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2002.01.27 - General

Wednesday February 27, 2002
Minutes, General Membership Meeting Feb 27 Commodore's Report Feb. 2002 When I became commodore, I ran on a platform of 8 items. I would like to report on the progress on the platform items. 1. Buy 1 or 2 P15's o We have ordered 1 more P15 o We are also pursuing other options: 1. Malu is negotiating for the purchasing of one Catalina 14.2. The Executive Committee has voted to encourage this endeavor. 2. A newly energized fundraising effort has begun with the guidance of Heather Stewart. 2. Buy 5 new novice windsurfing boards o 5 boards will be ordered. Parts to rebuild 4 older novice boards have been ordered. 3. Build new tool shed in the yard. The current concept is to make the old too shed into changing rooms with lockers. o One club member, Michael, has researched some possible ready built sheds, but no action as yet has been taken. As we have lost some tools recently from the shed, this item becomes more important. 4. Sail inventory. Has not been done. 6. E Mail informational distributions to club members. (Replacement for floating bottle). o Has recently been approved by the Executive Committee. Volunteers are sought to run this publication. 7. Try to even out revenue stream in the following ways. Try to spread activities and advertising further in spring and fall. Encourage yearly memberships. o To accomplish both goals, a proposal will be voted on tonight to offer discount yearly memberships purchased before April 1. 8. Up date Operating Rules book. There have been two significant rule changes, allowing single handing in the JY 15 and allow junior tests in Lidos, the JY15, or Precision 15. However, the entire rule book needs to be revamped, as probably do the Windsurfing book and the Sailing book. I am having trouble locating the original word processing versions of the Operating Rule book and the Sailing book. If you have these, let me know. Every other department of the club (officer) has had significant achievements over the last few months. Remember, Sunday is Open House, it should be a great day to take people sailing. Please come and join the party. Bill Prinzmetal Vice Commodore?s Report The change to a new Open House schedule seems to be going smoothly, with 30-40 members of the public coming down for rides in January and February, which is on the high side for these months. Many thanks to the skippers who have given rides. Please write your names legibly on the sign up sheets so we can give credit where credit is due! The club owes a special thanks to Jerry Huff and Jennifer Kirkland for continuing to take on the huge task of preparing the dinners for our General Membership Meetings. (Note: Marceline presented Jennifer and Jerry with new aprons to much applause at this point.) I regret to inform the membership that I have decided to resign from the Vice Commodore position. I believe that after successfully managing the club in a productive manner for more than a year by working together as a team, Excomm is unfortunately entering a phase where decisions are once again being made in a contentious manner that does not serve the interests of the club. I am not willing to participate in a group that operates in this way, so I have offered my resignation, which has been enthusiastically accepted by the Commodore. Marceline Therrien Rear Commodores Report, 2/26/02 The rear commodore announces the start of a Special Clinic Seminar Series starting in March. These will be topic specific classes, seminar, lectures, or hands-on clinics on various aspects of sailing, windsurfing, and general maritime issues. This series will be in addition to regularly scheduled Saturday sailing lessons. Classes will be held every other Saturday starting this Saturday March 2nd . All classes will start at 2pm unless announced otherwise. All classes will be open to the general membership; you must be a current club member to participate. There will be no class size restrictions unless announced otherwise. Classes will be open to members of all ratings, however, please note that all normal operating rules apply to the boat clinics (ie, you must still be a junior sailor already to get a check-out on a JY15 for example). Classes will be announced at the clubhouse and online. The following is a list of classes scheduled for the month of March: Saturday March 2 Rhodes 19 Rigging/Sailing Class 2:00 pm Instructors Ben Pink and James Wai Saturday March 16 JY 15 Rigging/Sailing Class 2:00 pm Instructor Bill Prinzmetal March 30 Introduction to Spinnaker Work Clinic 2:00 pm Instructor Jan Crosbie-Taylor The schedule for April will be announced in mid March. Additionally, the rear commodore announces that a senior candidate, Robert Hugel, will be organizing a fast-trak intensive sailing course for the week of MAY 13th. For more information, please contact Robert at: Instructors are needed for this fast-trak, again, please contact Robert if interested. The rear commodore hopes that this will be the first of several fast-trak courses offered early this season, so that many people will pass there junior tests and get a head start on teaching novices this summer. Second Vice Commodore?s Report Barbara and Vince decommissioned a number of old boards and cleaned out the windsurfing area. We have adequate universals for the next season. Third Vice commodore?s Report The Commodore and I induced ourselves to the Harbor Master. We had a pleasant introduction and exchanged contact information. The meeting has made ongoing issues easier to deal with. Boat Status: Ensigns: Huey, Dewey, Louie, Nina Huey, and Louie are operational Dewey - some repair work has been completed on the deck and seating ( thanks Paul) Dewey - Do not sail - Dewey's Mast was taken down over 6 months ago because of frayed rigging. After replacing the standing rigging the mast was raised a few weeks ago. The rigging still needs to be tuned and is awaiting someone who know how to tune it. Work on the Dry-docked Nina continues 2 seniors candidates and Chris H. are leading that effort. Commanders: Daisy & Donald Both boats are operational. Daisy has a new home next Donald at the end of J Dock A diver has been contacted to clean the bottoms of the Keel boats quarterly. The Senior key will be change soon. Most senior have new keys. If you need a new one please see me after the meeting. The locks will be changed as soon as I can get someone to help. It could be a good way to get a few hours of work credit with out having to inhale paint fumes. Finally, I would ask all those using the keel boats to participate in some additional maintenance. The Ensigns are in particular need. We could uses help identify projects, both small and large, organizing work parties, and assisting in ongoing maintenance. There are opportunities for senior candidates to fulfill their project requirements. Please contact me if you can help or find something that need done and do it! Thanks Seth Clark CSC Third Vice Commodore Port Captain?s report: 1) We started the year with 2 dayleaders. I hired 5 new dayleaders, but 1 quit before starting and 1 was ineligible. We currently have dayleaders for Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and we should have Friday and Sunday covered soon. I may be able to get someone for Tuesday, but Thursday is still open. Because it is very late in the school year, it will be difficult to find students that are still looking for a job and have any eligibility left. 2) I am looking for volunteers to help out. I would like to find someone to take over dayleader training, and I also could use some help with scheduling and organizing volunteer dayleaders. 3) I?d like to thank Peter Kuhn for organizing the repair of the clubhouse and the 25hp engine. I?d also like to thank David Fraser, James Wai, Andreas Nguyen and everyone else that have helped out with the new dayleaders. Secretary?s Report I wish to thank Wilder for getting the box of old CSC files together and getting them to me, as well as for all his other assistance. If anyone here is working on the website, I now have several CSC documents on disk that may be of use to you. The reason minutes are no longer being posted on the website is that since it changed I cannot get in to post them. I have emailed the webmaster about this problem, but it has not been resolved. I would like to briefly address the recent controversy over the purchase of the second P15. First, everyone has a right to disagree with each other, but I believe the public insults, cut-downs and accusations recently hurled at ex-comm are unjustified and unconscionable and no way to treat people who spend many hours of their time as volunteers trying to keep this club running. I thoroughly believe that the members who have stooped to these low tactics owe us all an apology. We had two teams of people spend a very long time researching both production and designed boats. We had presentations on options. The design choice was the Antrim, and the production choice was the Precision. We cannot at this time, afford a fleet of Antrims, and we can?t just get a couple. I wish we could. I?d like to drive a Jaguar, too, but if the money isn?t there, it isn?t. I have been on Ex-Comm for eight months and have listened to these issues debated at great length, with a result of no boats at all. We are a sailing club, and it is my belief that we need at least some reliable boats before summer, beyond continually patching Lidos. A fair number of people do not want to teach or sail in boats that are continuous problems. A lot of people like the Precision, but some members have had problems with it. Those folks favor the Catalina. Because of that, I am also in favor of getting a Catalina or two. I have personally voted consistently for adding new dinghies to our fleet. My personal ideal would be four new boats total to hold us while we do fundraising. I have not been pressured by anybody, it?s just common sense, and I thoroughly resent the assaults on our integrity. Thank you. Karen Huff Treasurer?s Report Note: I do not yet have a copy of Bernard?s report-This will be amended when I receive it. Bernard stated that he was resigning for personal, not political reasons. He stated that our insurance is paid currently, and that adequate money from the general fund has been transferred back into checking to cover expenses. Bernard also stated that he was one of the members absent when the second Precision was voted on, but had he been present, he would have voted in favor of it. OTHER BUSINESS Commodore Bill Printzmetal made a motion to offer a one-time annual membership discount until April 1st of $150. This was already approved by EX-Comm, and now needed approval of the general membership. The motion passed David Frazer announced the formation of a study group, Senior Hopefuls In Training. Contact David at Ed Shirk introduced a motion to review/reverse Ex-comm?s decision to puchase a second P15. Discussion followed with about eight people expressing opinions limited to 5 minutes or less. Passage of this motion would require a ¾ vote of members present. The vote was 20 in favor, 13 opposed and 7 abstained, so the motion failed. Malu made a short presentation on the Catalina proposed. The boat would come with additional hull and deck laminate, reinforced cb with heavy gauge bracket and additional fasteners, reinforced rudder with wood tiller and Forespar hiking stick, bails on boom, hollow white rubber bumper on bow, additional hull flotation, chain plates through bolted to deck with aluminum backup plates and Nylox nuts, beefed-up hiking strap materials, no jib tracks, non-adjustable fairleads, no up-front storage (although a glove box like the Lidos but smaller is an option), cb control on the floor, deckcleat on bow, beefier mast. Still waiting for some other specs from Windtoys. Estimate, $4500 with sails plus $300 commissioning (required) $499 trailer, $200 freight. The next Ex-comm meeting is at the clubhouse at 7:30pm March 14th.