ongoing.

    Windsurfing trip to the delta planned for Sunday, Oct. 13. Meet at club at 10am. Departure: 11am. If anybody has clear directions please contact Matthias (First Vice Commodore) or Barbara (Second Vice Commodore). Juniors and above rated windsurfers allowed to sail on club equipment. Novices welcome to come along and check out the scene, barbecue, possible lessons- please contact a rated windsurfer if interested).

    Thanks to Josh P for producing Windsurfing flyer and tax donation form.

    Thanks to Matthias for helping to organized windsurfing trip to the delta.

    Thanks to Ben Pink for repairing equipment.

    Thanks to Art and Josh P for instruction.

    Thanks to Bill and Dominique for investigating and purchasing equipment.

    Ben Pink, Rear Commodore

    On the teaching front, thanks to those that have been teaching saturday lido lessons. The rear commodore would like to remind teachers that a successful lesson does not necessarily mean that you must take three students and go into the junior area. A good lesson can be had in the novice area, and if your skill and comfort dictate, you can take only one or two students (the overall duration of your lesson would be shorter, of course). If you are not confident yet with your skills, and yet you want to teach and get experience, please stay in the novice area when it is really windy. You would be amazed at how many tacks and jibes it is possible to practice within the confines of the novice area. Also, the rear commodore would like to stress repetition of maneuvers for beggining students. Have the student tack and jibe repeatedly in order to get as much practice as possible. Save the use of jargon and detailed sail theory for more advanced students.

    Thanks to Art L., Josh P., and Pauline K. for keeping the windsurfing teaching program going strong. The rear commodore is really impressed with these three and their commitment to teaching novice and junior windsurfers. Keep up the great work!

    The rear commodore would like to remind people about the basics of putting a boat away properly.(I may miss a few details, but this is the general idea:)

    1) WASH BOAT (Especially all metal parts) and rinse trailer while at the hoist (move to where you are not blocking other boats from launching/hoisting)

    2) drain the hull: while the boat is on the hoist, remove hull plugs and drain boat. Make sure centerboard is up, tiller/rudder are up & secure

    3) If the sails got wet with salt water, WASH the sails

    4) If time permits, remove sails (learn how to do this!) and DRY your sails. Sails can be hung out to dry and inspected for damage. Damaged sails should be labelled and properly put away for repair. Label the sail, roll it properly, then place the sail in the trunk in the clubhouse, located below the ex-com bulletin board, where they will be collected and sent to the sail loft for repair.

    5) Properly ROLL sails to put them away. Roll Sailsby:-ROLL sail down from head to foot, keeping battens even and horizontal and keeping the leach lined up as you go. -Either ROLL jib up in mainsail or ROLL jib up and put away separately

    6)wheel boat into yard and put in appropriate PARKING SPOT

    7)wooden block behind wheels of trailer

    8) Put SAIL COVER on mainsail

    9) sign boat back in on sign-out sheet there will be a "how to be a better teacher at CSC" lecture coming up. Watch e-mail list and flyers at the club for details.

    David Fraser, Port Captain (alt)

    The Port Captain team (currently Port Captain Nick Chou, plus Robert Hugel & David Fraser) has been expanding, with Kenn Osborne, Pamela Crawford, and Wilder Lee and others volunteering to help out. Very much appreciated. In addition, Bruce McKenzie deserves the club’s thanks for stepping in to keep us sailing by scheduling dayleaders this month in Robert’s absence. Kenn has kindly taken charge of much of the dayleader paperwork so our stalwarts can get hired & paid.

    We have discussed appointing a Head Dayleader to handle certain administrative tasks in addition to dayleading; extra hours would be compensated.

    David has placed another ad for dayleaders and would like to maintain a pool of several additional paid dayleaders in case we lose some and to cover vacations/gaps. He encourages everyone at CSC, especially students, to spread the word to suitable college friends, enemies, and classmates regarding our openings for this and next semester. They don’t have to be UCB students, any undergrad/grad student at an area community/4-year/college/university can apply if their school is willing to work with CSC, BUT THEY MUST HAVE WORK STUDY FUNDING IN HAND. Details at:

    Anyone interested in Port Captaining or Dayleading should contact David F. at teaclipper22@yahoo.com . We can always use three or 57 more hands. Several new dayleaders have recently been trained; thanks again to Ben P., Jim P., Dave C., and others who helped. Thanks also to those who attended our trainings. New volunteer dayleaders who are soloing or Ok to are Tom Wu, Susan Esher, Dave Cary. (Did I forget anyone?) Please also welcome our new paid DL Anita Bueno. The extensively revised Dayleader Manual (DLM) is now complete and will go to Ex Comm for suggestions and refinements. Members are welcome to write in legible suggestions for corrections and improvements, on the pages in green binder (will be back at Dayleader Desk shortly). Flames will be remembered. New and improved version will be distributed to all dayleaders, paid and volunteer.

    Sarah Hubbard, Secretary

    CSC letterhead is now in the filing cabinet. Ex Com members can also access an electronic template through the excom listserve. General Membership Meeting invitation/announcement cards are ready to be copied. David Fraser will drop them off and request that they be delivered to the club house.

    Paul Herzmark, Treasurer

    Here are the account balances as of 10/7/02

    Checking $356.65

    Dinghy fund $49,742.81

    Regular Money Market $69,955.16

    Total 120,054.62

    4. BAADS (Bay Area Disabled Sailors) - Reps were at the last Waterfront Commission meeting. Group thinks it will need to give up Berkekley Marina slip because they are unable to maintain program here. One idea is for CSC to work out exchange where we help them with boat maintenance and sailing for their program, an get to use boat for CSC use when they do not have it scheduled. Boat has an inboard motor. Details need to be worked out, and CSC rating committee needs to be consulted.

    5. Davids senior project. A motion was made to confirm email approval of David Frasier’s senior project. Motion passed unanimously.

    6. A motion was made to put the following items on the agenda for the November 21st General Membership Meeting: Ex Com Reports, Ex Com Election, Discussion and Feedback on CSC moving foreward with the Antrim boat design. Motion passed unanimously.

    7. Antrim Boat History and Status Report:

    In 1999, Ex Com was asked by general members to look into having boats built for the club. Club set parameters, Production committee looked for boats, sought proposals. From submitted designs, Jim Antrim’s boat design was chosen and an estimated price was set. Design went through several renditions. Ron Moore’s bid to build the boats was higher than expected. Price was negotiated but club still didn’t have enough money. It would take +/- $55,000 to get the first boat in the water, it would be sailed and tested, then other boats could be made. $50,000 is surrently in the dinghy replacement fund. Using club members’ labor to reduce costs was discussed, but does not seem viable. Saul will get a bid on the cost without using club labor. $8500 has been paid for the design. Aprox. cost for 8 boats with sails is $120,000. Money could be raised through grants. Decision to proceed will be voted on at next Ex Com meeting.

    8. A motion was made to allow $700 for keelboat maintainance as listed:

    $400 to refurbish elect systems and add a 2 stage charger to two commanders, $100 to replace stern lights on 3 ensigns, and $200 for plywood and sealant for ensign deck.

    Motion passed unanimously.

    9. A motion was made to have a Tropical Luau Party on November 10th (Nov. 24th if it rains on the 10th), allowing $300 to fund it. Motion passed unanimously. Party will be after open house. Donation for food and beverages will be requested of attendees.

    10. A motion was made to allow the 1st Vice Commodore to sell old, used windsurfing equipment. Friendly ammendment: Sales limited to list presented by Barbara at this meeting (list developed by Laurant and Barbara) and sales must be advertised to the public. Motion passed unanimously.

    Meeting adjourned

    Tabled agenda items:

    member suspensions - log vs. white board.

    operating rules - mixing club and personal gear

    by laws changes - hard copy needed (Saul, post to list)

    board hospital

    2002.09.12 - Excom

    Thursday September 12, 2002

    Present: Saul Schumsky, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore; Trumpton MacFarlane (alt), 2nd Vice Commodore; Seth Clark, 3rd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; Nick Chou, Port Captain; Sarah Hubbard, Secretary. Members present: Bill Prinzmetal, Ed Shirk, Josh, David Frasier, Myles Morson, and John Mankey.


    Commodore’s Report - Saul Schumsky

    Waterfront Commission meeting 9/11. They have waived fees for 4 of the 5 slips for the Cal Sailing Club through February 2004. The weekend of the 7th took 2 leaders from the San Jose Girl Scout troop for a training sail in preparation for their troop sailing. Hasn’t heard back from Project Jump about a date. Spoke with club’s advisory attorney, J. Wilder Lee, re advertising products/services of companies who support CSC. We can exchange ads for services and equipment.

    Vice Commodore’s Report - Allan Champion

    J. Wilder Lee has provided us with a new release form for rides to the public. Secretary will have copies printed and delivered to the club. All open house participants should sign these.

    1st vice commodore's report - Matthias Roschke

    I would like to thank everyone, for all the work they have done keeping our fleet of dinghies operational!

    There have been a few cases where boats were marked DO NOT SAIL, but it was not quite clear why, and what needed to be done. If something breaks, it is the skipper's responsibility to:

    1) Properly report and document the problem

    2) Either fix the problem, or take steps to get it fixed (furnishing an 'equivalent labor' to the club).

    I will write up a short checklist outlining some simple procedures to follow if various problems occur. This list will be available from the dayleader. If anyone has any suggestions as to what should be on the list please contact me. Matthias

    2nd Vice Commodore’s Report - Barbara Knox

    We had an impromptu windsurfing expedition up to the Delta on Labor Day. My apologies for not publicizing it. It was a last minute decision and so we stopped by the club and invited all windsurfers that were there. We would like to organize another windsurfing trip to the delta, hopefully with more advance planning. If you're interested, please let Barbara know.

    If anybody has a truck and could assist Josh with delivery of materials to build roof on board hospital, please contact him at second_vice@yahoogroups.com. Also, if you're interested in working on the roof or have special carpentry/electrical skills, please contact him as well.

    I would like to propose that we allocate $2500 for the purchase of 3 Senior Boards and miscellaneous items to equip the rest of the fleet such as booms and fins (See agenda item below). If there are other items that you think are needed to complete the windsurfing fleet, please email us at second_vice@yahoogroups.com. or join the windsurfing discussion group: cal-windsurfing@yahoogroups.com.

    If anyone is interested in teaching a special windsurfing clinic, please contact, Ben Pink. Popular topics might include waterstarting (an on the water clinic to follow up our on land demo with John Frasier, Bill P and Trumpton), Junior Prep Clinic (Tacking and Jibing), and Uphauling in rough seas.

    Special thanks to Art, Josh, and Bob Hood for teaching on Saturday mornings and to Bill P and Ben Pink for investigating possibilities for purchase of new boards.

    There was a conflict between people waiting for sails or boards. In the past, windsurfers have put the sail and/or board they want to use on the green turf in front of the sail hangers. In the operating rules is states that, “A member who wishes to be next to sail a specific…sailboard may sign up on the sign-up sheet, noting the ‘time signed up’.” There is no such column on the current windsurfing sheet. It has been suggested that a column be added so as to eliminate confusion, the logic being that the “time out” column should denote the time out on the water, which applies to the one-hour time limit on equipment waited upon.

    3rd Vice Commodore’s Report - Seth Clarke

    Slow progress is being made on Nena All pieces are now in Seth’s hands. Howard’s Sr. project to recaulk Daisy’s deck joint is nearly complete.

    Rear Commodore's Report 9/11/02

    The rear commodore would like to take moment to remember those people that were robbed from us in the horrible events of September 11th. The rear commodore would personally like say that my grief over the loss of those people in the attacks is not a cry for war against other nations and innocent civilians of those nations.

    The rear commodore would like to thank those that have been stepping up to teach on Saturday mornings. You know who you are.

    Don't forget, teaching lessons can count towards either work credit OR lesson credit good towards a free membership. 10 lesson hours gets you a free membership, 15 lesson hours taught gets you a free membership and an instructor's hat. If you have any questions about how this works, please send an e-mail to rear_commodore@cal-sailing.org

    The schedule of classes and events is as follows:

    September 7 Spinnaker Clinic with Jan Crosbie-Taylor. 3pm at the clubhouse. September 8 OPEN HOUSE September 14 Sail Trim Lecture with Saul Schumsky. 2pm at the clubhouse. September 14 --postponed-- Practical Mast Tuning Clinic with Saul Schumsky September 15 Women's Sailing Clinic, organized by Leah Teitler. Please contact leahteitler@yahoo.com for more information. September 18, 19, 20 Junior Fast-Trak for Sailing, organized by Pamela Crawford. Please contact Pamela@PamelaCrawford.com for more information. September 21 General Dinghy Maintenance and Repair for CSC with Ed Shirk. 2pm at the clubhouse. This will be a special class on the basics of how to fix common problems on CSC dinghies, and may include the basics of how to fiberglass, fix rigging, and replace commonly broken parts. September 22 OPEN HOUSE September 29 Women's Sailing Clinic.

    Port Captain’s Report - Nick Chou

    1. Philip will longer work for the club after two weeks, luckily we have Anita to fill in right at this nick of time. She already got paper work done, now she's officially hired, ready to undertake training.

    2.James retired from dayleader chair, David Frazer and I will work together to take over the job temporarily until we find someone to help out. Thanks to James for what he has contributed to the team and the club. Good luck to James with his new career.

    3.Thanks to Jim for donating another mini fridge to the club to replace the old one which was wasted by unknown person.

    4.on Sep 29th, the special meeting, I'll call up those members who have dayleading training sign-off to make it there in order to share their volunteer dayleading experience and brainstorm together. To improve the check-in system, we need their opinions more than any others.

    Treasurer’s Report - Paul Herzmark

    Here are the account balances as of 9/11/02:

    checking $3,034.06

    Dinghy fund Money Market $49,711.92

    regular Money Market $67,056.52

    total $119,802.50


    1. Ed Shirk announced that there will be a harvest moon on Saturday, September 21. He is heading to Clipper Cove on his boat, Kelly, and invites others to join him.

    2. A motion was made to allow Max Kuhn to join CSC as a minor member, pending member Peter Kuhn’s completion of a release form. Motion passed unanimously.

    3. Josh needs a volunteer to receive materials delivery for board hospital at the club. Miles has volunteered. Additional funding is needed to complete the structure. $600 has been allocated so far. Ex Com has requested budget for materials needed to complete project. Josh will email this to Barbara, who will post to the Ex Com list. Ex Com will vote by email and Barbara will relay response to Josh. Ex Com has requested that locks be put on all doors to the board hospital.

    4. A motion was made to approve $4900 for the purchase of senior boards, motions, masts, fins, booms, and other windsurfing equipment. Friendly amendment: include details of purchase. (3 senior boards, 3 motions, 3 masts, 4 booms, 4 fins, misc. items (boom bras, foot straps, etc.). Second friendly amendment: all funds be lumped together. Motion passed with 5 in favor, 1 opposed, 2 abstentions.

    5. Miles has been getting lasers into working order and generating enthusiasm for members to be checked out to sail them. He has noticed that the sails are in disrepair, spars are needed, rudders need tillers and extensions, etc. Saul provided estimates for materials. Miles will look into actual costs and make a request at a later date. If money is spent on parts, keeping these parts safe should be part of the budget. It was noted that two of the lasers aren’t registered. Miles also questioned the usefulness of the bytes, how often they are sailed, and if they are worth keeping.

    6. Sarah will create electronic version of Cal Sailing letterhead and email to the Ex Com list.

    7. Ex Com needs to vote to accept all donations. We should give donor a receipt or letter confirming their donation (for tax purposes). They assign the value.

    8. There will be a meeting on Sept 29 to discuss a new membership system and how to address the teacher shortage. Seth will ask the Harbormaster about using conference room. Ben has prepared a proposal for a non-electronic membership tracking method, and will prepare one for an electronic/computerized methods as well.

    9. Fast-Trak classes will be held this week (Sept 16-20). BBQ is scheduled for Friday. A motion was made to authorize night sailing on Friday Sept 20. Friendly amendment: only sailors rated Jr. and above can sail. Boats must have waterproof flashlights and windsurfers must carry a light. Motion Failed

    Motion made to allow Fast-Trak coordinator Pamela Crawford to run Fast-Trak until 8:30pm, pending availability of dayleader, working skiff, and working waterproof flashlights for each of the boats. Motion approved unanimously.

    10. Motion to allow Anita Bueno, who has paid to be a member and is now a paid dayleader, a three-month membership to be used at her discretion. Motion passed unanimously.

    11. Motion to allow Vincent Fallourd a three-month membership for time served. Motion approved unanimously.

    12. Bill Bradfield, an ex-member, has requested free membership in exchange for dayleading. Operating rules indicate that he may earn a free membership by volunteering as a dayleader while he is a paid member. Ex Com will not provide a free membership before dayleading work has been done, and will not allow nonmembers to volunteer daylead.

    13. Svendsen’s has expressed an interest in donating funds, boat parts, boats and other items, as well as offering discounts, to the CSC and its members. Ex Com is in agreement that is appropriate to provide a link to their website from our in exchange for these services and supplies.

    14. Can Trumpton run power to the windsurfing locker on a permanent basis? Electrical system was not built to handle that; circuit is likely to blow. Not advised without having electrical check system.

    Tabled agenda items:

    PFD Storage

    Meeting adjourned.

    2002.08.29 - Excom

    Thursday August 29, 2002

    In attendance: Saul Schumsky, Commodore; Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; Sarah Hubbard, Secretary.


    Motor Committee -- Both skiffs went out of action the weekend of 8/17-18, requiring several visits from the mechanic and shutting down the club Monday 8/19.

    The skiffs have been repaired and put back in action and the cause (contaminated fuel) was corrected by decanting all the club's fuel, done by member Arrowsmith during the 8/24 work day.

    The 15-hp skiff will get a new pull starter and electric push button to replace parts that are failing.

    Commodore’s Report - Saul Schumsky

    My report is I have been contacted by a boy scout troop to help them get access to boats for 3 scouts who need to capsize and right a boat to finish their sailing merit badge. One girl scout troop from San Jose interested in finding out about sailing and what we could offer them, and one Breast cancer group (Project Jump) wants to expose kids to sailing. Sept. 29, Oct. 5, and Oct 12/13 are options for Project Jump. I have to go to the September water front commission meeting and present hard financial numbers and rides given numbers to justify our free slip fees and place a nonprofit in Berkeley marina. Talking to a builder about how we can lower the costs of building the Antrims and what it would cost for his time to help us with the project. Many thanks to Chris Havel, who has volunteered to be the rating committee chair. Thanks also to the many windsurfers who have done a great job offering shore-side activities on open house dates.

    Second Vice Commodore’s Report - Barbara Knox

    During the work party this past Saturday, we sanded 4 boards, 2 of which need to be checked before we allow them to be sailed. Special thanks to John Myall who organized the work party and to John Frasier and Bill Printzmetal for teaching an excellent waterstart clinic.

    The newly dubbed "Board Room" (aka board hospital) is coming along, but is stalled for materials. The walls are fully up and painted and the changing rooms are coming along. We still need roofing materials, but the plan is in place for that phase. If no one comes forward with transportation, Josh is going to try using some of the allocated $$ to rent the Home Depot Truck or something. It does not have provisions for the 16-ft roof beams, though, so that's going to be a pain to deal with. When complete, the structure will have a composite roof and shall be more or less weatherproof. The changing rooms will also be environmentally isolated from the main space to keep fiberglass dust away from people changing. There will be no permanent electricity, but there will be fluorescent light fixtures that can be plugged into extension cords.

    We need plans for the Board Hospital from Josh so that dayleader and work-party leaders can assign projects. Trumpton will contact him to get something in writing, also will check when his anticipated date of completion is, and whether additional changing rooms and a solar shower could be included in the building.

    Laurent has talked with Kevin about purchasing new boards for junior members but this is the last task he will be able to complete before his new job in LA starts in October. Since he will be in France during part of September, we are looking for a chair to oversee maintenance of the sails and delivery to the sail repair shop. Anybody interested, please contact Barbara (510 437 9462 or barbaraj@california.com) or Trumpton (415 731 2572 scotty@best.com)

    We have given $800 in invoices for necessary maintenance items such as replacing universals and installing boom bras on all the sails. We hope that, by putting boom bras on all novice sails, we will cut down on the need for repairing junior boards, which have really taken a beating this season probably due to the new novice boards helping people to advance more quickly to junior rating.

    More sails need to be rigged when sails are damaged. I would like to require people who tear sails to rig a replacement sails so that there is a continuous supply of sails in the locker.

    We would also like to encourage people to rig new sails if they can't find the sail that they'd like. There is an inventory of sails that will be posted on the door of the windsurfing locker so that people can easily find the sail that they want to rig and check it's condition. Another copy of this inventory is in the Second Vice Folder of the Ex-Comm mailboxes (big black plastic file box in the clubhouse). Members should let us know if there is anything they need to rig the sail that is in low supply or not available.

    Rear Commodore's Report - Ben Pink

    Thanks to Nick Chou for organizing and running another fast trak. The students who were smart enough to sign up got some quality instruction with only one or two students per boat. Way to go Nick.

    Pamela Crawford has offered to organize a junior fast-trak course for the evenings of September 18, 19, & 20. The time will be from 4:30 till sundown. Contact Pamela Crawford for more information.

    The rear commodore is pleased to announce that Myles Morson is now the club laser/byte chairperson. Please introduce yourself to him if you are looking for a laser checkout or want to help get laser races happening in the future.

    Congratulations to Robert Hugel and Andreas Nguyen for getting their senior Ratings!!!

    Thanks to Bill P, John Fraser, and Trumpton for an excellent water-start class this last Saturday. Also thanks to Josh P, and Art L, for their ongoing Saturday windsurfing teaching. A special thanks to Josh P for his work on the Red Baron project and the publicity that has generated.

    The calendar of events and classes will be published in the upcoming Floating Bottle newsletter.

    Port Captain’s Report - Nick Chou

    1. Last week when I was running the fast track at the club, I checked the sign-out sheets randomly, then found out some improper usage of the club equipment. It happened almost everyday, and none of the paid dayleaders had spotted that. I had already emphasized this to them time and time again. If they keep ignoring this is supposed to be one of their major duties, I'll ask James to hire another dayleader or ask members to volunteer daylead in order to cut their hours.

    2. Port captain says yes to pay the skiff repair money. Thanks to Peter.

    3. Even though the ex-com has approved the budget for dayleaders' CPR and First Aid training. After I discussed with Ben, it'll be quite difficult to find another two members willing to pay for their own to take the training; since Ben and these 3 dayleaders we have now will take it for sure, yet we need totally 6 people in order to get the discount. So I just told Fred to arrange the training date for themselves. Either Fast Response will bill us (at the regular price, of course) or I'll pay for it in advance then get reimbursed later. Sorry, my working schedule won't allow me to deal with the training center. I'll ask Amy Chen to help me with this.


    1. A motion was made to allow Andrew Phillips to join CSC as a minor member and to obtain a novice rating for windsurfing and sailing. Friendly amendment added: He must wear a wetsuit while windsurfing. Motion approved unanimously.

    2. A motion was made to approve Sergio Pacca’s senior project proposal. Friendly amendment added: He may spend up to $375. The motion passed unanimously.

    Senior Project Proposal - Sergio Pacca

    Dear Excomm members:

    I would like to propose as my senior project the installation of a mainsheet traveler in Uncle Donald. I did a survey to find out the components used for this job, and I am submitting a list with the parts needed and the respective budget on page 2.

    The time allocation to get the project done is approximately the following:

    Working hour’s allocation:

    Searching components 2 h

    Contacting manufacturer .5 h

    Installing the system 7.5 h

    Total 10 h

    If the project is approved I believe it could be completed as soon as possible, probably in less than a month, depending on the availability of the parts. I plan to send a message to the CSC e-mail list to see if someone is interested in helping/watching the installation of the hardware in the boat. I think some knowledge about knots is going to be required.

    Below I show the contact info for the parts’ supplier.


    1082 West 9th St.

    Upland, CA 91786

    Phone: 909-9859993

    Fax: 909-9463913

    Email: info@garhauermarine.com

    I am looking forward to hearing from you,

    Berkeley, August 24, 2002

    Sergio Pacca

    Jr. skipper

    Member number: 11161

    List of parts supplied by Garhauer, Upland, CA needed to install a mainsheet traveler in Uncle Donald comparable to the one in Daisy.

    1. Mainsheet Traveler MT-1 Price: $214.50

    Length: 4 ft

    Width: DT-dble car

    2. Fiddle Blocks with Becket, Cam Cleat and Swivel Shackle Price: $48.40

    30-06 S - Stainless Steel Blocks

    length: 8-1/2

    width: 3-3/4

    weight: 17 oz.

    shackle: 1/4

    3. Fiddle Blocks with Swivel Shackle Price: $30.25

    30-01 S - Stainless Steel Blocks

    length: 7-1/4

    width: 2-1/2

    weight: 14 oz.

    shackle: 1/4

    4. Stainless screws and bolts Price:

    TOTAL PRICE: $*293.15

    TAXES: $22.72

    GRAND TOTAL: = $315.87

    *shipping and handling is included

    3. Sally Lang has offered to lead the rebuilding of the clubhouse. No Building Committee is needed at this time.

    4. A new membership system is needed. Some of the pros and cons of an electronic/computer system were voiced. Ben will provide a written proposal at a later date, and options will be discussed at the next general meeting.

    5. Motion to approve $1200 for rescue skiff motor repairs. Passed unanimously.

    6. Amy and Frank Aalbers presented a list of proposals addressing the work hour / teacher shortage issue. Ex Com will review the proposals on Sept 29 at 6 pm, location to be determined. Changes will be presented at the next general membership meeting. A motion was made to approve $125 for dinner at the Sept 29 meeting. Motion passed with 1 abstention, 4 in favor.

    7. Women’s Sailing Classes continue. Leah Teitler will organize the program for 4 or 5 dates through September, at 1 pm on Sundays. Ben will send dates by list serve. 2 or 3 boats will be needed. A motion was made to approve dinghy use for women’s sailing classes. Approved unanimously.

    8. $400 was requested for the Board Room. Ex Com asks that plans and a budget be presented before additional funds are allocated.

    9. Motion to approve $800 for windsurfing gear maintenance and an additional $400 to purchase a used Bic techno. Friendly amendment added: Additional $400 can be used to purchase any used transition board. Motion passed unanimously.

    10. Saul has discussed building the Antrim boats with a boat builder who is willing to give an estimate for the total costs, then deduct labor that is provided by club members. Last bid was $120K for the molds and 8 boats. Club would need to contribute approximately 1000 work hours. A motion to allow Saul to ask the builder for possible dates when builder can meet with interested CSC members and get more information about the project. Motion passed with 1 abstention and 4 in favor.

    Tabled agenda items:

    Open House Dates

    Change to Operating Rules Re lasers, bytes

    Meeting Adjourned

    2002.08.15 - General

    Thursday August 15, 2002

    In Attendance: Saul Schumsky, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore; Trumpton MacFarlane, 2nd Vice Commodore; Seth Clark, 3rd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; Nick Chou, Port Captain; Sarah Hubbard, Secretary; Paul Herzmark, Treasurer

    Ex Com Meeting Agenda Items

    1) Minor Memberships:

    A motion was made to allow 13-year-old Ulka D’Costa to be accepted as a minor member and to earn a novice windsurfer rating. Motion passed unanimously.

    A motion was made to allow 14-year-old Cayce Morin to be accepted as a minor member and to earn a novice windsurfer rating. Motion passed unanimously.

    2) A motion was made to allow Jan Crosbie-Taylor and Mike Hummel to give Jr. Sailing Tests. Motion passed with 1 abstention and 6 in favor.

    3) Budget was reviewed and accepted.

    4) (Closed agenda item)

    Meeting adjourned.

    General Membership Meeting

    1) Reports

    Commodore’s Report: Saul has participated in a recent waterfront commission meeting, where they discussed dredging the marina and south sailing basin. Enough money is in their budget to do a study of south sailing basin needs. This will be done and Saul will report to the Waterfront Commission at their September meeting.

    Vice Commodore’s Report: The advertising budget has been well spent. Open houses are good and ridership is up. Senior sailors are encouraged to participate more in community sails, especially the YMCA partnership.

    1st Vice Commodore’s Report: The Lidos are being kept operational, Rhodes trailer is being worked on, Lasers and Bytes are in good shape but are underutilized. The Laser/Byte Chair position is currently open. Any interested parties should contact Matthias.

    2nd Vice Commodore’s Report: Construction of “board hospital” in corner of yard is nearing completion. Talk to Josh if you are interested in doing repair work. Sails were recently sold, proceeds will be used to purchase new equipment. Be careful to use new gear appropriately…big sails are for light days, etc. Club is looking into purchasing smaller gear/rigs.

    3rd Vice Commodore’s Report: Five keelboats are currently in the water, four of them are sailable. See Seth if you are interested in assisting with maintenance. Senior and Cruising rated members can get replacement keys at the Harbor Master office. Tell the folks at the desk you are on the Cal-Sailing Club J-dock list. The new key will cost $15. If you want to turn in your old key and get a receipt. The funds will eventually get back to CSC and you can turn in your receipt for a refund. How about donating the $25 to the dinghy fund? If you think you should be on the J-dock list and you’re not, email third_vice@cal-sailing.org with an explanation.

    Rear Commodore’s Report: There has been some discussion about whether the club has been providing enough lessons. Members are now making calls to teachers to encourage them to come out on lesson days. Even if you can’t teach, you can help out by making phone calls. Lecture series will continue through September. Contact Ben if you would like to suggest a clinic. Capsize clinic was a success. Ben suggests getting checked out on as many boats as possible.

    Port Captain’s Report: Nick has survived his first three month’s as Port Captain through the help of many active members, namely Sherry, Rob H, James, David F, Alex B, and Amy. Many thank to all of them.

    Secretary’s Report: Sarah reminds members that they can keep up on club activities and decisions, which are posted on the list serves and in the clubhouse on a clipboard behind the dayleader’s desk. She is working on updating the club’s electronic files.

    Treasurer’s Report: Many thanks to the club members who have helped Paul maintaining budget files and generating reports, especially to Lynn Smith. Bottom line is that we currently have $117,621.92 in the bank.

    2) Many thanks to the cooks for a wonderful meal!

    3) Ex Com is considering making a change to the Operating Rules that would allow for an annual review of all chair positions, which would enable us to ensure that chairs are still interested in serving. A motion will be made at the next General Membership Meeting.

    4) Ex Com is considering adding two Ex Com positions: Port Captain and Windsurfing. A motion will be made at the next General Membership Meeting.

    5) Minor Membership Discussion:

    A number of members have expressed their interest in making the club more “family friendly.” Currently, members with kids often rent windsurfing gear from Cal Adventures in order to be on the water together. Current policy is to allow membership for 12 to 17 year olds with permission from Ex Com. In discussion, the following pros, cons, opportunities and ideas were brought up by members at the meeting.

    We’ll need to look into liability issues and costs.

    Establish an after school program for at-risk youth.

    Talk to Cal Adventures and other similar programs (such as Lake Merrit) about how they accommodate minors, what are costs, what the risks are.

    Form partnerships with similar programs.

    12 years old is a good minimum, but supervision of parents is essential.

    Who will teach the kids? There aren’t enough teachers for the adult members of the club.

    Keep the program simple by not involving outside groups (such as at risk youth).

    Different nature of windsurfing and sailing may require different rules. Should parent maintain a higher rating than child?

    Because of inherent risk involved, it is important that a caring individual be supervising at all times.

    Risk of CSC becoming daycare facility, with no parental supervision.

    Structure and functioning of the club needs to stabilize before ewe can address adding new programs like this.

    What does club want to get out of this?

    How do we enforce parental supervision? Need to think about club’s ability to govern the process.

    If there really is a need for this, parents should form a committee to get the ball rolling.

    6) Work Requirement Discussion:

    Many members have expressed frustration about people not completing their work hours, while others are frustrated by not finding work to do to complete their hours. What options does the club have? In discussion, the following pros, cons, opportunities, ideas, and questions were brought up by members at the meeting.

    Members can opt out of work hours by paying more in dues.

    How do we get people working more efficiently?

    Dayleader should have list of projects for people to sign up for.

    Experienced crew leaders could coordinate projects.

    Many people are intimidated by the more complex tasks that need to be done (such as boat repair). Organized work days could be used to teach people.

    We need more members who know what they are doing and continue to lead projects.

    There is not enough work to be done given the number of members we have. Make ratings depend on work.

    Teaching hours = work hours!

    Have novices contribute work hours, Juniors contribute teaching hours, and Seniors contribute dayleading hours.

    Create chair position for work/repair.

    We need to emphasize that the club functions as a co-op, it’s not just a cheap place to sail.

    We need to track how people are doing over time.

    Open house is a good opportunity to fulfill your work hours.

    We are short on teachers…more people should fulfill their work hours by teaching.

    Allow novice sailors to teach.

    Encourage people to get their novice rating, which enable them to sail with other novices.

    Dayleaders need to enforce work hours policy when enrolling repeat members.

    Meeting Adjourned

    2002.08.01 - Excom

    Thursday August 01, 2002


    Saul Schumsky, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Trumpton MacFarlane, 2nd Vice Commodore (alt); Seth Clark, 3rd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; Nick Chou, Port Captain; Sarah Hubbard, Secretary



    Agenda Items:

    1) Reports

    Commodore - Saul Schumsky

    Saul has returned from his sailing trip. Many thanks to all who have kept the club running during his absence.


    2nd Commodore - Trumpton MacFarlane

    Laurant has been made windsurfing sail maintenance chair, and Josh windsurfing board maintenance chair. Both will be compensated with free memberships.


    3rd Vice Commodore - Seth Clark

    Keelboats are in need of work: Decking on Hewey and Dewey needs repair, both boat have “do not sail: signs. Daisy is also marked with “do not sail” because of lighting and bilge hatch repairs. Workers are needed to help with repairs. A new rudder will be ordered for Nena. Rhodes trailer has been sanded and is ready for welding and paint. Rhodes has been in the marina during trailer repair, so could use a bottom scraping. We are looking for a place to store PFDs.


    Rear Commodore - Ben Pink

    Teacher turnout on lessons days has been poor. Several members will work on contacting and recruiting teachers. Remember, 10 teaching hours earn a three-month membership, 20 hours and you’ll also get a hat. Thanks to Dave Cary for his capsize class.


    Secretary - Sarah Hubbard

    Seth has translated club documents, so we are ready to update and reprint as needed.



    2) Member Jane Morson has offered her experience and assistance with club fundraising. Her efforts will be coordinated by Ex Com. All those interested in participating should let Ex Com know.



    3) Closed Agenda Item



    4) Motion was made to allow a request for a donation of plastic deck chairs to be sent to Orchard Supply Hardware. A letter of request was written by Jim Lamb and signed by Saul Schumsky. Passed unanimously.



    5) Closed Agenda Item



    6) A motion was made to approve $1000 to repair the hinges on the windsurfing lockers. Isabella delaRocca will arrange for the repairs. Motion passed with 5 in favor, 1 abstention and none opposed.



    7) A motion was made to allow associate member Maurice Kaufman to repair damage to floor of windsurfing lockers in exchange for up to one year’s locker rental. Value of work will depend on professional estimates for work solicited by Isabella delaRocca. Motion passed with 5 in favor, 1 abstention and none opposed.



    8) Treasurer Paul Herzmark submitted fiscal year to date budget for Ex Com review. CSC appears to be on target with earnings and expenditures. It would be helpful to know if the amounts budgeted are weighted by quarter or evenly distributed throughout the year. It would also be helpful to see previous 12 months. Ex Com questioned why communication and dingy maintenance expenditures were so low.



    9) General Membership Meeting Agenda Items are:


    Discussion about minor membership


    Discussion about creation of Ex Com positions for windsurfing maintenance and an additional Port Captain position


    Discussion about changes to membership levels and services (pay more to not do work hours, receive info by email only)


    Annual review of chair positions


    Announcement about changes to dock keys



    10) Motion was made to allow $55 per person for 7 people (4 dayleaders and 3 club members) to attend first aid training. Friendly amendment to make the motion for 4 dayleaders only. Motion with amendment passed unanimously.



    11) A workday will occur in August, date to be determined, for windsurfing equipment repair. 1 hour of work will be required before windsurfers or sailors are allowed on the water.



    12) Windsurfing sail use clarified: Sails marked with N, which should be stored in the sail hanger on the right, are for Novice and Junior windsurfers. Other sails (whether unmarked or marked with J+) are for Junior+ and Senior windsurfers only. A few very large sails have been purchased and will remain unmarked for J+ and Senior use. If you are a weight-challenged Novice or Junior, you may talk to Trumpton about using these sails. Reminder: Ex Com may require members who damage sails to pay a $100 damage fee.



    13) A new dock key system that uses key cards will be put into place in September. Seth will ask the membership chair to produce a list of members eligible for dock keys. The list will be provided to the Harbor Master to authorize a key card. There will be a non-refundable $15 charge for the key card.



    14) Motion made to authorize member Josh to spend an additional $300 for the board repair area. Motion passed unanimously.



    15) Motion made to authorize $425 to replace the Nena rudder. Motion passed unanimously.



    16) Discussion about members who don’t do their work hours. Ex Com reiterated that they should not be allowed to sail until work hours are completed. Dayleaders can enforce this rule. People need to take personal responsibility.



    17) Member Ed Corbett has requested a copy of the CSC Junior Skipper written test to use in the formation of a club similar to CSC. A disclaimer letter will be sent along with the test.



    Tabled Agenda Items:

    Creation of Building Committee


    Open House Dates


    Membership Card System



    Meeting Adjourned

    2002.07.18 - Excom

    Thursday July 18, 2002

    In attendance: Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore; Trumpton MacFarlane (alt); Seth Clark, 3rd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; Nick Chou, Port Captain; Sarah Hubbard, Secretary.

    1) Reports

    1st Vice Commodore’s Report - Matthias

    We currently have:

    1 sailable precisions

    3 sailable JYs

    1 sailable 470,

    2 sailable Lidos

    (and various Lasers and Bytes)

    1 Lido has a leak at the hiking strap attachment. (should be fixed soon)

    1 Lido requires a new set of halyard cleats (should also be fixed soon)

    1 Lido with a do not sail sign, but I do not really know what is wrong with it. (will take a look this weekend)

    1 Lido hull had to have scratches and nicks removed, it is now being painted.

    2 Lidos require fiberglassing at the hull deck joints. (one of these jobs is almost finished)

    The Rhodes has been temporarily moved to the marina, so that the trailer can be de-rusted, painted and welded.

    Hopefully (with everyone's help) it will be possible to put most of the lidos back into service soon.

    We are missing one lido rudder, replacing it will cost 300 to 400 dollars. In order to avoid this kind of expense in the future, please ensure that the rudders are SECURELY tied to the boats.

    Malu has told me that she no longer has the time to be Laser/Byte chair. If someone else is interested in this position (comes with a free membership) please talk to me.

    I will be at the club next weekend, but will miss the next two weekends (and one Ex-Com meeting), as I will be visiting my family in Canada.

    Have fun sailing, windsurfing, or just hanging out !

    2nd Vice Commodore’s Report - Barbara Knox

    Josh has been contacted re progress on the board hospital. He promised to get necessary materials this week and is working with Bruce(transportation). An inventory of sails has been typed as a Word file, a copy is available in the second vice folder of the ex-comm mailboxes. An inventory of boards was also made by Laurent Coulloumme Labarthe and we will have it typed up as a Word file asap. If anybody is interested in helping to write a proposal for the guidelines concerning minor windsurfers joining the club or has ideas about what type of equipment should be purchased for this purpose, please contact Barbara Knox as this will be proposed at the next general membership meeting. Some of the windsurfing sails will be for sale at the clubhouse on July 27. Email with time to follow. Special thanks to Laurent, Allen, Bob Hood, Josh, Reese and Art for windsurfing instruction, inventory of equipment, organizing and cleaning of the windsurfing locker and board repair. My apologies to those who have put in work hours and whose name I neglected to mention.

    3rd Vice Commodores Report - Seth

    1. Nenya Rudder has gown missing - A search is now underway and a cost to buy a new one is being researched. 2. Ensign Hewey - is "DO NOT SAIL" because the deck is broken and dangerous - We need a volunteer to repair it. 3. The Rhodes has been moved to the marina so work can be done on the trailer. All rust must be removed prier to painting and welding. Again volunteers are needed.

    Rear Commodore’s Report - Ben

    The rear commodore would like to thank Nick Chou for organizing a successful fast-trak sailing course earlier this month. Way to go Nick! Thanks for all the great soup as well. Also thanks to those who taught in the fast track.

    The dates of August 26th-30th have been selected as another possible time period for a fast-trak class. If you are interested in a project and would consider organizing a fast-trak for that week, please contact the rear commodore at rear_commodore@cal-sailing.org

    The rear commodore would like to remind people of some basic club etiquette and rules:

    -In the yard, sailors please do not park boats in on the green astro-turf. This area is designated for windsurfing sails. Parking spaces have been painted on the yard for each club dinghy. Please use the appropriately labelled space for the boat you happen to be sailing and keep the windsurfing rigging area clear.

    -When docking, sailors please use the 2/3s of the dock that is closest to the hoist and do not dock in the last 1/3. The end portion of the dock is where windsurfers dock.

    -Windsurfers, please dock on the downwind side of the dock.

    -When there is an open house, windsurfers might consider docking at the 2nd dock (closest to cal-adventures) so as not to add extra traffic when club keelboats giving oipen house rides are trying to dock.

    -all club members must wear a personal flotation device (life jacket) when sailing or windsurfing. There are only two exceptions to this rule: 1) when seated in the cockpit of a club keelboat and 2) if you are a j+ or above windsurfer and are wearing a harness and full wetsuit.

    -if you sign-out a windsurfer or a sailboat, you are personally responsible for signing back in when you are finished with your sail. If you "sell" a boat or windsurfer to another person, please make sure to sign in yourself, and make sure that the person signing out your gear is appropriately rated for the equipment you are using.

    -Please take care of our clubhouse:

    Do not leave your personal belongings in the club overnight, items add to the clutter factor and may have to be removed. Please pack your trash. The dayleader should not have to clean-up after anyone. It is not the dayleaders job to pick-up trash after members make coffee or have a BBQ. Please note that we have a new hot-water pot in the clubhouse. This pot is NOT FOR COFFEE!! Please use it for hot water only. Also, if you are the last person in the club, make sure to unplug the hot water pot. If you are changing in the club, please do not place your wet wetsuit or wet foulies on the chairs. People in fact do use the chairs to sit (such as at excom meetings) and don't like getting wet asses from wet chairs.

    And lastly,

    -take care of the equipment. Don't forget all the basics. Fold or roll your sails properly. Put sail covers on over the sails on the dinghies. Put your windsurfers in the racks carefully. Wash off your board and sail or boat. Check your rig and sail for damages. Log all damages and be responsible about doing repairs if you caused the damage.

    The schedule of classes for the rest of the summer is as follows:

    July 27 **sailing lessons will be held from 11 am to 3 pm due to low tide.

    July 27 CAPSIZE-A-THON with instructor Dave Cary. Start time 9:30am (you must reserve spot in class by signing up at the clubhouse)

    July 28 Woman's clinic 1:00

    August 3rd Laser Clinic with instructor Ben Pink (2pm)

    August 4th OPEN HOUSE

    August 10 **sailing lessons will be held from 11 am to 3 pm due to low tide.

    August 17th Spinnaker Clinic (instructor TBA) 11am

    August 24th Windsurfing Clinic TBA

    August 26-29th JUNIOR FAST-TRAK for Sailing (details TBA)

    August 31st Rhodes 19 Clinic (instructor TBA)

    September 7th Sail Trim Lecture (instructor TBA)

    If you have any suggestions for classes or would like to volunteer to teach a clinic or class, please contact the rear commodore at rear_commodore@cal-sailing.org

    Port Captain’s Report - Nick

    Dave is currently working on a dayleader checklist. Alex Bustamante is now working as a Port Captain chair. The creating of a No-Parking sign is being coordinated with the Harbor Master and will be put on the tool shed. Dayleader training will continue on Sunday afternoons. Many thanks to James for organizing the work-study assignments.

    Secretary's Report - Sarah Hubbard

    Binders of past minutes will be archived in the club house in the 2-drawer file cabinet (where very old minutes are currently archived).

    I've established a system of tracking print orders that, over time, should help the Secretary and day leaders control the inventory, thereby preventing suprise shortages. Dayleaders, please help me out by emailing me if you notice we are low on something. Once the electronic versions of the print materials are available, I will print out Master copies for the printer (Cal Copy), for the club house, and for the Secretary's binder.

    Treasurer’s Report - Paul

    We have $4,117 in checking $46,426 in the Dinghy fund $61,459 in our regular money market fund

    2) Closed Agenda Item

    3) Motion was made to allow free quarter membership for the two Port Captain chairs, Alex Bustamante and Robert Hagel.

    Motion passed unanimously

    4) The Nena rudder is still missing. If anyone has information about its whereabouts, please contact Seth.

    5) Barbara is developing a proposal for starting a Kids Program, which will be presented and discussed at the General Membership meeting on August 15th. If you have comments, ideas for equipment, etc, please attend the meeting to share your thoughts.

    6) Some of the items that will be discussed at the General Membership Meeting on August 15 are: reports, changes to the constitution, dues, kids program, and possible changes to the clubhouse.

    7) Senior projects will need to specify the projected schedule, and a mentor/advisor/sponsor (either a member of Ex Com or another senior club member).

    8) Alex Bustamente has been designated as a Port Captain Chair and will assist with weekend dayleader supervision.

    9) The member who recently landed a lido on the rocks has been contacted about following through with the work needed to fix it. He will be given another two weeks before disciplinary action is taken.

    10) Budget Info reminder - Ex Com would like to receive a year-to-date and a last month report at the first meeting of each month. This would help each of the commodore’s keep track of their budgets better.

    11) A motion was made to allow Senior sailinf candidates Nick Chou and Will Low to give Junior sailing tests.

    The motion passed unanimously.

    12) Metal lockers have been offered to the club free of charge. They will be considered as part of the clubhouse plan, but should not be delivered until other decisions regarding the clubhouse (e.g., location of changing rooms) have been made.

    13) Ed Shirk has stepped down from his position as Rating Committee Chair. Ex Com is currently looking to fill this position. If you are interested, contact any Ex Com member.

    Meeting adjourned.

    2002.06.20 - Excom

    Thursday June 20, 2002
    agenda item 1 amended 7/1/02

    In Attendance: Saul Schumsky, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore; Seth Clark, 3rd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; Nick Chou, Port Captain; Sarah Hubbard, Secretary.


    1. Minor membership

    A motion was made to accept Ale Vargas-Johnson as a minor member capable of obtaining a Novice windsurfer rating contingent upon the following regulations: her father, Juan Vargas, is to supervise her at all times while at the club, she is to wear a wetsuit and lifejacket when on the water, they are to tell the dayleader when she is on the water. The motion passed unanimously.


    2. Reports

    Saul Schumsky, Commodore

    The Commodore reports that he attended a recent Waterfront Commission meeting. They have allocated some money in their budget to dredge the south sailing basin, but it is not expected to be enough to meet our needs. CSC will need to write a proposal for them that outlines our needs and goals for the next few years, then work together with them to obtain funding.

    The Berkeley Police Officer that patrols the marina expressed some concern over safety issues associated with the club, such as parking along the narrow one-way road next to the club, as well as nighttime club use. Ex Com will work to resolve these issues.

    The club has been offered a 1979 J-24 that is currently docked in Emeryville. Seth and Saul will check out the boat and determine if it is reasonable to accept the donation and then sell the boat.

    Allan Champion, Vice Commodore

    Sherry Daniel has agreed to take over from Bill Prinzmetal as editor of our newsletter, The Floating Bottle.

    Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore

    Matthias will take inventory this weekend, and replace lost rudder of one of the Lidos.

    Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore

    Vincent has resigned his position as maintenance chair. I have spoken to Mark Yampanis, John Myall, and Laurent Coulloumme-LaBarthe about filling this vacancy. Laurent has already conducted an inventory of needed parts. Several members have requested helmets. I bought one to see if it gets stolen, and am considering buying one of each size. Laurent and Trumpton gave our first advanced novice/junior clinic last Saturday and it was very successful. I'm hoping to schedule one afternoon clinic per month on the weekends for advanced novice and junior rated windsurfers and will coordinate with the Rear Commodore. Possible instructors are Art Locht, Laurent, Allan (Laurent's French friend), and Trumpton.

    It has come to my attention that some windsurfers are mixing their own equipment with club equipment. This will not be tolerated as it poses a safety issue if CSC members cannot be identified.

    New windsurfing cards have been printed that do not include Novice Test. Some of the instructors would like the next batch of cards to be printed with a space for "dock etiquette". This would include carrying the sail, placement of the boards and sails on the dock, open house concerns, etc.

    Ben Pink, Rear Commodore

    The rear commodore would like to thank those (few) people that have been contributing a great deal of time to keep the club running. Specifically, thanks to those who have been volunteer dayleading (if it wasn’t for you, the club would have been closed many hours): Sherry Daniels, Nick Chou, Sarah Carol, Tara Ellman, Howard, Alex Bustamante, Emilian, Art Locht, Pauline K….

    Forgive me if I have forgot anyone or misspelled names.

    The club is suffering from a lack of instructors for dinghy lesson periods. Saturday morning teaching has been severely understaffed by volunteer instructors.

    Additional teaching programs, such as a fast-trak class that was to be held this week, had to be cancelled due to a lack of teacher response.

    The Rear Commodore would like to remind the members that the basic function of the club is to provide low-cost sailing INSTRUCTION to the public. If we are not teaching people how to sail, then we are not fulfilling our mission.

    Additionally, due to the fact that there only a small group of people that are putting in large number of hours keeping the club running for everyone else, it is only fair that those putting in extra work be rewarded. Please don’t expect special treatment, such as one-on-one instruction from senior members, if you are not showing that you are contributing to the club.

    There are many ways that one can contribute to the club. If you have questions about volunteering or teaching, please contact the rear commodore at rear_commodore@cal-sailing.org

    The schedule of special classes is as follows. Please note that these classes are subject to cancellation at any time at the discretion of the rear commodore:

    June 29 Special On-The-Water windsurfing Clinic 11am, Sail Maintenance & Repair Class, 2pm

    June 30 Woman's clinic 1:00

    (July 4 (Thursday) Open House)

    July 6 Sail Trim (Saul Schumsky)

    July 8-12 Junior FAST-TRAK for sailing (DETAILS TBA)

    July 13 Hypothermia and first-aid Class 2pm (instructors Bob Hood and Rebecca Hausman)

    (July 14 Open House)

    July 20 Windsurfing Clinic TBA

    July 21 Woman's clinic 1:00

    July 27 Capsizing, Reefing and Anchoring for dinghies (instructor TBA)

    July 28 Woman's clinic 1:00

    Nick Chou and Sherry Daniel, Port Captains

    1. Update on Dayleader Situation: Over the past month the club has remained open thanks to the hard work of our volunteer Dayleaders. We will continue to conduct dayleader training on the weekends and encourage members to pitch in until we have a full staff of paid dayleaders. The Port Captain wishes to thank Ben Pink for his help training new volunteers.

    2. We have 2 new paid dayleaders, Luis and Demir. Luis is currently scheduled for Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Demir is going to work Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. We have 2 additional candidates for paid dayleader, Gustavo and Phillip. They have not yet received work study approval and they have not yet been interviewed or trained. In the meantime we will continue to rely on our volunteer Dayleaders to help fill in the schedule. The Port Captain wishes to thank James Wai for his assistance with the hiring process. 3. The Port Captain must emphasize to everyone that our paid dayleaders and the majority of our volunteer dayleaders are very new at this position. We request continued support from experienced members to assist dayleaders with skiff rescues until they have sufficiently developed these skills.

    4. Update on memberships and equipment checkout: The Port Captain has been working with the Membership Chair to create a current list of sailors and windsurfers with verified ratings of Junior or higher. The goal of this list is to make it easier for the dayleaders to doublecheck a member's rating before they sign out equipment. If a member's name is not on the list, that member must show their white card to the dayleader before checking out equipment. We ask for everyone's patience and cooperation as we test out this method over the next couple of weeks.

    Sarah Hubbard, Secretary

    Seth has agreed to translate the WordStar electronic files into Word so that they can be edited as needed.

    Paul Herzmark, Treasurer

    As of June 13, 2002 we have:

    regular checking $2,000.00

    dinghy fund $48,157.21

    regular money market $51,595.45

    Total $101,752.66

    3. Windsurfers at Open House

    A few windsurfing members attended the meeting to suggest ways that CSC can use open house days to attract new windsurfer members and better demonstrate what the club’s windsurfing program is all about. (There is a sense that open house days are focused on sailing, and perhaps we are not doing the club justice by limiting ourselves to this.) Ideas that were discussed were: bring a buddy day (current members could bring a friend), anchor a novice board off the dock and allow people to get the feel for being on the board, give demonstrations upwind of the dock before open house sailing begins (one person on the water and a knowledgeable person on land explaining what they are doing), use the on-land simulator, and show windsurfing videos. Of these ideas, the demonstrations seemed the most interesting and possible. Barbara will look into ways to implement this.

    4. Changes to Lesson Times Due to Tides

    A motion was made to add the following to the operating rules:

    Section V (Lessons), part 1.A - On lesson days when there is not enough water to operate the rescue skiff, the Executive Committee may change lesson times to compensate for lost teaching time.

    The motion passed with 7 in favor, 1 abstention and none opposed.

    For the remained of 2002, the regular lesson periods are SATURDAYS 0900-1300 and Mon/Thurs 1300-1600

    The following is the list of days for the rest of the year that lesson times are affected by low tide. To the right of the date are times that lessons have been switched to.


    6/29 1200-1600

    7/13 1200-1600

    7/27 1100-1500

    8/10 1100-1500

    8/24 1000-1400


    11/14 1200-1500

    11/18 1200-1500

    12/2 1200-1400

    12/16 1200-1400

    12/30 Club closed 1319, no lessons



    12/19 1230-1530

    5. Precision-15 Capacity

    A motion was made to change the operating rules Section VI, part 1 to indicate that the maximum number of people allowed in a Precision 15 be five (5). (Operating rules currently allow four). The motion passed 4 in favor, 2 abstentions and none opposed.

    6. Junior Tests

    A motion was made to allow Junior-rated sailors David Fraser, Tara Ellman, and Robert Hugel to give rigging tests and junior sailing tests at their discretion. The motion passed with 6 in favor, 2 abstentions, and none opposed.

    7. Senior Project - Howard Redding

    A motion was made to allow Howard Redding to replace Daisy’s caulking for his senior project. The motion passed unanimously.

    8. Next Meeting Date

    A motion was made to change the next meeting from Thursday July 4th to Tuesday July 2nd. The motion passed unanimously. Note: Secretary will not be able to attend, so someone will need to commit to taking minutes.

    The meeting was adjourned.

    2002.06.06 - Excom

    Thursday June 06, 2002


    Saul Schumsky, Commodore

    Allan Champion, Vice Commodore

    Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore

    Seth Clark, 3rd Vice Commodore

    Ben Pink, Rear Commodore

    Nick Chou, Port Captain

    Sarah Hubbard, Secretary

    Agenda Items:

    1. Minor Membership

    Dante Popple, 9 years old, applied for CSC minor membership. Motion to allow Dante minor membership passed unanimously. Membership is contingent upon Father Mark Popple becoming a member, both will need to sail together, Dante must wear life jacket at all times, Dante must have and wear wetsuit within 1 month of start of membership, and Popples must tell dayleader when minor is on the water.

    2. Reports

    Vice Commodore’s Report - Allan Champion

    We are set to give rides to up to 24 middle school kids each day for the Berkeley YMCA on Friday, 7/19; Wednesday, 7/31 & Wednesday, 8/7. Thanks to Robert Ofsevit, Paul Kamen & Alex Bustamante for volunteering. We could use more Sr. skippers for those dates as well.

    J. Wilder Lee, Atty at Law and longtime club member has generously volunteered to revamp our public boat ride liability release. He has made up a draft and is in the process of researching some final points.

    3rd Vice Commodore’s Report - Seth Clark

    A checkup inventory has been done on the 5 keelboats. The usual minor issues were found and will be addressed. Warping of floorboards is an ongoing issue that will need to be addressed in a long-term way…may be a possibility for a senior project.

    Port Captain’s Report - Nick Chou

    Member Robert has created a yahoo groups calendar for dayleader schedules. Will promote via listserve and link on website. Will be up to dayleaders to put themselves on the schedule.

    Secretary’s Report - Sarah Hubbard

    The Secretary is collecting current copies of both electronic files and hard copies available at the club, at the printer’s, and through several Ex Com officers. She currently has editable electronic files for the operating rules and windsurfing tests. If you have electronic files for any other club documents, or if you are capable of reading WordStar documents and saving as MS Word, then contact her at secretary@cal-sailing.org. She would also like to organize printed materials in the clubhouse to minimize unnecessary printing costs.

    The Secretary is updating the list of rating committee members. If you have compiled a list within the last 2 years, please email it to her at the above email address.

    The Secretary reported the following information provided by Alex Care re workman’s comp insurance: I understand, happily, that we are not responsible for Workman's Comp insurance for the next 12 months. However, in the event our exemption from the new UC Policy of requiring non-profits who use work-study students from having to pay Workers Comp is not continued, here's a rough idea of what we can expect: A yearly premium of $1,976.00, based on annual aggregate salary payments of $20,000. This quote was prepared for us by Ted Gingrich Gingrich Insurance Brokers, Inc. 414 13th Street, 6th Floor Oakland, CA 94612 (510) 663-3900 (510) 267-9339 Fax Some responsible person may want to keep this information on file. The other way to do this is to contact the State Compensation Fund directly... I don't know if there's a price difference. In any event, as Allan Champion and I can testify, it's a long, boring, silly process to arrange this. It took about 2 months to get the above quote. I asked Ted to keep the paperwork. Regards, Alex

    3. Senior Project of Laurent Coulloumme-Labarthe

    I’ve had time to observe the strengths and weaknesses of the club in the windsurfing section. It appears that lessons are the most important matter, because to make beginners enjoy windsurfing they need to go through a big first step: understand how the equipment works with the wind to be able to start from a point and come back to dock.

    As soon as a windsurfers know how to do that, that generate a lots of advantages for him/her, and for the club.

    The windsurfer will :

    - Get a feeling of safety, because he/she will know how to come back to the dock.

    - Get satisfaction of improvement and the desire to continue.

    - the fun of a windsurfing round trip.

    For the club :

    - That does improve the security and it avoids motor boat rescues.

    - It’s much better for the equipment (no risks of rocks crashing…)


    As soon as windsurfers know how to do that, they will be able to give advice to others and to share this knowledge in the way the club spirit is established.

    Unfortunately, to reach this level advice from others members is not enough, so beginners need a complete class, which explain them all the notions required to get to this stage.

    This 3 hour class will be composed of 3 steps:

    - How to rig (+ explanations of the consequences of different adjustments depending of the wind, the level, the windsurfer …) and how to carry and take care of the equipment.30 mns.

    - A 45 minutes theory lesson on the simulator (including winds notions, tacks ) to correct each of them and to make the others see what are the bad moves

    - A 90 minutes lesson on the water with an instructors teaching on a windsurf board (giving the opportunity to explain, correct and show at the same time, with the same equipment)

    In the spirit of the club, I am proposing to share my knowledge (I was instructor in France in windsurfing, diggings and on catamaran for 4 years in an international sailing school). I would be able to take care of those classes at 3 determined dates to accomplish my senior project, and to make that continue I will train Allan, Mike, and Art at the same time to give them the level to do it after me to make sure this project never ends !

    A motion was made to approve Laurent’s senior project proposal. The motion passed unanimously.

    4. Meeting Schedule Change

    Tabled until next meeting

    5. Rhodes Trailer

    Due to a concern about the safety and functionality of the Rhodes trailer, Saul obtained a quote to fix the trailer. Time and materials would be approximately $250. A new wheel and other necessary parts would bring the total to approximately $400.

    Saul motioned to approve $400 to repair the Rhodes trailer. Motion passed unanimously.

    6. Windsurfer Participation at Open House

    All windsurfers are encouraged to participate in Open House activities. Barbara will email list of suggestions to windsurfing listserve before next open house.

    7. Attitude

    Several members have recently made an issue of not following club rules. Ex Com discussed the importance of reinforcing club’s cooperative nature, the need to provide leadership through example, and provide education (especially to new and prospective members, but also to Day Leaders). Ex Com reiterated their support of Day Leaders’ decisions, and the need to provide both paid and volunteers Day Leaders with the information and support they need to perform their jobs effectively and enforce the rules consistently. Day Leaders and Ex Com will be less lax about rule enforcement and will put systems in place to better monitor equipment checkout system.

    A motion to allow free membership for volunteer Day Leaders who have contributed 10 hours of service passed unanimously.

    8. Racing Schedule Proposal

    I would like to ask ExComm to approve the following change in the Sunday racing schedule:

    On 2 Sundays in the remainder of June, the tide will be too low in the morning to go sailing, or even launch the skiff: June 16, and June 30. I would like to move dinghy racing to 5-8p on those 2 Sundays (i.e. high tide). So as not to negatively impact other sailing club activities, I will add these provisos: 1) We would leave at least 2 sailable Jr skipper dinghies, i.e., Lidos or Precisions for any day sailors who come down after 5p. 2) In the absence of a dayleader (volunteer or paid), the race committee would act as DL so the club can remain open for sailing. 3) The racing skippers would help the DL in hoisting in the skiff, and closing up for the day. Sunset is at about 830pm on both of these dates. None of these dates are an Open House.

    Saul reported that evening racing last Sunday went reasonably well. Motion to approve proposed racing schedule passed with 4 in favor, 1 opposed and 1 abstention. Friendly amendment: Set start sequence / line in reasonable way to leave room for dock departures. Note to Day Leaders: Please let windsurfers know when races are in progress.

    Meeting adjourned. Next meeting is June 20, 2002.

    2002.05.23 - Excom

    Thursday May 23, 2002

    Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Matthias Roschke (1st Vice Commodore), Barbara Knox (2nd Vice Commodore), Nick Chou (Port Captain), Sarah Hubbard (Secretary)

    - Saul motioned to instate all newly elected officers officially into the Executive Committee. Motion was seconded by Barbara and passed unanimously.

    Meeting adjourned and reopened


    - Saul: Sees the Commodore position as that of a liaison, both with club neighbors (Cal Adventures, etc.) and for within Ex Com. Assumes that Ex Com officers are in charge of their respective areas and wants to know how he can help make things run smoothly given each of our limitations. Wants to see the club run according to the operating rules. Weekends are his time for the club. He plans to continue teaching and racing.

    - Matthias: Given his long commute, he will primarily work on weekends to maintain dinghies and skiff, with much help from Ed S. and Peter K. Wants others to cover for him when he is not around.

    - Barbara: Together with Trumpton she brings the voice of windsurfers to Ex Com, and ensures that the windsurfing program runs smoothly. Vince will continue helping with equipment maintenance. She also wants to improve relations between sailors and windsurfers. Given her schedule she is likely to be found at the club every other weekend.

    - Nick: Will depend on his deputies for the day-to-day operation of the club. Is interested in recruiting new dayleaders from work-study and from club membership (especially windsurfers). Would like to make the recruitment process run more smoothly by scheduling lessons and having written instructions available.

    - Sarah: Wants to help members stay aware of Ex Com activities and decisions and to help the Club maintain its link to the community through keeping print materials up to date and available. Will typically be at the club on weekends. Asks Ex Com officers and others to email reports and announcements at least a day before Ex Com meetings.


    2nd Vice Commodore’s Report

    New windsurfing novice boards are in and missing sails have been recovered. Art (a CSC member) is providing Saturday morning lessons at 10 AM. Novice rigging test is no longer required (self-rescue and written test are required). Rigging has been made part of Junior test.

    Discussion: Part of windsurfing rigging test was the equipment checkout process, launching a boat from the dock, carrying the sail, etc. Perhaps this should become part of the self-rescue test? Can Dayleaders supervise the self-rescue test (particularly nonwindsurfers)? Barbara will talk to Bill P. about this, as he is revamping the novice windsurfing written test.

    Rear Commodore’s Report

    The Rear Commodore would like to thank Robert Hugel for his successful fast-trak class held earlier in May. This fast-trak was Robert's senior project, part of which included the requirement that he find another person to organize and run another fast-trak class. This was successful, as Robert found another willing senior candidate, Nick Chou, to volunteer to run a fast-trak class in June. This class is pending approval, dates and details will be announced shortly.

    The Rear Commodore would like to recognize the few senior and cruising skippers who regularly volunteer their time teaching Wednesday night keelboat lessons. The hard work and dedication of two teachers in particular, is noteworthy in this regard. Thanks to Chris Havel and Peter Baczek, both of whom have been regular Wednesday night instructors for years.

    The Rear Commodore wants to encourage all club members who want to see the club stay open every day throughout the summer season to be trained as a volunteer dayleader. Volunteer dayleaders will be needed all summer long to supplement the shortage of work-study hired dayleaders.

    There will now be regularly scheduled volunteer dayleading training sessions held every Sunday afternoon at 2pm, unless otherwise noted. Please attend these trainings and then get signed off as a volunteer dayleader.

    The special clinic series will continue throughout the remainder of May and through June. The schedule is not yet set for the month of July, but classes will be announced as they are scheduled.

    May 25 Capsize Class 2pm w/Peter Kuhn

    May 26 Open House

    June 1 JY clinic w/Ben Pink 2pm

    June 2 Woman's clinic 2:30pm

    June 8 "Another Sparcraft Moment" (what happens when the mast fails, and other emergencies) Class 2pm with Ed Shirk

    June 15th Windsurfing Fundamentals Class 2pm with Barbara Knox and Dave McFarlane

    June 22nd Advanced Laser/Byte Sailing Class 2pm (instructor TBA)

    June 29th TBA

    July 13th Hypothermia and first-aid Class 2pm (instructors Bob Hood and Rebecca Hausman)


    Some Ex Com members have expressed an interest in changing meetings to weekends. Possibility of alternating Thursdays and Sundays was discussed. Because it involves all members, Saul prefers to vote next meeting (when more officers will be present), and to require a unanimous vote. Saul motioned to table the decision until next meeting, seconded by Sarah and approved unanimously.


    Racing chair Ed Corbett’s proposal:

    On 3 Sundays in June, the tide will be too low in the morning to go sailing, or even launch the skiff: June 2, June 16, and June 30.

    I would like to move dinghy racing to 5-8pm on those 3 Sundays (i.e. high tide).

    So as not to negatively impact other sailing club activities, I will add these provisos:

    1) We would leave at least 2 sailable Jr. skipper dinghies, for any day sailors who come down after 5pm.

    2) In the absence of a dayleader (volunteer or paid), the race committee would act as DL so the club can remain open for sailing.

    3) The racing skippers would help the DL in hoisting in the skiff, and closing up for the day.

    Arguments in favor (provided by Ed C.):

    -By 5 pm, the wind is usually abating, and activity is starting to wind down at the dock; and in theory, skippers will be trying to "sell" their boats.

    -It will allow racing on 3 dates that would otherwise be lost from the spring/summer series. I regard this to be somewhat experimental to see how many people actually will show up at these times; and hopefully this time might attract more participation from those who can't make Sunday mornings, as well as give more crewing opportunities. I am planning to contact Malu, and see if she wants to coordinate this with Laser racing.

    -Sunset is at about 8:30pm on all 3 of these dates.

    -None of these dates is an Open House.

    Saul motioned to approve the proposal with the following friendly amendments:

    - If no dayleader is scheduled, an additional racing officer is needed to cover the club house and dayleading responsibilities.

    - Change in start time approved for one (1) Sunday trial (June 2), which will be reviewed and discussed during the following Ex Com meeting (Thursday, June 6). Change in racing time for remaining dates will be discussed at that time.

    - Two (2) lidos will need to be available for day sailing (match racing may be required).

    - Saul will talk to racing officers/racers about safety concerns (particularly of windsurfers in novice area and those launching from or returning to the dock).

    Motion with friendly amendments passed unanimously.


    Nick Chou proposes coordinating a combined Junior and Senior Skipper Fast-Trak Class

    The benefits and advantages of this hybrid class are: A. That it will be a new attempt to have a senior-wanna-be fast track. B. The junior rated students taking part in the senior fast track can back up the junior fast track instructors. C. If the wind is strong enough at the end of the fast track (Friday), the senior instructors will be available for those who are ready for their Junior rating test. Junior and Senior Fast-Track Sailing Class Hello! If you are an eager and dedicated sailing student, wanting to prepare yourself for your junior or senior rating and a wild summer filled with wind and waves, please consider signing up for this fun and exciting hybrid class! Introduction:

    A fast-trak class is meant to give novice students a week, and junior students 3 days of intensive training to rapidly enhance their skills and confidence and prepare them for their junior or senior rating. When:

    Junior FT-June 17th~21st. Mon.-Fri 5pm - 8pm

    Senior FT-June 17th, 19th, 21st (Mon, Wed, Fri) and/or 18th, 20th, 21st (Tue, Thu, Fri) 5pm -8pm two groups in a 3-day course. Qualifications:

    a. must commit to 5(junior FT) or 3(senior FT) evenings. b. must have passed the written test c. must have passed the rigging test d. must have done at least 2 hours of work Instructors: Friendly, reliable & able Juniors and Seniors kind enough to volunteer. Notes of interest: *Sunset on June 17th is 8.33pm. * The tides in this whole week will be in the class's favor. * The club will ensure that the fast track class has the first priority to use the boats for the lessons. Course of practice:

    Club rules, safety, rigging, launching Identifying wind direction and points of sail, Luffing and filling sails, steering control Holding a steady course on all points of sail, Coming about, jibing, circles around a mark Slow sailing, person over-board, sailing backward, docking, heaving to, anchoring, reefing, capsizing

    Rudderless sailing (Senior FT only) The progression of the class will depend on the comfort, skills and inclination of the students. All students who are interested are encouraged to contact me. There will be limited space, so plan ahead and don't delay. Nick Chou 650-245-5443 nerd528@hotmail.com

    Barbara motioned to accept the proposal. Motion was approved unanimously.


    Due to a concern about the safety and functionality of the Rhodes trailer, Saul obtained a quote to fix the trailer. Time and materials would be approximately $250. A new wheel and other necessary parts would bring the total to approximately $400.

    Saul motioned to approve $400 to repair the Rhodes trailer. Motion failed with 2 in favor and 3 abstaining.


    It was brought to Ex Com’s attention that an operating rule change that was approved at the October 18, 2001 Executive Committee meeting was not incorporated into the recently approved operating rules. The change is as follows:


    13. During Open Houses, Open House activities take priority over day sailing. Rated skippers and windsurfers may day sail during Open House periods only if they are not needed to give rides or demonstrations or otherwise assist with the Open House, and they may day sail only with the permission of the Dayleader. Club members may not sign up for Open House rides. Open House rides and the prohibition on day sailing will continue until all members of the public who signed up prior to the closing time for sign ups have been given a ride.

    A motion was made to incorporate the above change into the operating rules, as intended. The motion passed unanimously.

    Meeting was adjourned.

    2002.05.16 - Excom

    Thursday May 16, 2002

    Ex-comm minutes May 15th

    Present: Bill Printzmetal, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice commodore; Matthias Roschke, First Vice; Seth Clarke, Third Vice; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; David Reichmuth, Port Captain; Karen Huff, Secretary.

    $300 was approved for Josh?s already approved Sr project to build a windsurfing repair area and changing rooms in the yard.

    Money previously approved for Seth to renovate the changing room was rescinded.

    Ben Pink moved that we invest $30 for signage prohibiting smoking in the clubhouse. It was approved 6 to 1.

    Peter Kuhn requested and was granted $400 for Precision mast repair.

    2002.05.15 - General

    Wednesday May 15, 2002

    General Membership Meeting May 15th

    commodores report:

    The (past) commodore ran on a platform to accomplish 8 things during his term: 1. Buy 1 P15 2. Buy 5 new novice windsurfing boards 3. Build new tool shed/changing rooms (with locker) in the yard 4. Sail inventory for boats 6. E Mail newsletter Floating bottle 7. Try to even out revenue stream by encouraging early spring memberships. 8. Up date rule book.

    All of these goals were accomplished except #3.

    The Treasurers report A detailed account was presented including the Profit and Loss statement and Fixed Assets accounts. A summary is: Revenue 104150.82 Expenses -95590.54 Net Change +8560.28

    1st vice commodore's report

    Thanks to Ed, Greg, Peter, and a lot of other dedicated volunteers we are in relatively good shape dinghy-wise:

    1) All of the lidos now have foam flotation.

    2) The new centerboard cassette system has been installed in most of the lidos.

    3) We currently have 6 operational lidos.

    4) We have 3 working JYs

    5) We now have 1 operational P15 and onother one which soon will be.

    6) The 470 requires continuing TLC.

    7) The rhodes 19 is operational, and has had some improvements performed on the mast and has gotten new sheets. It still requires some overhaul of the deck hardware, some fiberglass work, and a paint job (as does the trailer).This might make a good senior project.

    8) Malu, the laser/byte chair, is considering putting paddles and possibly small folding anchors on all of the lasers and bytes.

    Once again, I would like to thank everyone who has helped keep our dinghies afloat. This club could not work without you. Have fun sailing this summer!

    Third Vice Commodore Report May 15, 2002

    Boat Status: Ensigns: Huey, Dewey, and Louie are operational. Dewey ? After the standing rigging was replaced and the mast re-stepped, the rigging was tuned. Thanks Saul for providing your expertise.

    Work on the Dry-docked Nenya continues by 3 seniors candidates. We are hoping to get this boat in the water in the next month or two.

    Commanders: Daisy & Donald - Both boats are operational.

    Senior key were change a few months ago. Most senior have new keys. If you need a new one please see me after the meeting.

    There are Keel Boat opportunities for senior candidates to fulfill their project requirements. Please contact me if you if you would like some suggestions.

    Thanks Seth Clark CSC Third Vice Commodore

    Vice Commodore's report:

    Thanks to all who helped out with the Berkeley Bay Festival. We gave Rides to 140 people which was down about 100 from the previous year. We probably gave more rides than any group except Hornblower.

    We are working with the Berkeley YMCA for their summer program to give ridesto their groups. Keelboat skippers are needed during business hours.

    Open houses are going strong for this season. Many thanks to Brandon Gates,Social Chair, for his work on the food and Alex Case, Advertising Chair, for bringing the hordes to our doorstep. Allan Champion

    Elections were held, The new Ex-comm consists of:

    Commodore: Saul Schumsky

    Vice commodore: Allan Champion

    1st Vice: Matthias Roschke

    2nd Vice: Barabara Knox

    3rd Vice: Seth Clark

    Rear Commodore: Ben Pink

    Port Captain: Nick Chou

    Secretary: Sarah Hubbard Treasurer: Paul Herzmark

    2002.05.09 - Excom

    Thursday May 09, 2002

    EX-Comm Minutes May 9th 2002

    Present were Bill Printzmetal, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthias Roschke, First Vice; Trumpton Mac Farland, Second Vice: Seth Clark, Third Vice; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; David Reichmuth, Port Captain; Karen Huff, Secretary; Paul Herzmark, Treasurer.

    Last minutes were accepted.

    Port captain David Reichmuth reported that, because we employ no other paid staff, we were eligible for exemption to paying worker?s comp for one year, which he applied for and received.

    Kent Moriarity?s Sr Project to fix the lights on the Ensigns was approved on the condition that he do it in consultation with the Third Vice. $725 was approved for the project.

    Dominique Barthel was granted permission to take one club Kayak out of the area for the weekend.

    Ben proposed the following operating rule changes, which were approved:

    XI. CLUB RATINGS · "Advanced Dinghy Skippers are expected to assume a leadership role in the Club and contribute significantly to such club activities as giving lessons, providing maintenance, and giving Junior Skipper tests."

    Change to: "Advanced Dinghy Skippers are expected to assume a leadership role in the Club and contribute significantly to such club activities as giving lessons, volunteer dayleading, providing maintenance, and giving Junior Skipper tests." ·

    "Senior Skippers must, to retain these privileges, assume a leadership role in the Club, and contribute significantly to such club activities as lessons and maintenance, and giving Junior Skipper tests."

    Change to: "Senior Skippers must, to retain these privileges, assume a leadership role in the Club, and contribute significantly to such club activities as lessons and maintenance, volunteer dayleading, and giving Junior Skipper tests." ·

    "The Junior-Plus Windsurfer rating does not increase the allowable sailing area for a member. The Junior-Plus Windsurfer is still restricted to sailing within the Junior Sailing Area."

    Change to: "Junior-Plus Windsurfers are expected to contribute to such club activities as lessons, maintenance, and volunteer dayleading . The Junior-Plus Windsurfer rating does not increase the allowable sailing area for a member. The Junior-Plus Windsurfer is still restricted to sailing within the Junior Sailing Area." ·

    "Senior Windsurfers must, to retain these privileges, assume a leadership role in the Club, and contribute significantly to such club activities as lessons and maintenance, and giving windsurfing tests."

    Change to: "Senior Windsurfers must, to retain these privileges, assume a leadership role in the Club, and contribute significantly to such club activities as lessons, maintenance, volunteer dayleading, and giving windsurfing tests.

    Edits for clarity to the Operating Rules were accepted.

    Payam Zarehbin?s Sr Project, to get the city to install bike racks at CSC was accepted. He succeeded in getting the city to do this at no expense to the club.

    Allan Champion and Ben Pink were added to the rating committee for keel boats and dinghies.

    Don Mc Phearson was added to the rating committee for keelboats.

    Isabella La Rocha was added to the rating committee for windsurfing

    2002.04.25 - Excom

    Thursday April 25, 2002

    CSC EXCOMM Minutes April 25, 2002 Members present were Bill Printzmetal. Commodore; Alan Champion, Vice commodore; Trumpton Mc Farland, Second Vice; Seth Clark, Third Vice, Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; David reichmuth, Port Captain; Karen Huff, Secretary; Paul Herzmark, Treasurer.

    Vice Commodore?s Report

    An application has been submitted to State Compensation Insurance Fund but they are requesting loss history info. The port captain is working with work study to get this info and see if we can be granted a waiver.

    I met with Patty Donald this evening and we are set for the Berkeley Bay Festival this Saturday, 4/27. We'll be giving rides to the public from noon until 4:30 at K dock by the harbormaster's office. Come on out and help your club!

    Allan Champion

    rear commodores report 4.25.02

    The rear commodore would like to thank all those who have been teaching lessons on a regular basis.

    A reminder: teaching lessons can count either as work credit or lesson credit. Teach 10 lesson hours in quarter and earn a free membership. Teach 20 lesson hours in a quarter and receive a free membership and a CSC instructors hat (or a CSC windsurfing T-shirt for windsurfing instructors).

    Please volunteer to daylead. The club will suffering from a shortage of dayleaders, especially during the month of may. Please contact the rear commodore for info on being trained as a volunteer dayleader. Volunteer dayleading 10 hours in a quarter will earn a free membership.

    The special clinic series is running strong. The callendar will be updated on a regular basis. Stay tuned.

    May 4 Seminar on Docking and Close Quarter's Sailing 2:00pm w/Allan Champion

    May 5 Woman's clinic 1 PM (Registration, sail theory) For information, contact Beth at b_burstein@yahoo.com

    May 11 Seminar on sailing instruction (Saul Schumsky) 2pm

    May 12 Open house

    May 13 to May 17 Fast Track for sailing. For information, contact Robert Hugel at rhugel@hotmail.com

    May 18 Laser Clinic 2pm w/Ben Pink

    May 19 Woman's clinic 2:30

    May 25 Capsize Class 2pm w/Peter Kuhn

    May 26 Open House

    June 1 Topics on sailing instruction with Jolanda De Boer (tentative) 2pm

    June 2 Woman's clinic 2:30

    June 8 "Another Sparcraft Moment" (what to do in a dismasting, and other emergencies) with Ed Shirk 2pm

    June 15 Special Windsurfing Clinic TBA with Dave McFarlane and others TBA

    More TBA including another FAST TRAK sometime in June

    Agenda Items

    $75 for a one time barbeque expense for the Women?s Sailing Program was approved unanimously.

    The budget was approved with one abstention

    Bill and Karen are still working on the rule book update

    General Membership meeting has been changed to May 15th so the cook can cook.

    UC Berkeley may exempt us from carrying workman?s comp. Allan has submitted the application

    Bay Festival volunteers should show up around 10:30 to rig and find parking.

    Seth is working on the sail inventory.

    We are short day leaders in May. Dave will post dates people are needed on the list and at the club.

    Permission for Barbara Knox to take her four year old son with proper safety gear and under her supervision with permission of the skipper on a club boat for the Marina Bay cruise was unanimously approved.

    Two senior project requests were tabled until the candidates could attend.

    2002.04.11 - Excom

    Thursday April 11, 2002

    CSC EXCOMM Minutes April 11, 2002

    Officers present: Bill Printzmetal, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore: Matthias Roschke 1st Vice Commodore; Barabara Knox, 2nd Vice; Seth Clark, 3rd Vice; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; David Reichmuth, Port Captain; Karen Huff, Secretary; Paul Herzmark, Treasurer.

    Vice Commodore?s report, 4/11/02

    Our spring ?02 advertising campaign is well on it?s way. With ads coming out in Latitude 38, the East Bay Express, The Daily Cal, Craig?s List, the San Francisco Chronicle and free public service announcements among others. All thanks to our Advertising Chair, Alex Case, the right man for the job.

    Tomorrow we deliver printed CSC material to Ward Latimer of America True to hand out at their booth at the Pacific Sail Expo, largest sailboat show on the west coast. Show at Jack London Square in Oakland from 4/17 through 4/21.

    Our spring Open House season is set to begin this Sunday, 4/13 with Brandon Gates, our social chair, skippering the BBQ. With our advertising and boat show handouts expect this open house season to awash in customers. Come out and take someone sailing.

    We are still looking into Workers Compensation Insurance for work/study dayleaders. Expect State Compensation Insurance Fund (a state agency)to be the only viable insurer for such a small organization. They are slow to respond to our queries.

    Allan Champion

    Treasurer's report

    As of 4/7/02 we have $ 5642.12 in the checking account $48205.40 in the regular money market account $49015.40 in the Dinghy replacement fund

    We received $100 from an anonymous donor for the Dinghy replacement fund.

    We have been penalized $620 by the IRS for not filling out our tax forms.

    I will work hard to keep that sort of waste from happening again. I am already making good progress improving the financial records of the club.

    We do not yet have prices for workman?s comp. Because we are a small operation we may well have to go through State Fund and they are very slow in responding.

    We have to pay $620 in fines to the IRS for past late filings of taxes. The Chronicle ad, $609, which Alex had already paid for out of pocket, was approved, with Bill, Allan, Matthias, Barbara, Seth, Ben and Karen in favor and Dave opposed .

    Dave has purchased the Port Captain supplies he requested approval for at a prior meeting.

    Alex Case?s Sr Project, serving as advertising chair without membership compensation was approved unanimously.

    Joshua Posamentier?s Sr Project, to build a sailboard repair area and contiguous windsurfing rigging area was unanimously approved.

    Brandon Gates? Sr project to inventory dinghy parts and sources was approved, with Allan, Matthias, Barbara, Ben, David and Karen in favor, Bill opposed and Seth and Paul abstaining.

    Revised copy of the rule book will start with scanning the minutes for changes made in the past two years. Karen will research and report back within one month.

    Windsurfing and dinghy repair budget suggestions were tabled in lieu og budget information.

    Barbara moved that Art Locht, a jr plus rated windsurfer, be allowed to give jr windsurfing tests. The proposal passed with Bill, Allan, Matthias, Barbara, Seth, Ben, David, and Karen in favor and Paul abstaining.

    Sypko gave a report on membership figures for the last two years, which seem fairly stable, with a total of 1533 memberships purchased in 2000 and 1557 in 2001; we do not know how many of these were quarterly renewals.

    Sypko, who is both membership chair and cruising chair, will be out of the country for several weeks. Excomm unanimously approved his choices of Dominique Barthel to serve as temporary cruising chair and Tara Ellman to serve as temporary membership chair in his absence.

    Windsurfing sails came to $134 more than budgeted; the extra amount was unanimously approved.

    2002.03.28 - Excom

    Thursday March 28, 2002

    Officers present

    Bill Printzmetal, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthias Roscke, First Vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, Second Vice Commodore; Seth Clark, Third Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; David Reichmuth, Port Captain; Karen Huff, Secretary; Paul Herzmark, Treasurer.

    Subject: Commodore's report

    The Commodore asked for an executive member to find information of workman's comp and also help Dave Reichmuth with preparing the contract with work study. Allan Champion agreed to find out about workman's comp and report back to us. He also agreed to help Dave with the contract. (Note: The University of California will require nonprofit organizations to supply their own workman's compensation insurance beginning with the next contract. The head of work study told us that this was going to happen when he visited the club in February.)

    The commodore asked for clarification for the training and use of volunteer day leaders. The rear commodore (Ben Pink) agreed to be responsible for training volunteer day leaders, and the Port Captain (Dave Reichmuth) will schedule volunteer day leaders. The message is, if you would like to be trained, see Ben. If you would like to serve, see Dave.

    The Commodore announce that Saturday (March 30) he was going to do a aluminum re-cycling project and asked for help. (132 lbs of aluminum was recycled).

    The Commodore announced that he had prepared an electronic version of the current Operating Rules book and suggested that in the near future we begin to set in motion a procedure to up date it to reflect changes in the rules over the past several years. The Commodore asked for help for a dinghy sail inventory Saturday morning, April 6.

    1st vice commodores report

    Thanks to the wonderful work done by some very dedicated volunteers, particularly Greg and Ed, much has been accomplished.

    We currently have 5 Lidos running and 3 out for repairs/upgrades. Most of the Lidos now have foam floatation under the seats, additional floatation in the bow is planned, but will have to wait until the mast beams (and chain plates) have been reinforced. Centerboard trunk repairs have been done on 5 of the Lidos, three still need to be done.

    Various centerboard cassettes designs are being tried out to address the centerboard trunk weakness in a more permanent fashion. It will be necessary to have several work days / work parties in the near future. Unfortunately these depend on good weather (especially for painting and fiberglass work), and cannot be planned to far in advance at this time. Once again, thank to all of the people who put in their time and efforts in order to keep our dinghy fleet running. This club could never work without you.
    Matthias Roschke -1st vice commodore

    Rear Commodore's Report

    The rear commodore would like to thank all those who have been teaching regularly every Saturday. We still need regular teachers for Monday and Thursday afternoons. If you can make it to teach on those days, let the rear commodore know. As a reminder, if you teach 10 lesson hours in a quarter, you earn a free quarters membership. Also, if you teach 20 lesson hours in a quarter, you earn a free CSC instructor hat.

    The special clinic series is going strong. Classes are scheduled generally on Saturday afternoons. Look for the schedule in the upcoming newsletter. Thanks to those who have taught great clinics so far.

    We have a sailing fast-trak and a womens? program coming up. Please contact the rear commodore for more info on these programs.

    Other Items

    David Grant requested permission for his daughter, Emily Grant, 14, to join under his supervision. Permission was unanimously granted.

    Motor Chair Peter Kuhn reported that all motors are running and requested a $1,000 operating budget to keep them running, which was unanimously approved.

    Seth made a motion to allot $450 for repair of the changing room (repair may include relocation). Bill, Matthias, Barbara, Seth, Ben, David and Karen voted in favor, Allan and Paul abstained.

    Allan has arranged the BYC facilities for a general membership meeting on May 21st, at 7pm, with kitchen access from 3pm.

    Bill made a motion to allot up to $1100 for 7 sails (lightly used) requested by the windsurfing committee, to be spent before June 1. Bill, Matthias, Barbara, Seth, Ben, David and Karen voted in favor; Paul and Allan abstained.

    David requested $1000 for Port Captain supplies consisting of 2 sets of foulies for dayleaders, a good waterproof radio and binoculars, whistles and killcords. Bill, Allan, Matthias, Barbara, Seth, Ben, David, and Karen voted in favor. Paul abstained. Malu volunteered to go look at a Sunfish to see if we should accept it as a donation. Bill requested permission to lead a dinghy trip to Marina Bay April 28th, which was granted unanimously.


    Ashby Shoal Breakfast

    Ashby Shoal Breakfast set for June 15th with permission to take dinghies out of Junior area was approved unanimously.

    Will Lowe presented a detailed purchase proposal for a Catalina Capri 14.2 at a total cost of $5,828.39 including everything with a 5% contingency. A motion was introduced, but tabled until April 11th at the Port Captain?s suggestion to allow time to see what our budget will look like including workman?s comp costs. It may be tabled past that date if the figures are not yet available.

    Ben introduced a motion to adjourn which was passed unanimously.

    2002.03.14 - Excom

    Thursday March 14, 2002
    CSC Excomm Minutes March 14th Present: Bill Printzmetal, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthais Roschke, First Vice Commodore, Barbara Knox, Second Vice, Seth Clark, Third Vice, Ben Pink, Rear Commodore, Karen Huff, Secretary Rear Commodore?s Report 3/14/02 The rear commodore is pleased to announce that the special clinic lecture series is in full swing, with classes scheduled every other Saturday through the remainder of March and through April. A schedule is being created for the month of May as I write. The calendar of classes is as follows: March 16: JY15 Clinic with Bill Prinzmetal (2pm) March 30: Spinnaker Clinic with Jan Crosbie-Taylor (2pm) _____________________________________________________________ April 6: Racing Rules/tactics class with Ed Corbett (2pm) April 20: (sailing related) WEATHER class with Sypko Andreae (2pm) _____________________________________________________________ May 4: Docking/close quarters boat handling class with Allan Champion (2pm) May 5: Woman's Sailing clinic 1 PM (Registration, sail theory) _____________________________________________________________ May 13 to May 17 Fast Track for sailing. For information, contact Robert Hugel at rhugel@hotmail.com More Classes TBA. All times are Saturdays at 2pm unless otherwise noted. The only classes requiring advanced registration are the women?s program (contact Beth Burstein) Due to the recorded protest vote at the last excomm meeting, the secretary asked the second vice commodore if she had felt in any way pressured or been asked to trade votes or support on issues. She had not. Dominique Barthel was granted permission for a private cruise Sat March 30th to Sunday April 1st , taking one Commander to Angel Island. he has fulfilled all requirements. Ben Pink abstained from the vote on this; all other members were in favor. Sarah Carrol and Beth Burstein proposed a joint Senior project of organizing and running a Women?s Sailing Program. It was unanimously approved. Allan Champion was approved by email by all ex-comm members to fill the vacant vice commodore?s post. This was confirmed. Alex Case was unanimously appointed as advertising chair. Brandon gates was unanimously appointed as BBQ chair for open houses. Also unanimously approved was a budget of up to $100 per BBQ for food, etc. An advertising budget of $5,000 was unanimously approved, with a friendly amendment that more can be requested if necessary, This covers our advertising in Latitude, East Bay Express and Daily Cal. Peter Kuhn requested and was unanimously granted $1000 for motor repairs. Work will begin on preparing the budget for the next fiscal year, which must be presented for excomm?s approval prior to April 15th. Vince advised that windsurfing will need 5 to 7 new sails, which he believes can be obtained for under $200 each, very slightly used. A subcommittee on revision with updates of the operating rules will also be formed at the next meeting. A proposal for a Catalina will be considered if anyone from the C14 committee is able to appear with a proposal.

    2002.02.27 - Excom

    Wednesday February 27, 2002
    CSC EX- Comm Minutes February 27th Note: Officers? Reports for this date are included in the Minutes for the General Membership Meeting. Note: The secretary has been informed via email that due to procedural requirements of Robert?s Rules of Order (revised) regarding who may and may not re-introduce issues it is necessary to record who proposes and seconds motions and who votes how, as well as high points of discussion /debate by whom. The secretary will attempt to comply with this requirement beginning at the March 14th Ex-Comm meeting. Please expect meetings to take a bit longer. Members present: Bill Printzmetal, Commodore; Marceline Therrien, Vice Commodore; Matthias Roschke, First Vice Commodre; Seth Clark, Third Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; David Riechmuth, Port Captain; Karen Huff, Secretary. Trumpton Mac Farland, as proxy for Barbara Knox, Second Vice, arrived late and participated only in the vote to approve the new treasurer. 1. Motion submitted by email by Barbara Knox and introduced by Bill Printzmetal to allot an additional $2,000 to the $2,000 already allotted to purchase beginner windsurfing boards (Hy Flite novice boards) and accessories. This would pay for 5 boards at $3655 including tax (wholesale pricing) plus tape, etc. This was approved 6 to 1. Marceline Therrien cast the opposing vote and asked that it be recorded as a protest vote due to her personal belief that votes had been traded at the last ex-comm meeting. 2. The secretary logged the protest vote along with a request that the issue be discussed at the next meeting. 3. Ben Pink made a motion to rescind approval for seeking acquisition of a Catalina, since we had purchased the second Precision and many members seemed opposed to buying more boats. The measure was defeated. Votes were 2 in favor, 4 opposed and 1 abstention. 4. Paul Herzmark was unanimously accepted as treasurer beginning after Bernard?s official resignation this evening.

    2002.01.27 - General

    Wednesday February 27, 2002
    Minutes, General Membership Meeting Feb 27 Commodore's Report Feb. 2002 When I became commodore, I ran on a platform of 8 items. I would like to report on the progress on the platform items. 1. Buy 1 or 2 P15's o We have ordered 1 more P15 o We are also pursuing other options: 1. Malu is negotiating for the purchasing of one Catalina 14.2. The Executive Committee has voted to encourage this endeavor. 2. A newly energized fundraising effort has begun with the guidance of Heather Stewart. 2. Buy 5 new novice windsurfing boards o 5 boards will be ordered. Parts to rebuild 4 older novice boards have been ordered. 3. Build new tool shed in the yard. The current concept is to make the old too shed into changing rooms with lockers. o One club member, Michael, has researched some possible ready built sheds, but no action as yet has been taken. As we have lost some tools recently from the shed, this item becomes more important. 4. Sail inventory. Has not been done. 6. E Mail informational distributions to club members. (Replacement for floating bottle). o Has recently been approved by the Executive Committee. Volunteers are sought to run this publication. 7. Try to even out revenue stream in the following ways. Try to spread activities and advertising further in spring and fall. Encourage yearly memberships. o To accomplish both goals, a proposal will be voted on tonight to offer discount yearly memberships purchased before April 1. 8. Up date Operating Rules book. There have been two significant rule changes, allowing single handing in the JY 15 and allow junior tests in Lidos, the JY15, or Precision 15. However, the entire rule book needs to be revamped, as probably do the Windsurfing book and the Sailing book. I am having trouble locating the original word processing versions of the Operating Rule book and the Sailing book. If you have these, let me know. Every other department of the club (officer) has had significant achievements over the last few months. Remember, Sunday is Open House, it should be a great day to take people sailing. Please come and join the party. Bill Prinzmetal Vice Commodore?s Report The change to a new Open House schedule seems to be going smoothly, with 30-40 members of the public coming down for rides in January and February, which is on the high side for these months. Many thanks to the skippers who have given rides. Please write your names legibly on the sign up sheets so we can give credit where credit is due! The club owes a special thanks to Jerry Huff and Jennifer Kirkland for continuing to take on the huge task of preparing the dinners for our General Membership Meetings. (Note: Marceline presented Jennifer and Jerry with new aprons to much applause at this point.) I regret to inform the membership that I have decided to resign from the Vice Commodore position. I believe that after successfully managing the club in a productive manner for more than a year by working together as a team, Excomm is unfortunately entering a phase where decisions are once again being made in a contentious manner that does not serve the interests of the club. I am not willing to participate in a group that operates in this way, so I have offered my resignation, which has been enthusiastically accepted by the Commodore. Marceline Therrien Rear Commodores Report, 2/26/02 The rear commodore announces the start of a Special Clinic Seminar Series starting in March. These will be topic specific classes, seminar, lectures, or hands-on clinics on various aspects of sailing, windsurfing, and general maritime issues. This series will be in addition to regularly scheduled Saturday sailing lessons. Classes will be held every other Saturday starting this Saturday March 2nd . All classes will start at 2pm unless announced otherwise. All classes will be open to the general membership; you must be a current club member to participate. There will be no class size restrictions unless announced otherwise. Classes will be open to members of all ratings, however, please note that all normal operating rules apply to the boat clinics (ie, you must still be a junior sailor already to get a check-out on a JY15 for example). Classes will be announced at the clubhouse and online. The following is a list of classes scheduled for the month of March: Saturday March 2 Rhodes 19 Rigging/Sailing Class 2:00 pm Instructors Ben Pink and James Wai Saturday March 16 JY 15 Rigging/Sailing Class 2:00 pm Instructor Bill Prinzmetal March 30 Introduction to Spinnaker Work Clinic 2:00 pm Instructor Jan Crosbie-Taylor The schedule for April will be announced in mid March. Additionally, the rear commodore announces that a senior candidate, Robert Hugel, will be organizing a fast-trak intensive sailing course for the week of MAY 13th. For more information, please contact Robert at: rhugel@hotmail.com Instructors are needed for this fast-trak, again, please contact Robert if interested. The rear commodore hopes that this will be the first of several fast-trak courses offered early this season, so that many people will pass there junior tests and get a head start on teaching novices this summer. Second Vice Commodore?s Report Barbara and Vince decommissioned a number of old boards and cleaned out the windsurfing area. We have adequate universals for the next season. Third Vice commodore?s Report The Commodore and I induced ourselves to the Harbor Master. We had a pleasant introduction and exchanged contact information. The meeting has made ongoing issues easier to deal with. Boat Status: Ensigns: Huey, Dewey, Louie, Nina Huey, and Louie are operational Dewey - some repair work has been completed on the deck and seating ( thanks Paul) Dewey - Do not sail - Dewey's Mast was taken down over 6 months ago because of frayed rigging. After replacing the standing rigging the mast was raised a few weeks ago. The rigging still needs to be tuned and is awaiting someone who know how to tune it. Work on the Dry-docked Nina continues 2 seniors candidates and Chris H. are leading that effort. Commanders: Daisy & Donald Both boats are operational. Daisy has a new home next Donald at the end of J Dock A diver has been contacted to clean the bottoms of the Keel boats quarterly. The Senior key will be change soon. Most senior have new keys. If you need a new one please see me after the meeting. The locks will be changed as soon as I can get someone to help. It could be a good way to get a few hours of work credit with out having to inhale paint fumes. Finally, I would ask all those using the keel boats to participate in some additional maintenance. The Ensigns are in particular need. We could uses help identify projects, both small and large, organizing work parties, and assisting in ongoing maintenance. There are opportunities for senior candidates to fulfill their project requirements. Please contact me if you can help or find something that need done and do it! Thanks Seth Clark CSC Third Vice Commodore Port Captain?s report: 1) We started the year with 2 dayleaders. I hired 5 new dayleaders, but 1 quit before starting and 1 was ineligible. We currently have dayleaders for Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and we should have Friday and Sunday covered soon. I may be able to get someone for Tuesday, but Thursday is still open. Because it is very late in the school year, it will be difficult to find students that are still looking for a job and have any eligibility left. 2) I am looking for volunteers to help out. I would like to find someone to take over dayleader training, and I also could use some help with scheduling and organizing volunteer dayleaders. 3) I?d like to thank Peter Kuhn for organizing the repair of the clubhouse and the 25hp engine. I?d also like to thank David Fraser, James Wai, Andreas Nguyen and everyone else that have helped out with the new dayleaders. Secretary?s Report I wish to thank Wilder for getting the box of old CSC files together and getting them to me, as well as for all his other assistance. If anyone here is working on the website, I now have several CSC documents on disk that may be of use to you. The reason minutes are no longer being posted on the website is that since it changed I cannot get in to post them. I have emailed the webmaster about this problem, but it has not been resolved. I would like to briefly address the recent controversy over the purchase of the second P15. First, everyone has a right to disagree with each other, but I believe the public insults, cut-downs and accusations recently hurled at ex-comm are unjustified and unconscionable and no way to treat people who spend many hours of their time as volunteers trying to keep this club running. I thoroughly believe that the members who have stooped to these low tactics owe us all an apology. We had two teams of people spend a very long time researching both production and designed boats. We had presentations on options. The design choice was the Antrim, and the production choice was the Precision. We cannot at this time, afford a fleet of Antrims, and we can?t just get a couple. I wish we could. I?d like to drive a Jaguar, too, but if the money isn?t there, it isn?t. I have been on Ex-Comm for eight months and have listened to these issues debated at great length, with a result of no boats at all. We are a sailing club, and it is my belief that we need at least some reliable boats before summer, beyond continually patching Lidos. A fair number of people do not want to teach or sail in boats that are continuous problems. A lot of people like the Precision, but some members have had problems with it. Those folks favor the Catalina. Because of that, I am also in favor of getting a Catalina or two. I have personally voted consistently for adding new dinghies to our fleet. My personal ideal would be four new boats total to hold us while we do fundraising. I have not been pressured by anybody, it?s just common sense, and I thoroughly resent the assaults on our integrity. Thank you. Karen Huff Treasurer?s Report Note: I do not yet have a copy of Bernard?s report-This will be amended when I receive it. Bernard stated that he was resigning for personal, not political reasons. He stated that our insurance is paid currently, and that adequate money from the general fund has been transferred back into checking to cover expenses. Bernard also stated that he was one of the members absent when the second Precision was voted on, but had he been present, he would have voted in favor of it. OTHER BUSINESS Commodore Bill Printzmetal made a motion to offer a one-time annual membership discount until April 1st of $150. This was already approved by EX-Comm, and now needed approval of the general membership. The motion passed David Frazer announced the formation of a study group, Senior Hopefuls In Training. Contact David at teaclipper22@yahoo.com Ed Shirk introduced a motion to review/reverse Ex-comm?s decision to puchase a second P15. Discussion followed with about eight people expressing opinions limited to 5 minutes or less. Passage of this motion would require a ¾ vote of members present. The vote was 20 in favor, 13 opposed and 7 abstained, so the motion failed. Malu made a short presentation on the Catalina proposed. The boat would come with additional hull and deck laminate, reinforced cb with heavy gauge bracket and additional fasteners, reinforced rudder with wood tiller and Forespar hiking stick, bails on boom, hollow white rubber bumper on bow, additional hull flotation, chain plates through bolted to deck with aluminum backup plates and Nylox nuts, beefed-up hiking strap materials, no jib tracks, non-adjustable fairleads, no up-front storage (although a glove box like the Lidos but smaller is an option), cb control on the floor, deckcleat on bow, beefier mast. Still waiting for some other specs from Windtoys. Estimate, $4500 with sails plus $300 commissioning (required) $499 trailer, $200 freight. The next Ex-comm meeting is at the clubhouse at 7:30pm March 14th.

    2002.01.13 - Excom

    Wednesday February 13, 2002
    Minutes CSC Ex-comm February 13, 2002 Present: Bill Printzmetal, Commodore, Marceline Therrien, Vice Commodore, Matthias Roschke, 1st vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore; Seth Clark, 3rd vice Commodore; David Reichmuth, Port Captain; Karen Huff, Secretary. The Commodore reports that he, Barbara and Vince cleaned out the windsurfing area. The 2nd Vices will present a windsurfing budget proposal at the next meeting. The Vice Commodore reports that 36 people attended our last open house. The Second Vice reported 13 universals missing. It was determined that a member had 6 at his house for maintenance and 6 more were purchased. The Third Vice Commodore reported the mast is up on Dewey, but the boat is still not ready to sail. He also asked about bottom scrubbing as part of keelboat maintainance and was informed that it is already authorized as a quarterly expense. The Port Captain reports that we still have a shortage of dayleading staff on some days. Seth proposed a change in policy to allow any ex-comm member to authorize up to $250 in expenses without bringing it before ex-comm. The figure had been set at $100 for several decades, and, as Seth pointed out, most routine keelboat and other repairs now exceed that. The change was approved. Peter Kuhn requested a budget of up to $1000 for necessary repairs to the clubhouse. Saul Shumsky requested up to $500 for copies of the final antrim design. The request was approved. Marceline requested $715 for our annual advertising in Latitude 38. The request was approved. Ex-comm agreed to support an electronic newsletter (with a print copy available in the clubhouse for those who do not have email) provided someone is willing to put it together. this would be a more economical way to revive the deceased ?Floating Bottle?. Ex-comm also approves retaining Malu as the laser-byte chair if she wishes to continue. A budget of $6,000 for boat and $400 for trailer was approved for purchase of a second Precision 15, so that it could be delivered before summer. We are still looking for a good used Catalina. A motion to move the universals back into the clubhouse under the dayleader?s jurisdiction was passed. We were informed that our drill press is missing from the toolshed. Robert Huge?s senior project of organizing a fast track April 15th week and finding someone to organize the next fast track was approved. Greg Sweriduk?s senior project of organizing and providing instruction for two half-day workdays to stuff foam in Lidos was approved. Greg has already voluntarily foamed two boats himself. The General membership Meeting was set for Wednesday, February 27th.

    2002.01.04 - Excom

    Friday January 04, 2002

    CSC Minuutes January 4, 2002

    Present: Bill Prinzmetal, Commodore; Marcelinr Therrien, Vice Commodore: Matthias Roschke, First Vice; Seth Clark, Third Vice; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; David Reichmouth, Port Captain; Karen Huff, Secretary: Bernard Bouis, Traesurer.


    Bill and Seth met with the harbormaster. We will get the slip for Daisy, putting all club boats together. The room the Harbor Commission uses for meetings may be available to us.

    Seth has the new senior keys.

    Meetings will now be on the second and fourth Tuesdays, and begin at 7:30 after the next one.

    The next meeting will be January 24th at 7 at the clubhouse and the first part of it will be closed.

    Marceline is following up on the website update with Bill Mosley and Mike Fitzhugh.

    A motion was made to spend $6600 on a new Precision and dolly. Motion did not pass.

    An advisory motion was passed that the club is willing to consider buying a Catalina, preferably used, for up to $5,000.

    An advisory motion to look into fundraising was passed.

    Issues of a second vice were shelved until Trumpton and Barbara have a chance to talk about it.