All Meeting Minutes

2002.06.06 - Excom

Thursday June 06, 2002


Saul Schumsky, Commodore

Allan Champion, Vice Commodore

Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore

Seth Clark, 3rd Vice Commodore

Ben Pink, Rear Commodore

Nick Chou, Port Captain

Sarah Hubbard, Secretary

Agenda Items:

1. Minor Membership

Dante Popple, 9 years old, applied for CSC minor membership. Motion to allow Dante minor membership passed unanimously. Membership is contingent upon Father Mark Popple becoming a member, both will need to sail together, Dante must wear life jacket at all times, Dante must have and wear wetsuit within 1 month of start of membership, and Popples must tell dayleader when minor is on the water.

2. Reports

Vice Commodore’s Report - Allan Champion

We are set to give rides to up to 24 middle school kids each day for the Berkeley YMCA on Friday, 7/19; Wednesday, 7/31 & Wednesday, 8/7. Thanks to Robert Ofsevit, Paul Kamen & Alex Bustamante for volunteering. We could use more Sr. skippers for those dates as well.

J. Wilder Lee, Atty at Law and longtime club member has generously volunteered to revamp our public boat ride liability release. He has made up a draft and is in the process of researching some final points.

3rd Vice Commodore’s Report - Seth Clark

A checkup inventory has been done on the 5 keelboats. The usual minor issues were found and will be addressed. Warping of floorboards is an ongoing issue that will need to be addressed in a long-term way…may be a possibility for a senior project.

Port Captain’s Report - Nick Chou

Member Robert has created a yahoo groups calendar for dayleader schedules. Will promote via listserve and link on website. Will be up to dayleaders to put themselves on the schedule.

Secretary’s Report - Sarah Hubbard

The Secretary is collecting current copies of both electronic files and hard copies available at the club, at the printer’s, and through several Ex Com officers. She currently has editable electronic files for the operating rules and windsurfing tests. If you have electronic files for any other club documents, or if you are capable of reading WordStar documents and saving as MS Word, then contact her at She would also like to organize printed materials in the clubhouse to minimize unnecessary printing costs.

The Secretary is updating the list of rating committee members. If you have compiled a list within the last 2 years, please email it to her at the above email address.

The Secretary reported the following information provided by Alex Care re workman’s comp insurance: I understand, happily, that we are not responsible for Workman's Comp insurance for the next 12 months. However, in the event our exemption from the new UC Policy of requiring non-profits who use work-study students from having to pay Workers Comp is not continued, here's a rough idea of what we can expect: A yearly premium of $1,976.00, based on annual aggregate salary payments of $20,000. This quote was prepared for us by Ted Gingrich Gingrich Insurance Brokers, Inc. 414 13th Street, 6th Floor Oakland, CA 94612 (510) 663-3900 (510) 267-9339 Fax Some responsible person may want to keep this information on file. The other way to do this is to contact the State Compensation Fund directly... I don't know if there's a price difference. In any event, as Allan Champion and I can testify, it's a long, boring, silly process to arrange this. It took about 2 months to get the above quote. I asked Ted to keep the paperwork. Regards, Alex

3. Senior Project of Laurent Coulloumme-Labarthe

I’ve had time to observe the strengths and weaknesses of the club in the windsurfing section. It appears that lessons are the most important matter, because to make beginners enjoy windsurfing they need to go through a big first step: understand how the equipment works with the wind to be able to start from a point and come back to dock.

As soon as a windsurfers know how to do that, that generate a lots of advantages for him/her, and for the club.

The windsurfer will :

- Get a feeling of safety, because he/she will know how to come back to the dock.

- Get satisfaction of improvement and the desire to continue.

- the fun of a windsurfing round trip.

For the club :

- That does improve the security and it avoids motor boat rescues.

- It’s much better for the equipment (no risks of rocks crashing…)


As soon as windsurfers know how to do that, they will be able to give advice to others and to share this knowledge in the way the club spirit is established.

Unfortunately, to reach this level advice from others members is not enough, so beginners need a complete class, which explain them all the notions required to get to this stage.

This 3 hour class will be composed of 3 steps:

- How to rig (+ explanations of the consequences of different adjustments depending of the wind, the level, the windsurfer …) and how to carry and take care of the equipment.30 mns.

- A 45 minutes theory lesson on the simulator (including winds notions, tacks ) to correct each of them and to make the others see what are the bad moves

- A 90 minutes lesson on the water with an instructors teaching on a windsurf board (giving the opportunity to explain, correct and show at the same time, with the same equipment)

In the spirit of the club, I am proposing to share my knowledge (I was instructor in France in windsurfing, diggings and on catamaran for 4 years in an international sailing school). I would be able to take care of those classes at 3 determined dates to accomplish my senior project, and to make that continue I will train Allan, Mike, and Art at the same time to give them the level to do it after me to make sure this project never ends !

A motion was made to approve Laurent’s senior project proposal. The motion passed unanimously.

4. Meeting Schedule Change

Tabled until next meeting

5. Rhodes Trailer

Due to a concern about the safety and functionality of the Rhodes trailer, Saul obtained a quote to fix the trailer. Time and materials would be approximately $250. A new wheel and other necessary parts would bring the total to approximately $400.

Saul motioned to approve $400 to repair the Rhodes trailer. Motion passed unanimously.

6. Windsurfer Participation at Open House

All windsurfers are encouraged to participate in Open House activities. Barbara will email list of suggestions to windsurfing listserve before next open house.

7. Attitude

Several members have recently made an issue of not following club rules. Ex Com discussed the importance of reinforcing club’s cooperative nature, the need to provide leadership through example, and provide education (especially to new and prospective members, but also to Day Leaders). Ex Com reiterated their support of Day Leaders’ decisions, and the need to provide both paid and volunteers Day Leaders with the information and support they need to perform their jobs effectively and enforce the rules consistently. Day Leaders and Ex Com will be less lax about rule enforcement and will put systems in place to better monitor equipment checkout system.

A motion to allow free membership for volunteer Day Leaders who have contributed 10 hours of service passed unanimously.

8. Racing Schedule Proposal

I would like to ask ExComm to approve the following change in the Sunday racing schedule:

On 2 Sundays in the remainder of June, the tide will be too low in the morning to go sailing, or even launch the skiff: June 16, and June 30. I would like to move dinghy racing to 5-8p on those 2 Sundays (i.e. high tide). So as not to negatively impact other sailing club activities, I will add these provisos: 1) We would leave at least 2 sailable Jr skipper dinghies, i.e., Lidos or Precisions for any day sailors who come down after 5p. 2) In the absence of a dayleader (volunteer or paid), the race committee would act as DL so the club can remain open for sailing. 3) The racing skippers would help the DL in hoisting in the skiff, and closing up for the day. Sunset is at about 830pm on both of these dates. None of these dates are an Open House.

Saul reported that evening racing last Sunday went reasonably well. Motion to approve proposed racing schedule passed with 4 in favor, 1 opposed and 1 abstention. Friendly amendment: Set start sequence / line in reasonable way to leave room for dock departures. Note to Day Leaders: Please let windsurfers know when races are in progress.

Meeting adjourned. Next meeting is June 20, 2002.