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2002.05.15 - General

Wednesday May 15, 2002

General Membership Meeting May 15th

commodores report:

The (past) commodore ran on a platform to accomplish 8 things during his term: 1. Buy 1 P15 2. Buy 5 new novice windsurfing boards 3. Build new tool shed/changing rooms (with locker) in the yard 4. Sail inventory for boats 6. E Mail newsletter Floating bottle 7. Try to even out revenue stream by encouraging early spring memberships. 8. Up date rule book.

All of these goals were accomplished except #3.

The Treasurers report A detailed account was presented including the Profit and Loss statement and Fixed Assets accounts. A summary is: Revenue 104150.82 Expenses -95590.54 Net Change +8560.28

1st vice commodore's report

Thanks to Ed, Greg, Peter, and a lot of other dedicated volunteers we are in relatively good shape dinghy-wise:

1) All of the lidos now have foam flotation.

2) The new centerboard cassette system has been installed in most of the lidos.

3) We currently have 6 operational lidos.

4) We have 3 working JYs

5) We now have 1 operational P15 and onother one which soon will be.

6) The 470 requires continuing TLC.

7) The rhodes 19 is operational, and has had some improvements performed on the mast and has gotten new sheets. It still requires some overhaul of the deck hardware, some fiberglass work, and a paint job (as does the trailer).This might make a good senior project.

8) Malu, the laser/byte chair, is considering putting paddles and possibly small folding anchors on all of the lasers and bytes.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone who has helped keep our dinghies afloat. This club could not work without you. Have fun sailing this summer!

Third Vice Commodore Report May 15, 2002

Boat Status: Ensigns: Huey, Dewey, and Louie are operational. Dewey ? After the standing rigging was replaced and the mast re-stepped, the rigging was tuned. Thanks Saul for providing your expertise.

Work on the Dry-docked Nenya continues by 3 seniors candidates. We are hoping to get this boat in the water in the next month or two.

Commanders: Daisy & Donald - Both boats are operational.

Senior key were change a few months ago. Most senior have new keys. If you need a new one please see me after the meeting.

There are Keel Boat opportunities for senior candidates to fulfill their project requirements. Please contact me if you if you would like some suggestions.

Thanks Seth Clark CSC Third Vice Commodore

Vice Commodore's report:

Thanks to all who helped out with the Berkeley Bay Festival. We gave Rides to 140 people which was down about 100 from the previous year. We probably gave more rides than any group except Hornblower.

We are working with the Berkeley YMCA for their summer program to give ridesto their groups. Keelboat skippers are needed during business hours.

Open houses are going strong for this season. Many thanks to Brandon Gates,Social Chair, for his work on the food and Alex Case, Advertising Chair, for bringing the hordes to our doorstep. Allan Champion

Elections were held, The new Ex-comm consists of:

Commodore: Saul Schumsky

Vice commodore: Allan Champion

1st Vice: Matthias Roschke

2nd Vice: Barabara Knox

3rd Vice: Seth Clark

Rear Commodore: Ben Pink

Port Captain: Nick Chou

Secretary: Sarah Hubbard Treasurer: Paul Herzmark