All Meeting Minutes

2002.06.20 - Excom

Thursday June 20, 2002
agenda item 1 amended 7/1/02

In Attendance: Saul Schumsky, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore; Seth Clark, 3rd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; Nick Chou, Port Captain; Sarah Hubbard, Secretary.


1. Minor membership

A motion was made to accept Ale Vargas-Johnson as a minor member capable of obtaining a Novice windsurfer rating contingent upon the following regulations: her father, Juan Vargas, is to supervise her at all times while at the club, she is to wear a wetsuit and lifejacket when on the water, they are to tell the dayleader when she is on the water. The motion passed unanimously.


2. Reports

Saul Schumsky, Commodore

The Commodore reports that he attended a recent Waterfront Commission meeting. They have allocated some money in their budget to dredge the south sailing basin, but it is not expected to be enough to meet our needs. CSC will need to write a proposal for them that outlines our needs and goals for the next few years, then work together with them to obtain funding.

The Berkeley Police Officer that patrols the marina expressed some concern over safety issues associated with the club, such as parking along the narrow one-way road next to the club, as well as nighttime club use. Ex Com will work to resolve these issues.

The club has been offered a 1979 J-24 that is currently docked in Emeryville. Seth and Saul will check out the boat and determine if it is reasonable to accept the donation and then sell the boat.

Allan Champion, Vice Commodore

Sherry Daniel has agreed to take over from Bill Prinzmetal as editor of our newsletter, The Floating Bottle.

Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore

Matthias will take inventory this weekend, and replace lost rudder of one of the Lidos.

Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore

Vincent has resigned his position as maintenance chair. I have spoken to Mark Yampanis, John Myall, and Laurent Coulloumme-LaBarthe about filling this vacancy. Laurent has already conducted an inventory of needed parts. Several members have requested helmets. I bought one to see if it gets stolen, and am considering buying one of each size. Laurent and Trumpton gave our first advanced novice/junior clinic last Saturday and it was very successful. I'm hoping to schedule one afternoon clinic per month on the weekends for advanced novice and junior rated windsurfers and will coordinate with the Rear Commodore. Possible instructors are Art Locht, Laurent, Allan (Laurent's French friend), and Trumpton.

It has come to my attention that some windsurfers are mixing their own equipment with club equipment. This will not be tolerated as it poses a safety issue if CSC members cannot be identified.

New windsurfing cards have been printed that do not include Novice Test. Some of the instructors would like the next batch of cards to be printed with a space for "dock etiquette". This would include carrying the sail, placement of the boards and sails on the dock, open house concerns, etc.

Ben Pink, Rear Commodore

The rear commodore would like to thank those (few) people that have been contributing a great deal of time to keep the club running. Specifically, thanks to those who have been volunteer dayleading (if it wasn’t for you, the club would have been closed many hours): Sherry Daniels, Nick Chou, Sarah Carol, Tara Ellman, Howard, Alex Bustamante, Emilian, Art Locht, Pauline K….

Forgive me if I have forgot anyone or misspelled names.

The club is suffering from a lack of instructors for dinghy lesson periods. Saturday morning teaching has been severely understaffed by volunteer instructors.

Additional teaching programs, such as a fast-trak class that was to be held this week, had to be cancelled due to a lack of teacher response.

The Rear Commodore would like to remind the members that the basic function of the club is to provide low-cost sailing INSTRUCTION to the public. If we are not teaching people how to sail, then we are not fulfilling our mission.

Additionally, due to the fact that there only a small group of people that are putting in large number of hours keeping the club running for everyone else, it is only fair that those putting in extra work be rewarded. Please don’t expect special treatment, such as one-on-one instruction from senior members, if you are not showing that you are contributing to the club.

There are many ways that one can contribute to the club. If you have questions about volunteering or teaching, please contact the rear commodore at

The schedule of special classes is as follows. Please note that these classes are subject to cancellation at any time at the discretion of the rear commodore:

June 29 Special On-The-Water windsurfing Clinic 11am, Sail Maintenance & Repair Class, 2pm

June 30 Woman's clinic 1:00

(July 4 (Thursday) Open House)

July 6 Sail Trim (Saul Schumsky)

July 8-12 Junior FAST-TRAK for sailing (DETAILS TBA)

July 13 Hypothermia and first-aid Class 2pm (instructors Bob Hood and Rebecca Hausman)

(July 14 Open House)

July 20 Windsurfing Clinic TBA

July 21 Woman's clinic 1:00

July 27 Capsizing, Reefing and Anchoring for dinghies (instructor TBA)

July 28 Woman's clinic 1:00

Nick Chou and Sherry Daniel, Port Captains

1. Update on Dayleader Situation: Over the past month the club has remained open thanks to the hard work of our volunteer Dayleaders. We will continue to conduct dayleader training on the weekends and encourage members to pitch in until we have a full staff of paid dayleaders. The Port Captain wishes to thank Ben Pink for his help training new volunteers.

2. We have 2 new paid dayleaders, Luis and Demir. Luis is currently scheduled for Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Demir is going to work Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. We have 2 additional candidates for paid dayleader, Gustavo and Phillip. They have not yet received work study approval and they have not yet been interviewed or trained. In the meantime we will continue to rely on our volunteer Dayleaders to help fill in the schedule. The Port Captain wishes to thank James Wai for his assistance with the hiring process. 3. The Port Captain must emphasize to everyone that our paid dayleaders and the majority of our volunteer dayleaders are very new at this position. We request continued support from experienced members to assist dayleaders with skiff rescues until they have sufficiently developed these skills.

4. Update on memberships and equipment checkout: The Port Captain has been working with the Membership Chair to create a current list of sailors and windsurfers with verified ratings of Junior or higher. The goal of this list is to make it easier for the dayleaders to doublecheck a member's rating before they sign out equipment. If a member's name is not on the list, that member must show their white card to the dayleader before checking out equipment. We ask for everyone's patience and cooperation as we test out this method over the next couple of weeks.

Sarah Hubbard, Secretary

Seth has agreed to translate the WordStar electronic files into Word so that they can be edited as needed.

Paul Herzmark, Treasurer

As of June 13, 2002 we have:

regular checking $2,000.00

dinghy fund $48,157.21

regular money market $51,595.45

Total $101,752.66

3. Windsurfers at Open House

A few windsurfing members attended the meeting to suggest ways that CSC can use open house days to attract new windsurfer members and better demonstrate what the club’s windsurfing program is all about. (There is a sense that open house days are focused on sailing, and perhaps we are not doing the club justice by limiting ourselves to this.) Ideas that were discussed were: bring a buddy day (current members could bring a friend), anchor a novice board off the dock and allow people to get the feel for being on the board, give demonstrations upwind of the dock before open house sailing begins (one person on the water and a knowledgeable person on land explaining what they are doing), use the on-land simulator, and show windsurfing videos. Of these ideas, the demonstrations seemed the most interesting and possible. Barbara will look into ways to implement this.

4. Changes to Lesson Times Due to Tides

A motion was made to add the following to the operating rules:

Section V (Lessons), part 1.A - On lesson days when there is not enough water to operate the rescue skiff, the Executive Committee may change lesson times to compensate for lost teaching time.

The motion passed with 7 in favor, 1 abstention and none opposed.

For the remained of 2002, the regular lesson periods are SATURDAYS 0900-1300 and Mon/Thurs 1300-1600

The following is the list of days for the rest of the year that lesson times are affected by low tide. To the right of the date are times that lessons have been switched to.


6/29 1200-1600

7/13 1200-1600

7/27 1100-1500

8/10 1100-1500

8/24 1000-1400


11/14 1200-1500

11/18 1200-1500

12/2 1200-1400

12/16 1200-1400

12/30 Club closed 1319, no lessons



12/19 1230-1530

5. Precision-15 Capacity

A motion was made to change the operating rules Section VI, part 1 to indicate that the maximum number of people allowed in a Precision 15 be five (5). (Operating rules currently allow four). The motion passed 4 in favor, 2 abstentions and none opposed.

6. Junior Tests

A motion was made to allow Junior-rated sailors David Fraser, Tara Ellman, and Robert Hugel to give rigging tests and junior sailing tests at their discretion. The motion passed with 6 in favor, 2 abstentions, and none opposed.

7. Senior Project - Howard Redding

A motion was made to allow Howard Redding to replace Daisy’s caulking for his senior project. The motion passed unanimously.

8. Next Meeting Date

A motion was made to change the next meeting from Thursday July 4th to Tuesday July 2nd. The motion passed unanimously. Note: Secretary will not be able to attend, so someone will need to commit to taking minutes.

The meeting was adjourned.