All Meeting Minutes

2002.04.11 - Excom

Thursday April 11, 2002

CSC EXCOMM Minutes April 11, 2002

Officers present: Bill Printzmetal, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore: Matthias Roschke 1st Vice Commodore; Barabara Knox, 2nd Vice; Seth Clark, 3rd Vice; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; David Reichmuth, Port Captain; Karen Huff, Secretary; Paul Herzmark, Treasurer.

Vice Commodore?s report, 4/11/02

Our spring ?02 advertising campaign is well on it?s way. With ads coming out in Latitude 38, the East Bay Express, The Daily Cal, Craig?s List, the San Francisco Chronicle and free public service announcements among others. All thanks to our Advertising Chair, Alex Case, the right man for the job.

Tomorrow we deliver printed CSC material to Ward Latimer of America True to hand out at their booth at the Pacific Sail Expo, largest sailboat show on the west coast. Show at Jack London Square in Oakland from 4/17 through 4/21.

Our spring Open House season is set to begin this Sunday, 4/13 with Brandon Gates, our social chair, skippering the BBQ. With our advertising and boat show handouts expect this open house season to awash in customers. Come out and take someone sailing.

We are still looking into Workers Compensation Insurance for work/study dayleaders. Expect State Compensation Insurance Fund (a state agency)to be the only viable insurer for such a small organization. They are slow to respond to our queries.

Allan Champion

Treasurer's report

As of 4/7/02 we have $ 5642.12 in the checking account $48205.40 in the regular money market account $49015.40 in the Dinghy replacement fund

We received $100 from an anonymous donor for the Dinghy replacement fund.

We have been penalized $620 by the IRS for not filling out our tax forms.

I will work hard to keep that sort of waste from happening again. I am already making good progress improving the financial records of the club.

We do not yet have prices for workman?s comp. Because we are a small operation we may well have to go through State Fund and they are very slow in responding.

We have to pay $620 in fines to the IRS for past late filings of taxes. The Chronicle ad, $609, which Alex had already paid for out of pocket, was approved, with Bill, Allan, Matthias, Barbara, Seth, Ben and Karen in favor and Dave opposed .

Dave has purchased the Port Captain supplies he requested approval for at a prior meeting.

Alex Case?s Sr Project, serving as advertising chair without membership compensation was approved unanimously.

Joshua Posamentier?s Sr Project, to build a sailboard repair area and contiguous windsurfing rigging area was unanimously approved.

Brandon Gates? Sr project to inventory dinghy parts and sources was approved, with Allan, Matthias, Barbara, Ben, David and Karen in favor, Bill opposed and Seth and Paul abstaining.

Revised copy of the rule book will start with scanning the minutes for changes made in the past two years. Karen will research and report back within one month.

Windsurfing and dinghy repair budget suggestions were tabled in lieu og budget information.

Barbara moved that Art Locht, a jr plus rated windsurfer, be allowed to give jr windsurfing tests. The proposal passed with Bill, Allan, Matthias, Barbara, Seth, Ben, David, and Karen in favor and Paul abstaining.

Sypko gave a report on membership figures for the last two years, which seem fairly stable, with a total of 1533 memberships purchased in 2000 and 1557 in 2001; we do not know how many of these were quarterly renewals.

Sypko, who is both membership chair and cruising chair, will be out of the country for several weeks. Excomm unanimously approved his choices of Dominique Barthel to serve as temporary cruising chair and Tara Ellman to serve as temporary membership chair in his absence.

Windsurfing sails came to $134 more than budgeted; the extra amount was unanimously approved.