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2002.03.14 - Excom

Thursday March 14, 2002
CSC Excomm Minutes March 14th Present: Bill Printzmetal, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthais Roschke, First Vice Commodore, Barbara Knox, Second Vice, Seth Clark, Third Vice, Ben Pink, Rear Commodore, Karen Huff, Secretary Rear Commodore?s Report 3/14/02 The rear commodore is pleased to announce that the special clinic lecture series is in full swing, with classes scheduled every other Saturday through the remainder of March and through April. A schedule is being created for the month of May as I write. The calendar of classes is as follows: March 16: JY15 Clinic with Bill Prinzmetal (2pm) March 30: Spinnaker Clinic with Jan Crosbie-Taylor (2pm) _____________________________________________________________ April 6: Racing Rules/tactics class with Ed Corbett (2pm) April 20: (sailing related) WEATHER class with Sypko Andreae (2pm) _____________________________________________________________ May 4: Docking/close quarters boat handling class with Allan Champion (2pm) May 5: Woman's Sailing clinic 1 PM (Registration, sail theory) _____________________________________________________________ May 13 to May 17 Fast Track for sailing. For information, contact Robert Hugel at More Classes TBA. All times are Saturdays at 2pm unless otherwise noted. The only classes requiring advanced registration are the women?s program (contact Beth Burstein) Due to the recorded protest vote at the last excomm meeting, the secretary asked the second vice commodore if she had felt in any way pressured or been asked to trade votes or support on issues. She had not. Dominique Barthel was granted permission for a private cruise Sat March 30th to Sunday April 1st , taking one Commander to Angel Island. he has fulfilled all requirements. Ben Pink abstained from the vote on this; all other members were in favor. Sarah Carrol and Beth Burstein proposed a joint Senior project of organizing and running a Women?s Sailing Program. It was unanimously approved. Allan Champion was approved by email by all ex-comm members to fill the vacant vice commodore?s post. This was confirmed. Alex Case was unanimously appointed as advertising chair. Brandon gates was unanimously appointed as BBQ chair for open houses. Also unanimously approved was a budget of up to $100 per BBQ for food, etc. An advertising budget of $5,000 was unanimously approved, with a friendly amendment that more can be requested if necessary, This covers our advertising in Latitude, East Bay Express and Daily Cal. Peter Kuhn requested and was unanimously granted $1000 for motor repairs. Work will begin on preparing the budget for the next fiscal year, which must be presented for excomm?s approval prior to April 15th. Vince advised that windsurfing will need 5 to 7 new sails, which he believes can be obtained for under $200 each, very slightly used. A subcommittee on revision with updates of the operating rules will also be formed at the next meeting. A proposal for a Catalina will be considered if anyone from the C14 committee is able to appear with a proposal.