All Meeting Minutes

2002.07.18 - Excom

Thursday July 18, 2002

In attendance: Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore; Trumpton MacFarlane (alt); Seth Clark, 3rd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; Nick Chou, Port Captain; Sarah Hubbard, Secretary.

1) Reports

1st Vice Commodore’s Report - Matthias

We currently have:

1 sailable precisions

3 sailable JYs

1 sailable 470,

2 sailable Lidos

(and various Lasers and Bytes)

1 Lido has a leak at the hiking strap attachment. (should be fixed soon)

1 Lido requires a new set of halyard cleats (should also be fixed soon)

1 Lido with a do not sail sign, but I do not really know what is wrong with it. (will take a look this weekend)

1 Lido hull had to have scratches and nicks removed, it is now being painted.

2 Lidos require fiberglassing at the hull deck joints. (one of these jobs is almost finished)

The Rhodes has been temporarily moved to the marina, so that the trailer can be de-rusted, painted and welded.

Hopefully (with everyone's help) it will be possible to put most of the lidos back into service soon.

We are missing one lido rudder, replacing it will cost 300 to 400 dollars. In order to avoid this kind of expense in the future, please ensure that the rudders are SECURELY tied to the boats.

Malu has told me that she no longer has the time to be Laser/Byte chair. If someone else is interested in this position (comes with a free membership) please talk to me.

I will be at the club next weekend, but will miss the next two weekends (and one Ex-Com meeting), as I will be visiting my family in Canada.

Have fun sailing, windsurfing, or just hanging out !

2nd Vice Commodore’s Report - Barbara Knox

Josh has been contacted re progress on the board hospital. He promised to get necessary materials this week and is working with Bruce(transportation). An inventory of sails has been typed as a Word file, a copy is available in the second vice folder of the ex-comm mailboxes. An inventory of boards was also made by Laurent Coulloumme Labarthe and we will have it typed up as a Word file asap. If anybody is interested in helping to write a proposal for the guidelines concerning minor windsurfers joining the club or has ideas about what type of equipment should be purchased for this purpose, please contact Barbara Knox as this will be proposed at the next general membership meeting. Some of the windsurfing sails will be for sale at the clubhouse on July 27. Email with time to follow. Special thanks to Laurent, Allen, Bob Hood, Josh, Reese and Art for windsurfing instruction, inventory of equipment, organizing and cleaning of the windsurfing locker and board repair. My apologies to those who have put in work hours and whose name I neglected to mention.

3rd Vice Commodores Report - Seth

1. Nenya Rudder has gown missing - A search is now underway and a cost to buy a new one is being researched. 2. Ensign Hewey - is "DO NOT SAIL" because the deck is broken and dangerous - We need a volunteer to repair it. 3. The Rhodes has been moved to the marina so work can be done on the trailer. All rust must be removed prier to painting and welding. Again volunteers are needed.

Rear Commodore’s Report - Ben

The rear commodore would like to thank Nick Chou for organizing a successful fast-trak sailing course earlier this month. Way to go Nick! Thanks for all the great soup as well. Also thanks to those who taught in the fast track.

The dates of August 26th-30th have been selected as another possible time period for a fast-trak class. If you are interested in a project and would consider organizing a fast-trak for that week, please contact the rear commodore at

The rear commodore would like to remind people of some basic club etiquette and rules:

-In the yard, sailors please do not park boats in on the green astro-turf. This area is designated for windsurfing sails. Parking spaces have been painted on the yard for each club dinghy. Please use the appropriately labelled space for the boat you happen to be sailing and keep the windsurfing rigging area clear.

-When docking, sailors please use the 2/3s of the dock that is closest to the hoist and do not dock in the last 1/3. The end portion of the dock is where windsurfers dock.

-Windsurfers, please dock on the downwind side of the dock.

-When there is an open house, windsurfers might consider docking at the 2nd dock (closest to cal-adventures) so as not to add extra traffic when club keelboats giving oipen house rides are trying to dock.

-all club members must wear a personal flotation device (life jacket) when sailing or windsurfing. There are only two exceptions to this rule: 1) when seated in the cockpit of a club keelboat and 2) if you are a j+ or above windsurfer and are wearing a harness and full wetsuit.

-if you sign-out a windsurfer or a sailboat, you are personally responsible for signing back in when you are finished with your sail. If you "sell" a boat or windsurfer to another person, please make sure to sign in yourself, and make sure that the person signing out your gear is appropriately rated for the equipment you are using.

-Please take care of our clubhouse:

Do not leave your personal belongings in the club overnight, items add to the clutter factor and may have to be removed. Please pack your trash. The dayleader should not have to clean-up after anyone. It is not the dayleaders job to pick-up trash after members make coffee or have a BBQ. Please note that we have a new hot-water pot in the clubhouse. This pot is NOT FOR COFFEE!! Please use it for hot water only. Also, if you are the last person in the club, make sure to unplug the hot water pot. If you are changing in the club, please do not place your wet wetsuit or wet foulies on the chairs. People in fact do use the chairs to sit (such as at excom meetings) and don't like getting wet asses from wet chairs.

And lastly,

-take care of the equipment. Don't forget all the basics. Fold or roll your sails properly. Put sail covers on over the sails on the dinghies. Put your windsurfers in the racks carefully. Wash off your board and sail or boat. Check your rig and sail for damages. Log all damages and be responsible about doing repairs if you caused the damage.

The schedule of classes for the rest of the summer is as follows:

July 27 **sailing lessons will be held from 11 am to 3 pm due to low tide.

July 27 CAPSIZE-A-THON with instructor Dave Cary. Start time 9:30am (you must reserve spot in class by signing up at the clubhouse)

July 28 Woman's clinic 1:00

August 3rd Laser Clinic with instructor Ben Pink (2pm)

August 4th OPEN HOUSE

August 10 **sailing lessons will be held from 11 am to 3 pm due to low tide.

August 17th Spinnaker Clinic (instructor TBA) 11am

August 24th Windsurfing Clinic TBA

August 26-29th JUNIOR FAST-TRAK for Sailing (details TBA)

August 31st Rhodes 19 Clinic (instructor TBA)

September 7th Sail Trim Lecture (instructor TBA)

If you have any suggestions for classes or would like to volunteer to teach a clinic or class, please contact the rear commodore at

Port Captain’s Report - Nick

Dave is currently working on a dayleader checklist. Alex Bustamante is now working as a Port Captain chair. The creating of a No-Parking sign is being coordinated with the Harbor Master and will be put on the tool shed. Dayleader training will continue on Sunday afternoons. Many thanks to James for organizing the work-study assignments.

Secretary's Report - Sarah Hubbard

Binders of past minutes will be archived in the club house in the 2-drawer file cabinet (where very old minutes are currently archived).

I've established a system of tracking print orders that, over time, should help the Secretary and day leaders control the inventory, thereby preventing suprise shortages. Dayleaders, please help me out by emailing me if you notice we are low on something. Once the electronic versions of the print materials are available, I will print out Master copies for the printer (Cal Copy), for the club house, and for the Secretary's binder.

Treasurer’s Report - Paul

We have $4,117 in checking $46,426 in the Dinghy fund $61,459 in our regular money market fund

2) Closed Agenda Item

3) Motion was made to allow free quarter membership for the two Port Captain chairs, Alex Bustamante and Robert Hagel.

Motion passed unanimously

4) The Nena rudder is still missing. If anyone has information about its whereabouts, please contact Seth.

5) Barbara is developing a proposal for starting a Kids Program, which will be presented and discussed at the General Membership meeting on August 15th. If you have comments, ideas for equipment, etc, please attend the meeting to share your thoughts.

6) Some of the items that will be discussed at the General Membership Meeting on August 15 are: reports, changes to the constitution, dues, kids program, and possible changes to the clubhouse.

7) Senior projects will need to specify the projected schedule, and a mentor/advisor/sponsor (either a member of Ex Com or another senior club member).

8) Alex Bustamente has been designated as a Port Captain Chair and will assist with weekend dayleader supervision.

9) The member who recently landed a lido on the rocks has been contacted about following through with the work needed to fix it. He will be given another two weeks before disciplinary action is taken.

10) Budget Info reminder - Ex Com would like to receive a year-to-date and a last month report at the first meeting of each month. This would help each of the commodore’s keep track of their budgets better.

11) A motion was made to allow Senior sailinf candidates Nick Chou and Will Low to give Junior sailing tests.

The motion passed unanimously.

12) Metal lockers have been offered to the club free of charge. They will be considered as part of the clubhouse plan, but should not be delivered until other decisions regarding the clubhouse (e.g., location of changing rooms) have been made.

13) Ed Shirk has stepped down from his position as Rating Committee Chair. Ex Com is currently looking to fill this position. If you are interested, contact any Ex Com member.

Meeting adjourned.