All Meeting Minutes

2002.08.15 - General

Thursday August 15, 2002

In Attendance: Saul Schumsky, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore; Trumpton MacFarlane, 2nd Vice Commodore; Seth Clark, 3rd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; Nick Chou, Port Captain; Sarah Hubbard, Secretary; Paul Herzmark, Treasurer

Ex Com Meeting Agenda Items

1) Minor Memberships:

A motion was made to allow 13-year-old Ulka D’Costa to be accepted as a minor member and to earn a novice windsurfer rating. Motion passed unanimously.

A motion was made to allow 14-year-old Cayce Morin to be accepted as a minor member and to earn a novice windsurfer rating. Motion passed unanimously.

2) A motion was made to allow Jan Crosbie-Taylor and Mike Hummel to give Jr. Sailing Tests. Motion passed with 1 abstention and 6 in favor.

3) Budget was reviewed and accepted.

4) (Closed agenda item)

Meeting adjourned.

General Membership Meeting

1) Reports

Commodore’s Report: Saul has participated in a recent waterfront commission meeting, where they discussed dredging the marina and south sailing basin. Enough money is in their budget to do a study of south sailing basin needs. This will be done and Saul will report to the Waterfront Commission at their September meeting.

Vice Commodore’s Report: The advertising budget has been well spent. Open houses are good and ridership is up. Senior sailors are encouraged to participate more in community sails, especially the YMCA partnership.

1st Vice Commodore’s Report: The Lidos are being kept operational, Rhodes trailer is being worked on, Lasers and Bytes are in good shape but are underutilized. The Laser/Byte Chair position is currently open. Any interested parties should contact Matthias.

2nd Vice Commodore’s Report: Construction of “board hospital” in corner of yard is nearing completion. Talk to Josh if you are interested in doing repair work. Sails were recently sold, proceeds will be used to purchase new equipment. Be careful to use new gear appropriately…big sails are for light days, etc. Club is looking into purchasing smaller gear/rigs.

3rd Vice Commodore’s Report: Five keelboats are currently in the water, four of them are sailable. See Seth if you are interested in assisting with maintenance. Senior and Cruising rated members can get replacement keys at the Harbor Master office. Tell the folks at the desk you are on the Cal-Sailing Club J-dock list. The new key will cost $15. If you want to turn in your old key and get a receipt. The funds will eventually get back to CSC and you can turn in your receipt for a refund. How about donating the $25 to the dinghy fund? If you think you should be on the J-dock list and you’re not, email with an explanation.

Rear Commodore’s Report: There has been some discussion about whether the club has been providing enough lessons. Members are now making calls to teachers to encourage them to come out on lesson days. Even if you can’t teach, you can help out by making phone calls. Lecture series will continue through September. Contact Ben if you would like to suggest a clinic. Capsize clinic was a success. Ben suggests getting checked out on as many boats as possible.

Port Captain’s Report: Nick has survived his first three month’s as Port Captain through the help of many active members, namely Sherry, Rob H, James, David F, Alex B, and Amy. Many thank to all of them.

Secretary’s Report: Sarah reminds members that they can keep up on club activities and decisions, which are posted on the list serves and in the clubhouse on a clipboard behind the dayleader’s desk. She is working on updating the club’s electronic files.

Treasurer’s Report: Many thanks to the club members who have helped Paul maintaining budget files and generating reports, especially to Lynn Smith. Bottom line is that we currently have $117,621.92 in the bank.

2) Many thanks to the cooks for a wonderful meal!

3) Ex Com is considering making a change to the Operating Rules that would allow for an annual review of all chair positions, which would enable us to ensure that chairs are still interested in serving. A motion will be made at the next General Membership Meeting.

4) Ex Com is considering adding two Ex Com positions: Port Captain and Windsurfing. A motion will be made at the next General Membership Meeting.

5) Minor Membership Discussion:

A number of members have expressed their interest in making the club more “family friendly.” Currently, members with kids often rent windsurfing gear from Cal Adventures in order to be on the water together. Current policy is to allow membership for 12 to 17 year olds with permission from Ex Com. In discussion, the following pros, cons, opportunities and ideas were brought up by members at the meeting.

We’ll need to look into liability issues and costs.

Establish an after school program for at-risk youth.

Talk to Cal Adventures and other similar programs (such as Lake Merrit) about how they accommodate minors, what are costs, what the risks are.

Form partnerships with similar programs.

12 years old is a good minimum, but supervision of parents is essential.

Who will teach the kids? There aren’t enough teachers for the adult members of the club.

Keep the program simple by not involving outside groups (such as at risk youth).

Different nature of windsurfing and sailing may require different rules. Should parent maintain a higher rating than child?

Because of inherent risk involved, it is important that a caring individual be supervising at all times.

Risk of CSC becoming daycare facility, with no parental supervision.

Structure and functioning of the club needs to stabilize before ewe can address adding new programs like this.

What does club want to get out of this?

How do we enforce parental supervision? Need to think about club’s ability to govern the process.

If there really is a need for this, parents should form a committee to get the ball rolling.

6) Work Requirement Discussion:

Many members have expressed frustration about people not completing their work hours, while others are frustrated by not finding work to do to complete their hours. What options does the club have? In discussion, the following pros, cons, opportunities, ideas, and questions were brought up by members at the meeting.

Members can opt out of work hours by paying more in dues.

How do we get people working more efficiently?

Dayleader should have list of projects for people to sign up for.

Experienced crew leaders could coordinate projects.

Many people are intimidated by the more complex tasks that need to be done (such as boat repair). Organized work days could be used to teach people.

We need more members who know what they are doing and continue to lead projects.

There is not enough work to be done given the number of members we have. Make ratings depend on work.

Teaching hours = work hours!

Have novices contribute work hours, Juniors contribute teaching hours, and Seniors contribute dayleading hours.

Create chair position for work/repair.

We need to emphasize that the club functions as a co-op, it’s not just a cheap place to sail.

We need to track how people are doing over time.

Open house is a good opportunity to fulfill your work hours.

We are short on teachers…more people should fulfill their work hours by teaching.

Allow novice sailors to teach.

Encourage people to get their novice rating, which enable them to sail with other novices.

Dayleaders need to enforce work hours policy when enrolling repeat members.

Meeting Adjourned