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2002.08.01 - Excom

Thursday August 01, 2002


Saul Schumsky, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Trumpton MacFarlane, 2nd Vice Commodore (alt); Seth Clark, 3rd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; Nick Chou, Port Captain; Sarah Hubbard, Secretary



Agenda Items:

1) Reports

Commodore - Saul Schumsky

Saul has returned from his sailing trip. Many thanks to all who have kept the club running during his absence.


2nd Commodore - Trumpton MacFarlane

Laurant has been made windsurfing sail maintenance chair, and Josh windsurfing board maintenance chair. Both will be compensated with free memberships.


3rd Vice Commodore - Seth Clark

Keelboats are in need of work: Decking on Hewey and Dewey needs repair, both boat have “do not sail: signs. Daisy is also marked with “do not sail” because of lighting and bilge hatch repairs. Workers are needed to help with repairs. A new rudder will be ordered for Nena. Rhodes trailer has been sanded and is ready for welding and paint. Rhodes has been in the marina during trailer repair, so could use a bottom scraping. We are looking for a place to store PFDs.


Rear Commodore - Ben Pink

Teacher turnout on lessons days has been poor. Several members will work on contacting and recruiting teachers. Remember, 10 teaching hours earn a three-month membership, 20 hours and you’ll also get a hat. Thanks to Dave Cary for his capsize class.


Secretary - Sarah Hubbard

Seth has translated club documents, so we are ready to update and reprint as needed.



2) Member Jane Morson has offered her experience and assistance with club fundraising. Her efforts will be coordinated by Ex Com. All those interested in participating should let Ex Com know.



3) Closed Agenda Item



4) Motion was made to allow a request for a donation of plastic deck chairs to be sent to Orchard Supply Hardware. A letter of request was written by Jim Lamb and signed by Saul Schumsky. Passed unanimously.



5) Closed Agenda Item



6) A motion was made to approve $1000 to repair the hinges on the windsurfing lockers. Isabella delaRocca will arrange for the repairs. Motion passed with 5 in favor, 1 abstention and none opposed.



7) A motion was made to allow associate member Maurice Kaufman to repair damage to floor of windsurfing lockers in exchange for up to one year’s locker rental. Value of work will depend on professional estimates for work solicited by Isabella delaRocca. Motion passed with 5 in favor, 1 abstention and none opposed.



8) Treasurer Paul Herzmark submitted fiscal year to date budget for Ex Com review. CSC appears to be on target with earnings and expenditures. It would be helpful to know if the amounts budgeted are weighted by quarter or evenly distributed throughout the year. It would also be helpful to see previous 12 months. Ex Com questioned why communication and dingy maintenance expenditures were so low.



9) General Membership Meeting Agenda Items are:


Discussion about minor membership


Discussion about creation of Ex Com positions for windsurfing maintenance and an additional Port Captain position


Discussion about changes to membership levels and services (pay more to not do work hours, receive info by email only)


Annual review of chair positions


Announcement about changes to dock keys



10) Motion was made to allow $55 per person for 7 people (4 dayleaders and 3 club members) to attend first aid training. Friendly amendment to make the motion for 4 dayleaders only. Motion with amendment passed unanimously.



11) A workday will occur in August, date to be determined, for windsurfing equipment repair. 1 hour of work will be required before windsurfers or sailors are allowed on the water.



12) Windsurfing sail use clarified: Sails marked with N, which should be stored in the sail hanger on the right, are for Novice and Junior windsurfers. Other sails (whether unmarked or marked with J+) are for Junior+ and Senior windsurfers only. A few very large sails have been purchased and will remain unmarked for J+ and Senior use. If you are a weight-challenged Novice or Junior, you may talk to Trumpton about using these sails. Reminder: Ex Com may require members who damage sails to pay a $100 damage fee.



13) A new dock key system that uses key cards will be put into place in September. Seth will ask the membership chair to produce a list of members eligible for dock keys. The list will be provided to the Harbor Master to authorize a key card. There will be a non-refundable $15 charge for the key card.



14) Motion made to authorize member Josh to spend an additional $300 for the board repair area. Motion passed unanimously.



15) Motion made to authorize $425 to replace the Nena rudder. Motion passed unanimously.



16) Discussion about members who don’t do their work hours. Ex Com reiterated that they should not be allowed to sail until work hours are completed. Dayleaders can enforce this rule. People need to take personal responsibility.



17) Member Ed Corbett has requested a copy of the CSC Junior Skipper written test to use in the formation of a club similar to CSC. A disclaimer letter will be sent along with the test.



Tabled Agenda Items:

Creation of Building Committee


Open House Dates


Membership Card System



Meeting Adjourned