All Meeting Minutes

2002.03.28 - Excom

Thursday March 28, 2002

Officers present

Bill Printzmetal, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthias Roscke, First Vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, Second Vice Commodore; Seth Clark, Third Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; David Reichmuth, Port Captain; Karen Huff, Secretary; Paul Herzmark, Treasurer.

Subject: Commodore's report

The Commodore asked for an executive member to find information of workman's comp and also help Dave Reichmuth with preparing the contract with work study. Allan Champion agreed to find out about workman's comp and report back to us. He also agreed to help Dave with the contract. (Note: The University of California will require nonprofit organizations to supply their own workman's compensation insurance beginning with the next contract. The head of work study told us that this was going to happen when he visited the club in February.)

The commodore asked for clarification for the training and use of volunteer day leaders. The rear commodore (Ben Pink) agreed to be responsible for training volunteer day leaders, and the Port Captain (Dave Reichmuth) will schedule volunteer day leaders. The message is, if you would like to be trained, see Ben. If you would like to serve, see Dave.

The Commodore announce that Saturday (March 30) he was going to do a aluminum re-cycling project and asked for help. (132 lbs of aluminum was recycled).

The Commodore announced that he had prepared an electronic version of the current Operating Rules book and suggested that in the near future we begin to set in motion a procedure to up date it to reflect changes in the rules over the past several years. The Commodore asked for help for a dinghy sail inventory Saturday morning, April 6.

1st vice commodores report

Thanks to the wonderful work done by some very dedicated volunteers, particularly Greg and Ed, much has been accomplished.

We currently have 5 Lidos running and 3 out for repairs/upgrades. Most of the Lidos now have foam floatation under the seats, additional floatation in the bow is planned, but will have to wait until the mast beams (and chain plates) have been reinforced. Centerboard trunk repairs have been done on 5 of the Lidos, three still need to be done.

Various centerboard cassettes designs are being tried out to address the centerboard trunk weakness in a more permanent fashion. It will be necessary to have several work days / work parties in the near future. Unfortunately these depend on good weather (especially for painting and fiberglass work), and cannot be planned to far in advance at this time. Once again, thank to all of the people who put in their time and efforts in order to keep our dinghy fleet running. This club could never work without you.
Matthias Roschke -1st vice commodore

Rear Commodore's Report

The rear commodore would like to thank all those who have been teaching regularly every Saturday. We still need regular teachers for Monday and Thursday afternoons. If you can make it to teach on those days, let the rear commodore know. As a reminder, if you teach 10 lesson hours in a quarter, you earn a free quarters membership. Also, if you teach 20 lesson hours in a quarter, you earn a free CSC instructor hat.

The special clinic series is going strong. Classes are scheduled generally on Saturday afternoons. Look for the schedule in the upcoming newsletter. Thanks to those who have taught great clinics so far.

We have a sailing fast-trak and a womens? program coming up. Please contact the rear commodore for more info on these programs.

Other Items

David Grant requested permission for his daughter, Emily Grant, 14, to join under his supervision. Permission was unanimously granted.

Motor Chair Peter Kuhn reported that all motors are running and requested a $1,000 operating budget to keep them running, which was unanimously approved.

Seth made a motion to allot $450 for repair of the changing room (repair may include relocation). Bill, Matthias, Barbara, Seth, Ben, David and Karen voted in favor, Allan and Paul abstained.

Allan has arranged the BYC facilities for a general membership meeting on May 21st, at 7pm, with kitchen access from 3pm.

Bill made a motion to allot up to $1100 for 7 sails (lightly used) requested by the windsurfing committee, to be spent before June 1. Bill, Matthias, Barbara, Seth, Ben, David and Karen voted in favor; Paul and Allan abstained.

David requested $1000 for Port Captain supplies consisting of 2 sets of foulies for dayleaders, a good waterproof radio and binoculars, whistles and killcords. Bill, Allan, Matthias, Barbara, Seth, Ben, David, and Karen voted in favor. Paul abstained. Malu volunteered to go look at a Sunfish to see if we should accept it as a donation. Bill requested permission to lead a dinghy trip to Marina Bay April 28th, which was granted unanimously.


Ashby Shoal Breakfast

Ashby Shoal Breakfast set for June 15th with permission to take dinghies out of Junior area was approved unanimously.

Will Lowe presented a detailed purchase proposal for a Catalina Capri 14.2 at a total cost of $5,828.39 including everything with a 5% contingency. A motion was introduced, but tabled until April 11th at the Port Captain?s suggestion to allow time to see what our budget will look like including workman?s comp costs. It may be tabled past that date if the figures are not yet available.

Ben introduced a motion to adjourn which was passed unanimously.