All Meeting Minutes

2002.08.29 - Excom

Thursday August 29, 2002

In attendance: Saul Schumsky, Commodore; Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; Sarah Hubbard, Secretary.


Motor Committee -- Both skiffs went out of action the weekend of 8/17-18, requiring several visits from the mechanic and shutting down the club Monday 8/19.

The skiffs have been repaired and put back in action and the cause (contaminated fuel) was corrected by decanting all the club's fuel, done by member Arrowsmith during the 8/24 work day.

The 15-hp skiff will get a new pull starter and electric push button to replace parts that are failing.

Commodore’s Report - Saul Schumsky

My report is I have been contacted by a boy scout troop to help them get access to boats for 3 scouts who need to capsize and right a boat to finish their sailing merit badge. One girl scout troop from San Jose interested in finding out about sailing and what we could offer them, and one Breast cancer group (Project Jump) wants to expose kids to sailing. Sept. 29, Oct. 5, and Oct 12/13 are options for Project Jump. I have to go to the September water front commission meeting and present hard financial numbers and rides given numbers to justify our free slip fees and place a nonprofit in Berkeley marina. Talking to a builder about how we can lower the costs of building the Antrims and what it would cost for his time to help us with the project. Many thanks to Chris Havel, who has volunteered to be the rating committee chair. Thanks also to the many windsurfers who have done a great job offering shore-side activities on open house dates.

Second Vice Commodore’s Report - Barbara Knox

During the work party this past Saturday, we sanded 4 boards, 2 of which need to be checked before we allow them to be sailed. Special thanks to John Myall who organized the work party and to John Frasier and Bill Printzmetal for teaching an excellent waterstart clinic.

The newly dubbed "Board Room" (aka board hospital) is coming along, but is stalled for materials. The walls are fully up and painted and the changing rooms are coming along. We still need roofing materials, but the plan is in place for that phase. If no one comes forward with transportation, Josh is going to try using some of the allocated $$ to rent the Home Depot Truck or something. It does not have provisions for the 16-ft roof beams, though, so that's going to be a pain to deal with. When complete, the structure will have a composite roof and shall be more or less weatherproof. The changing rooms will also be environmentally isolated from the main space to keep fiberglass dust away from people changing. There will be no permanent electricity, but there will be fluorescent light fixtures that can be plugged into extension cords.

We need plans for the Board Hospital from Josh so that dayleader and work-party leaders can assign projects. Trumpton will contact him to get something in writing, also will check when his anticipated date of completion is, and whether additional changing rooms and a solar shower could be included in the building.

Laurent has talked with Kevin about purchasing new boards for junior members but this is the last task he will be able to complete before his new job in LA starts in October. Since he will be in France during part of September, we are looking for a chair to oversee maintenance of the sails and delivery to the sail repair shop. Anybody interested, please contact Barbara (510 437 9462 or or Trumpton (415 731 2572

We have given $800 in invoices for necessary maintenance items such as replacing universals and installing boom bras on all the sails. We hope that, by putting boom bras on all novice sails, we will cut down on the need for repairing junior boards, which have really taken a beating this season probably due to the new novice boards helping people to advance more quickly to junior rating.

More sails need to be rigged when sails are damaged. I would like to require people who tear sails to rig a replacement sails so that there is a continuous supply of sails in the locker.

We would also like to encourage people to rig new sails if they can't find the sail that they'd like. There is an inventory of sails that will be posted on the door of the windsurfing locker so that people can easily find the sail that they want to rig and check it's condition. Another copy of this inventory is in the Second Vice Folder of the Ex-Comm mailboxes (big black plastic file box in the clubhouse). Members should let us know if there is anything they need to rig the sail that is in low supply or not available.

Rear Commodore's Report - Ben Pink

Thanks to Nick Chou for organizing and running another fast trak. The students who were smart enough to sign up got some quality instruction with only one or two students per boat. Way to go Nick.

Pamela Crawford has offered to organize a junior fast-trak course for the evenings of September 18, 19, & 20. The time will be from 4:30 till sundown. Contact Pamela Crawford for more information.

The rear commodore is pleased to announce that Myles Morson is now the club laser/byte chairperson. Please introduce yourself to him if you are looking for a laser checkout or want to help get laser races happening in the future.

Congratulations to Robert Hugel and Andreas Nguyen for getting their senior Ratings!!!

Thanks to Bill P, John Fraser, and Trumpton for an excellent water-start class this last Saturday. Also thanks to Josh P, and Art L, for their ongoing Saturday windsurfing teaching. A special thanks to Josh P for his work on the Red Baron project and the publicity that has generated.

The calendar of events and classes will be published in the upcoming Floating Bottle newsletter.

Port Captain’s Report - Nick Chou

1. Last week when I was running the fast track at the club, I checked the sign-out sheets randomly, then found out some improper usage of the club equipment. It happened almost everyday, and none of the paid dayleaders had spotted that. I had already emphasized this to them time and time again. If they keep ignoring this is supposed to be one of their major duties, I'll ask James to hire another dayleader or ask members to volunteer daylead in order to cut their hours.

2. Port captain says yes to pay the skiff repair money. Thanks to Peter.

3. Even though the ex-com has approved the budget for dayleaders' CPR and First Aid training. After I discussed with Ben, it'll be quite difficult to find another two members willing to pay for their own to take the training; since Ben and these 3 dayleaders we have now will take it for sure, yet we need totally 6 people in order to get the discount. So I just told Fred to arrange the training date for themselves. Either Fast Response will bill us (at the regular price, of course) or I'll pay for it in advance then get reimbursed later. Sorry, my working schedule won't allow me to deal with the training center. I'll ask Amy Chen to help me with this.


1. A motion was made to allow Andrew Phillips to join CSC as a minor member and to obtain a novice rating for windsurfing and sailing. Friendly amendment added: He must wear a wetsuit while windsurfing. Motion approved unanimously.

2. A motion was made to approve Sergio Pacca’s senior project proposal. Friendly amendment added: He may spend up to $375. The motion passed unanimously.

Senior Project Proposal - Sergio Pacca

Dear Excomm members:

I would like to propose as my senior project the installation of a mainsheet traveler in Uncle Donald. I did a survey to find out the components used for this job, and I am submitting a list with the parts needed and the respective budget on page 2.

The time allocation to get the project done is approximately the following:

Working hour’s allocation:

Searching components 2 h

Contacting manufacturer .5 h

Installing the system 7.5 h

Total 10 h

If the project is approved I believe it could be completed as soon as possible, probably in less than a month, depending on the availability of the parts. I plan to send a message to the CSC e-mail list to see if someone is interested in helping/watching the installation of the hardware in the boat. I think some knowledge about knots is going to be required.

Below I show the contact info for the parts’ supplier.


1082 West 9th St.

Upland, CA 91786

Phone: 909-9859993

Fax: 909-9463913


I am looking forward to hearing from you,

Berkeley, August 24, 2002

Sergio Pacca

Jr. skipper

Member number: 11161

List of parts supplied by Garhauer, Upland, CA needed to install a mainsheet traveler in Uncle Donald comparable to the one in Daisy.

1. Mainsheet Traveler MT-1 Price: $214.50

Length: 4 ft

Width: DT-dble car

2. Fiddle Blocks with Becket, Cam Cleat and Swivel Shackle Price: $48.40

30-06 S - Stainless Steel Blocks

length: 8-1/2

width: 3-3/4

weight: 17 oz.

shackle: 1/4

3. Fiddle Blocks with Swivel Shackle Price: $30.25

30-01 S - Stainless Steel Blocks

length: 7-1/4

width: 2-1/2

weight: 14 oz.

shackle: 1/4

4. Stainless screws and bolts Price:

TOTAL PRICE: $*293.15

TAXES: $22.72

GRAND TOTAL: = $315.87

*shipping and handling is included

3. Sally Lang has offered to lead the rebuilding of the clubhouse. No Building Committee is needed at this time.

4. A new membership system is needed. Some of the pros and cons of an electronic/computer system were voiced. Ben will provide a written proposal at a later date, and options will be discussed at the next general meeting.

5. Motion to approve $1200 for rescue skiff motor repairs. Passed unanimously.

6. Amy and Frank Aalbers presented a list of proposals addressing the work hour / teacher shortage issue. Ex Com will review the proposals on Sept 29 at 6 pm, location to be determined. Changes will be presented at the next general membership meeting. A motion was made to approve $125 for dinner at the Sept 29 meeting. Motion passed with 1 abstention, 4 in favor.

7. Women’s Sailing Classes continue. Leah Teitler will organize the program for 4 or 5 dates through September, at 1 pm on Sundays. Ben will send dates by list serve. 2 or 3 boats will be needed. A motion was made to approve dinghy use for women’s sailing classes. Approved unanimously.

8. $400 was requested for the Board Room. Ex Com asks that plans and a budget be presented before additional funds are allocated.

9. Motion to approve $800 for windsurfing gear maintenance and an additional $400 to purchase a used Bic techno. Friendly amendment added: Additional $400 can be used to purchase any used transition board. Motion passed unanimously.

10. Saul has discussed building the Antrim boats with a boat builder who is willing to give an estimate for the total costs, then deduct labor that is provided by club members. Last bid was $120K for the molds and 8 boats. Club would need to contribute approximately 1000 work hours. A motion to allow Saul to ask the builder for possible dates when builder can meet with interested CSC members and get more information about the project. Motion passed with 1 abstention and 4 in favor.

Tabled agenda items:

Open House Dates

Change to Operating Rules Re lasers, bytes

Meeting Adjourned