All Meeting Minutes

2002.05.23 - Excom

Thursday May 23, 2002

Present: Saul Schumsky (Commodore), Matthias Roschke (1st Vice Commodore), Barbara Knox (2nd Vice Commodore), Nick Chou (Port Captain), Sarah Hubbard (Secretary)

- Saul motioned to instate all newly elected officers officially into the Executive Committee. Motion was seconded by Barbara and passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned and reopened


- Saul: Sees the Commodore position as that of a liaison, both with club neighbors (Cal Adventures, etc.) and for within Ex Com. Assumes that Ex Com officers are in charge of their respective areas and wants to know how he can help make things run smoothly given each of our limitations. Wants to see the club run according to the operating rules. Weekends are his time for the club. He plans to continue teaching and racing.

- Matthias: Given his long commute, he will primarily work on weekends to maintain dinghies and skiff, with much help from Ed S. and Peter K. Wants others to cover for him when he is not around.

- Barbara: Together with Trumpton she brings the voice of windsurfers to Ex Com, and ensures that the windsurfing program runs smoothly. Vince will continue helping with equipment maintenance. She also wants to improve relations between sailors and windsurfers. Given her schedule she is likely to be found at the club every other weekend.

- Nick: Will depend on his deputies for the day-to-day operation of the club. Is interested in recruiting new dayleaders from work-study and from club membership (especially windsurfers). Would like to make the recruitment process run more smoothly by scheduling lessons and having written instructions available.

- Sarah: Wants to help members stay aware of Ex Com activities and decisions and to help the Club maintain its link to the community through keeping print materials up to date and available. Will typically be at the club on weekends. Asks Ex Com officers and others to email reports and announcements at least a day before Ex Com meetings.


2nd Vice Commodore’s Report

New windsurfing novice boards are in and missing sails have been recovered. Art (a CSC member) is providing Saturday morning lessons at 10 AM. Novice rigging test is no longer required (self-rescue and written test are required). Rigging has been made part of Junior test.

Discussion: Part of windsurfing rigging test was the equipment checkout process, launching a boat from the dock, carrying the sail, etc. Perhaps this should become part of the self-rescue test? Can Dayleaders supervise the self-rescue test (particularly nonwindsurfers)? Barbara will talk to Bill P. about this, as he is revamping the novice windsurfing written test.

Rear Commodore’s Report

The Rear Commodore would like to thank Robert Hugel for his successful fast-trak class held earlier in May. This fast-trak was Robert's senior project, part of which included the requirement that he find another person to organize and run another fast-trak class. This was successful, as Robert found another willing senior candidate, Nick Chou, to volunteer to run a fast-trak class in June. This class is pending approval, dates and details will be announced shortly.

The Rear Commodore would like to recognize the few senior and cruising skippers who regularly volunteer their time teaching Wednesday night keelboat lessons. The hard work and dedication of two teachers in particular, is noteworthy in this regard. Thanks to Chris Havel and Peter Baczek, both of whom have been regular Wednesday night instructors for years.

The Rear Commodore wants to encourage all club members who want to see the club stay open every day throughout the summer season to be trained as a volunteer dayleader. Volunteer dayleaders will be needed all summer long to supplement the shortage of work-study hired dayleaders.

There will now be regularly scheduled volunteer dayleading training sessions held every Sunday afternoon at 2pm, unless otherwise noted. Please attend these trainings and then get signed off as a volunteer dayleader.

The special clinic series will continue throughout the remainder of May and through June. The schedule is not yet set for the month of July, but classes will be announced as they are scheduled.

May 25 Capsize Class 2pm w/Peter Kuhn

May 26 Open House

June 1 JY clinic w/Ben Pink 2pm

June 2 Woman's clinic 2:30pm

June 8 "Another Sparcraft Moment" (what happens when the mast fails, and other emergencies) Class 2pm with Ed Shirk

June 15th Windsurfing Fundamentals Class 2pm with Barbara Knox and Dave McFarlane

June 22nd Advanced Laser/Byte Sailing Class 2pm (instructor TBA)

June 29th TBA

July 13th Hypothermia and first-aid Class 2pm (instructors Bob Hood and Rebecca Hausman)


Some Ex Com members have expressed an interest in changing meetings to weekends. Possibility of alternating Thursdays and Sundays was discussed. Because it involves all members, Saul prefers to vote next meeting (when more officers will be present), and to require a unanimous vote. Saul motioned to table the decision until next meeting, seconded by Sarah and approved unanimously.


Racing chair Ed Corbett’s proposal:

On 3 Sundays in June, the tide will be too low in the morning to go sailing, or even launch the skiff: June 2, June 16, and June 30.

I would like to move dinghy racing to 5-8pm on those 3 Sundays (i.e. high tide).

So as not to negatively impact other sailing club activities, I will add these provisos:

1) We would leave at least 2 sailable Jr. skipper dinghies, for any day sailors who come down after 5pm.

2) In the absence of a dayleader (volunteer or paid), the race committee would act as DL so the club can remain open for sailing.

3) The racing skippers would help the DL in hoisting in the skiff, and closing up for the day.

Arguments in favor (provided by Ed C.):

-By 5 pm, the wind is usually abating, and activity is starting to wind down at the dock; and in theory, skippers will be trying to "sell" their boats.

-It will allow racing on 3 dates that would otherwise be lost from the spring/summer series. I regard this to be somewhat experimental to see how many people actually will show up at these times; and hopefully this time might attract more participation from those who can't make Sunday mornings, as well as give more crewing opportunities. I am planning to contact Malu, and see if she wants to coordinate this with Laser racing.

-Sunset is at about 8:30pm on all 3 of these dates.

-None of these dates is an Open House.

Saul motioned to approve the proposal with the following friendly amendments:

- If no dayleader is scheduled, an additional racing officer is needed to cover the club house and dayleading responsibilities.

- Change in start time approved for one (1) Sunday trial (June 2), which will be reviewed and discussed during the following Ex Com meeting (Thursday, June 6). Change in racing time for remaining dates will be discussed at that time.

- Two (2) lidos will need to be available for day sailing (match racing may be required).

- Saul will talk to racing officers/racers about safety concerns (particularly of windsurfers in novice area and those launching from or returning to the dock).

Motion with friendly amendments passed unanimously.


Nick Chou proposes coordinating a combined Junior and Senior Skipper Fast-Trak Class

The benefits and advantages of this hybrid class are: A. That it will be a new attempt to have a senior-wanna-be fast track. B. The junior rated students taking part in the senior fast track can back up the junior fast track instructors. C. If the wind is strong enough at the end of the fast track (Friday), the senior instructors will be available for those who are ready for their Junior rating test. Junior and Senior Fast-Track Sailing Class Hello! If you are an eager and dedicated sailing student, wanting to prepare yourself for your junior or senior rating and a wild summer filled with wind and waves, please consider signing up for this fun and exciting hybrid class! Introduction:

A fast-trak class is meant to give novice students a week, and junior students 3 days of intensive training to rapidly enhance their skills and confidence and prepare them for their junior or senior rating. When:

Junior FT-June 17th~21st. Mon.-Fri 5pm - 8pm

Senior FT-June 17th, 19th, 21st (Mon, Wed, Fri) and/or 18th, 20th, 21st (Tue, Thu, Fri) 5pm -8pm two groups in a 3-day course. Qualifications:

a. must commit to 5(junior FT) or 3(senior FT) evenings. b. must have passed the written test c. must have passed the rigging test d. must have done at least 2 hours of work Instructors: Friendly, reliable & able Juniors and Seniors kind enough to volunteer. Notes of interest: *Sunset on June 17th is 8.33pm. * The tides in this whole week will be in the class's favor. * The club will ensure that the fast track class has the first priority to use the boats for the lessons. Course of practice:

Club rules, safety, rigging, launching Identifying wind direction and points of sail, Luffing and filling sails, steering control Holding a steady course on all points of sail, Coming about, jibing, circles around a mark Slow sailing, person over-board, sailing backward, docking, heaving to, anchoring, reefing, capsizing

Rudderless sailing (Senior FT only) The progression of the class will depend on the comfort, skills and inclination of the students. All students who are interested are encouraged to contact me. There will be limited space, so plan ahead and don't delay. Nick Chou 650-245-5443

Barbara motioned to accept the proposal. Motion was approved unanimously.


Due to a concern about the safety and functionality of the Rhodes trailer, Saul obtained a quote to fix the trailer. Time and materials would be approximately $250. A new wheel and other necessary parts would bring the total to approximately $400.

Saul motioned to approve $400 to repair the Rhodes trailer. Motion failed with 2 in favor and 3 abstaining.


It was brought to Ex Com’s attention that an operating rule change that was approved at the October 18, 2001 Executive Committee meeting was not incorporated into the recently approved operating rules. The change is as follows:


13. During Open Houses, Open House activities take priority over day sailing. Rated skippers and windsurfers may day sail during Open House periods only if they are not needed to give rides or demonstrations or otherwise assist with the Open House, and they may day sail only with the permission of the Dayleader. Club members may not sign up for Open House rides. Open House rides and the prohibition on day sailing will continue until all members of the public who signed up prior to the closing time for sign ups have been given a ride.

A motion was made to incorporate the above change into the operating rules, as intended. The motion passed unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned.