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2002.04.25 - Excom

Thursday April 25, 2002

CSC EXCOMM Minutes April 25, 2002 Members present were Bill Printzmetal. Commodore; Alan Champion, Vice commodore; Trumpton Mc Farland, Second Vice; Seth Clark, Third Vice, Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; David reichmuth, Port Captain; Karen Huff, Secretary; Paul Herzmark, Treasurer.

Vice Commodore?s Report

An application has been submitted to State Compensation Insurance Fund but they are requesting loss history info. The port captain is working with work study to get this info and see if we can be granted a waiver.

I met with Patty Donald this evening and we are set for the Berkeley Bay Festival this Saturday, 4/27. We'll be giving rides to the public from noon until 4:30 at K dock by the harbormaster's office. Come on out and help your club!

Allan Champion

rear commodores report 4.25.02

The rear commodore would like to thank all those who have been teaching lessons on a regular basis.

A reminder: teaching lessons can count either as work credit or lesson credit. Teach 10 lesson hours in quarter and earn a free membership. Teach 20 lesson hours in a quarter and receive a free membership and a CSC instructors hat (or a CSC windsurfing T-shirt for windsurfing instructors).

Please volunteer to daylead. The club will suffering from a shortage of dayleaders, especially during the month of may. Please contact the rear commodore for info on being trained as a volunteer dayleader. Volunteer dayleading 10 hours in a quarter will earn a free membership.

The special clinic series is running strong. The callendar will be updated on a regular basis. Stay tuned.

May 4 Seminar on Docking and Close Quarter's Sailing 2:00pm w/Allan Champion

May 5 Woman's clinic 1 PM (Registration, sail theory) For information, contact Beth at

May 11 Seminar on sailing instruction (Saul Schumsky) 2pm

May 12 Open house

May 13 to May 17 Fast Track for sailing. For information, contact Robert Hugel at

May 18 Laser Clinic 2pm w/Ben Pink

May 19 Woman's clinic 2:30

May 25 Capsize Class 2pm w/Peter Kuhn

May 26 Open House

June 1 Topics on sailing instruction with Jolanda De Boer (tentative) 2pm

June 2 Woman's clinic 2:30

June 8 "Another Sparcraft Moment" (what to do in a dismasting, and other emergencies) with Ed Shirk 2pm

June 15 Special Windsurfing Clinic TBA with Dave McFarlane and others TBA

More TBA including another FAST TRAK sometime in June

Agenda Items

$75 for a one time barbeque expense for the Women?s Sailing Program was approved unanimously.

The budget was approved with one abstention

Bill and Karen are still working on the rule book update

General Membership meeting has been changed to May 15th so the cook can cook.

UC Berkeley may exempt us from carrying workman?s comp. Allan has submitted the application

Bay Festival volunteers should show up around 10:30 to rig and find parking.

Seth is working on the sail inventory.

We are short day leaders in May. Dave will post dates people are needed on the list and at the club.

Permission for Barbara Knox to take her four year old son with proper safety gear and under her supervision with permission of the skipper on a club boat for the Marina Bay cruise was unanimously approved.

Two senior project requests were tabled until the candidates could attend.