All Meeting Minutes

2002.09.12 - Excom

Thursday September 12, 2002

Present: Saul Schumsky, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore; Trumpton MacFarlane (alt), 2nd Vice Commodore; Seth Clark, 3rd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; Nick Chou, Port Captain; Sarah Hubbard, Secretary. Members present: Bill Prinzmetal, Ed Shirk, Josh, David Frasier, Myles Morson, and John Mankey.


Commodore’s Report - Saul Schumsky

Waterfront Commission meeting 9/11. They have waived fees for 4 of the 5 slips for the Cal Sailing Club through February 2004. The weekend of the 7th took 2 leaders from the San Jose Girl Scout troop for a training sail in preparation for their troop sailing. Hasn’t heard back from Project Jump about a date. Spoke with club’s advisory attorney, J. Wilder Lee, re advertising products/services of companies who support CSC. We can exchange ads for services and equipment.

Vice Commodore’s Report - Allan Champion

J. Wilder Lee has provided us with a new release form for rides to the public. Secretary will have copies printed and delivered to the club. All open house participants should sign these.

1st vice commodore's report - Matthias Roschke

I would like to thank everyone, for all the work they have done keeping our fleet of dinghies operational!

There have been a few cases where boats were marked DO NOT SAIL, but it was not quite clear why, and what needed to be done. If something breaks, it is the skipper's responsibility to:

1) Properly report and document the problem

2) Either fix the problem, or take steps to get it fixed (furnishing an 'equivalent labor' to the club).

I will write up a short checklist outlining some simple procedures to follow if various problems occur. This list will be available from the dayleader. If anyone has any suggestions as to what should be on the list please contact me. Matthias

2nd Vice Commodore’s Report - Barbara Knox

We had an impromptu windsurfing expedition up to the Delta on Labor Day. My apologies for not publicizing it. It was a last minute decision and so we stopped by the club and invited all windsurfers that were there. We would like to organize another windsurfing trip to the delta, hopefully with more advance planning. If you're interested, please let Barbara know.

If anybody has a truck and could assist Josh with delivery of materials to build roof on board hospital, please contact him at Also, if you're interested in working on the roof or have special carpentry/electrical skills, please contact him as well.

I would like to propose that we allocate $2500 for the purchase of 3 Senior Boards and miscellaneous items to equip the rest of the fleet such as booms and fins (See agenda item below). If there are other items that you think are needed to complete the windsurfing fleet, please email us at or join the windsurfing discussion group:

If anyone is interested in teaching a special windsurfing clinic, please contact, Ben Pink. Popular topics might include waterstarting (an on the water clinic to follow up our on land demo with John Frasier, Bill P and Trumpton), Junior Prep Clinic (Tacking and Jibing), and Uphauling in rough seas.

Special thanks to Art, Josh, and Bob Hood for teaching on Saturday mornings and to Bill P and Ben Pink for investigating possibilities for purchase of new boards.

There was a conflict between people waiting for sails or boards. In the past, windsurfers have put the sail and/or board they want to use on the green turf in front of the sail hangers. In the operating rules is states that, “A member who wishes to be next to sail a specific…sailboard may sign up on the sign-up sheet, noting the ‘time signed up’.” There is no such column on the current windsurfing sheet. It has been suggested that a column be added so as to eliminate confusion, the logic being that the “time out” column should denote the time out on the water, which applies to the one-hour time limit on equipment waited upon.

3rd Vice Commodore’s Report - Seth Clarke

Slow progress is being made on Nena All pieces are now in Seth’s hands. Howard’s Sr. project to recaulk Daisy’s deck joint is nearly complete.

Rear Commodore's Report 9/11/02

The rear commodore would like to take moment to remember those people that were robbed from us in the horrible events of September 11th. The rear commodore would personally like say that my grief over the loss of those people in the attacks is not a cry for war against other nations and innocent civilians of those nations.

The rear commodore would like to thank those that have been stepping up to teach on Saturday mornings. You know who you are.

Don't forget, teaching lessons can count towards either work credit OR lesson credit good towards a free membership. 10 lesson hours gets you a free membership, 15 lesson hours taught gets you a free membership and an instructor's hat. If you have any questions about how this works, please send an e-mail to

The schedule of classes and events is as follows:

September 7 Spinnaker Clinic with Jan Crosbie-Taylor. 3pm at the clubhouse. September 8 OPEN HOUSE September 14 Sail Trim Lecture with Saul Schumsky. 2pm at the clubhouse. September 14 --postponed-- Practical Mast Tuning Clinic with Saul Schumsky September 15 Women's Sailing Clinic, organized by Leah Teitler. Please contact for more information. September 18, 19, 20 Junior Fast-Trak for Sailing, organized by Pamela Crawford. Please contact for more information. September 21 General Dinghy Maintenance and Repair for CSC with Ed Shirk. 2pm at the clubhouse. This will be a special class on the basics of how to fix common problems on CSC dinghies, and may include the basics of how to fiberglass, fix rigging, and replace commonly broken parts. September 22 OPEN HOUSE September 29 Women's Sailing Clinic.

Port Captain’s Report - Nick Chou

1. Philip will longer work for the club after two weeks, luckily we have Anita to fill in right at this nick of time. She already got paper work done, now she's officially hired, ready to undertake training.

2.James retired from dayleader chair, David Frazer and I will work together to take over the job temporarily until we find someone to help out. Thanks to James for what he has contributed to the team and the club. Good luck to James with his new career.

3.Thanks to Jim for donating another mini fridge to the club to replace the old one which was wasted by unknown person.

4.on Sep 29th, the special meeting, I'll call up those members who have dayleading training sign-off to make it there in order to share their volunteer dayleading experience and brainstorm together. To improve the check-in system, we need their opinions more than any others.

Treasurer’s Report - Paul Herzmark

Here are the account balances as of 9/11/02:

checking $3,034.06

Dinghy fund Money Market $49,711.92

regular Money Market $67,056.52

total $119,802.50


1. Ed Shirk announced that there will be a harvest moon on Saturday, September 21. He is heading to Clipper Cove on his boat, Kelly, and invites others to join him.

2. A motion was made to allow Max Kuhn to join CSC as a minor member, pending member Peter Kuhn’s completion of a release form. Motion passed unanimously.

3. Josh needs a volunteer to receive materials delivery for board hospital at the club. Miles has volunteered. Additional funding is needed to complete the structure. $600 has been allocated so far. Ex Com has requested budget for materials needed to complete project. Josh will email this to Barbara, who will post to the Ex Com list. Ex Com will vote by email and Barbara will relay response to Josh. Ex Com has requested that locks be put on all doors to the board hospital.

4. A motion was made to approve $4900 for the purchase of senior boards, motions, masts, fins, booms, and other windsurfing equipment. Friendly amendment: include details of purchase. (3 senior boards, 3 motions, 3 masts, 4 booms, 4 fins, misc. items (boom bras, foot straps, etc.). Second friendly amendment: all funds be lumped together. Motion passed with 5 in favor, 1 opposed, 2 abstentions.

5. Miles has been getting lasers into working order and generating enthusiasm for members to be checked out to sail them. He has noticed that the sails are in disrepair, spars are needed, rudders need tillers and extensions, etc. Saul provided estimates for materials. Miles will look into actual costs and make a request at a later date. If money is spent on parts, keeping these parts safe should be part of the budget. It was noted that two of the lasers aren’t registered. Miles also questioned the usefulness of the bytes, how often they are sailed, and if they are worth keeping.

6. Sarah will create electronic version of Cal Sailing letterhead and email to the Ex Com list.

7. Ex Com needs to vote to accept all donations. We should give donor a receipt or letter confirming their donation (for tax purposes). They assign the value.

8. There will be a meeting on Sept 29 to discuss a new membership system and how to address the teacher shortage. Seth will ask the Harbormaster about using conference room. Ben has prepared a proposal for a non-electronic membership tracking method, and will prepare one for an electronic/computerized methods as well.

9. Fast-Trak classes will be held this week (Sept 16-20). BBQ is scheduled for Friday. A motion was made to authorize night sailing on Friday Sept 20. Friendly amendment: only sailors rated Jr. and above can sail. Boats must have waterproof flashlights and windsurfers must carry a light. Motion Failed

Motion made to allow Fast-Trak coordinator Pamela Crawford to run Fast-Trak until 8:30pm, pending availability of dayleader, working skiff, and working waterproof flashlights for each of the boats. Motion approved unanimously.

10. Motion to allow Anita Bueno, who has paid to be a member and is now a paid dayleader, a three-month membership to be used at her discretion. Motion passed unanimously.

11. Motion to allow Vincent Fallourd a three-month membership for time served. Motion approved unanimously.

12. Bill Bradfield, an ex-member, has requested free membership in exchange for dayleading. Operating rules indicate that he may earn a free membership by volunteering as a dayleader while he is a paid member. Ex Com will not provide a free membership before dayleading work has been done, and will not allow nonmembers to volunteer daylead.

13. Svendsen’s has expressed an interest in donating funds, boat parts, boats and other items, as well as offering discounts, to the CSC and its members. Ex Com is in agreement that is appropriate to provide a link to their website from our in exchange for these services and supplies.

14. Can Trumpton run power to the windsurfing locker on a permanent basis? Electrical system was not built to handle that; circuit is likely to blow. Not advised without having electrical check system.

Tabled agenda items:

PFD Storage

Meeting adjourned.