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2002.01.13 - Excom

Wednesday February 13, 2002
Minutes CSC Ex-comm February 13, 2002 Present: Bill Printzmetal, Commodore, Marceline Therrien, Vice Commodore, Matthias Roschke, 1st vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore; Seth Clark, 3rd vice Commodore; David Reichmuth, Port Captain; Karen Huff, Secretary. The Commodore reports that he, Barbara and Vince cleaned out the windsurfing area. The 2nd Vices will present a windsurfing budget proposal at the next meeting. The Vice Commodore reports that 36 people attended our last open house. The Second Vice reported 13 universals missing. It was determined that a member had 6 at his house for maintenance and 6 more were purchased. The Third Vice Commodore reported the mast is up on Dewey, but the boat is still not ready to sail. He also asked about bottom scrubbing as part of keelboat maintainance and was informed that it is already authorized as a quarterly expense. The Port Captain reports that we still have a shortage of dayleading staff on some days. Seth proposed a change in policy to allow any ex-comm member to authorize up to $250 in expenses without bringing it before ex-comm. The figure had been set at $100 for several decades, and, as Seth pointed out, most routine keelboat and other repairs now exceed that. The change was approved. Peter Kuhn requested a budget of up to $1000 for necessary repairs to the clubhouse. Saul Shumsky requested up to $500 for copies of the final antrim design. The request was approved. Marceline requested $715 for our annual advertising in Latitude 38. The request was approved. Ex-comm agreed to support an electronic newsletter (with a print copy available in the clubhouse for those who do not have email) provided someone is willing to put it together. this would be a more economical way to revive the deceased ?Floating Bottle?. Ex-comm also approves retaining Malu as the laser-byte chair if she wishes to continue. A budget of $6,000 for boat and $400 for trailer was approved for purchase of a second Precision 15, so that it could be delivered before summer. We are still looking for a good used Catalina. A motion to move the universals back into the clubhouse under the dayleader?s jurisdiction was passed. We were informed that our drill press is missing from the toolshed. Robert Huge?s senior project of organizing a fast track April 15th week and finding someone to organize the next fast track was approved. Greg Sweriduk?s senior project of organizing and providing instruction for two half-day workdays to stuff foam in Lidos was approved. Greg has already voluntarily foamed two boats himself. The General membership Meeting was set for Wednesday, February 27th.