All Meeting Minutes

2002.10.10 - Excom

Thursday October 10, 2002

Attendance: Saul Schumsky, Commodore; Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; David Frasier, Port Captain (alt); Sarah Hubbard, Secretary.

Announcement: The following Ex Com positions will be filled at the Nov. 21 General Membership Meeting: First Vice Commodore, Third Vice Commodore, Secretary.

Agenda Items:

1. Roxanne Patin and Shelly from Pittsburg Unified School District. Wanting to see of we could help students in alternate ed program be exposed to sailing. Ex Com agreed we would work with them on finding opportunities for the students to sail, and suggested Roxanne write an article for the Floating Bottle to gain support for the program. Ben will send her Floating Bottle editor Sherri’s email.



Saul Schumsky, Commodore

Spoke with Jim Lamb re CA Aquatic Center Director’s Conference. Amy Rigby would be happy to meet with Jim to help us apply for grants. Also talked with manager of Sven’s to have them put in writing what kind of discount and conditions they are able to offer club.

Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore

Will take a closer look at Rhodes and will do jib inventory.

Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore

We've made the following purchases from the $4900 allocated for the purchase of Boards, Masts, Booms, etc.

Techno Junior Board: $684.14 (Barbara)

8 Masts (Bill): $972

1 7.2 sale (Barbara and Isabella): $150

The following purchases will be made:

4-6 booms(145, 175 plus 40 cm extensions on both sized) at $89 each plus tax: $578.06 (Dominique)

1 used boom from a private sale: $75

That leaves a remainder of $2440.80.

The following purchases/donations are being investigated:

Booms from Ken Hartz (Barbara)

Senior Board (Reese and Josh)

Ex-comm has stated that it needs to approve any selling of used windsurfing equipment. I would like this to be put on the agenda for this evening as this has been ongoing.

Windsurfing trip to the delta planned for Sunday, Oct. 13. Meet at club at 10am. Departure: 11am. If anybody has clear directions please contact Matthias (First Vice Commodore) or Barbara (Second Vice Commodore). Juniors and above rated windsurfers allowed to sail on club equipment. Novices welcome to come along and check out the scene, barbecue, possible lessons- please contact a rated windsurfer if interested).

Thanks to Josh P for producing Windsurfing flyer and tax donation form.

Thanks to Matthias for helping to organized windsurfing trip to the delta.

Thanks to Ben Pink for repairing equipment.

Thanks to Art and Josh P for instruction.

Thanks to Bill and Dominique for investigating and purchasing equipment.

Ben Pink, Rear Commodore

On the teaching front, thanks to those that have been teaching saturday lido lessons. The rear commodore would like to remind teachers that a successful lesson does not necessarily mean that you must take three students and go into the junior area. A good lesson can be had in the novice area, and if your skill and comfort dictate, you can take only one or two students (the overall duration of your lesson would be shorter, of course). If you are not confident yet with your skills, and yet you want to teach and get experience, please stay in the novice area when it is really windy. You would be amazed at how many tacks and jibes it is possible to practice within the confines of the novice area. Also, the rear commodore would like to stress repetition of maneuvers for beggining students. Have the student tack and jibe repeatedly in order to get as much practice as possible. Save the use of jargon and detailed sail theory for more advanced students.

Thanks to Art L., Josh P., and Pauline K. for keeping the windsurfing teaching program going strong. The rear commodore is really impressed with these three and their commitment to teaching novice and junior windsurfers. Keep up the great work!

The rear commodore would like to remind people about the basics of putting a boat away properly.(I may miss a few details, but this is the general idea:)

1) WASH BOAT (Especially all metal parts) and rinse trailer while at the hoist (move to where you are not blocking other boats from launching/hoisting)

2) drain the hull: while the boat is on the hoist, remove hull plugs and drain boat. Make sure centerboard is up, tiller/rudder are up & secure

3) If the sails got wet with salt water, WASH the sails

4) If time permits, remove sails (learn how to do this!) and DRY your sails. Sails can be hung out to dry and inspected for damage. Damaged sails should be labelled and properly put away for repair. Label the sail, roll it properly, then place the sail in the trunk in the clubhouse, located below the ex-com bulletin board, where they will be collected and sent to the sail loft for repair.

5) Properly ROLL sails to put them away. Roll Sailsby:-ROLL sail down from head to foot, keeping battens even and horizontal and keeping the leach lined up as you go. -Either ROLL jib up in mainsail or ROLL jib up and put away separately

6)wheel boat into yard and put in appropriate PARKING SPOT

7)wooden block behind wheels of trailer

8) Put SAIL COVER on mainsail

9) sign boat back in on sign-out sheet there will be a "how to be a better teacher at CSC" lecture coming up. Watch e-mail list and flyers at the club for details.

David Fraser, Port Captain (alt)

The Port Captain team (currently Port Captain Nick Chou, plus Robert Hugel & David Fraser) has been expanding, with Kenn Osborne, Pamela Crawford, and Wilder Lee and others volunteering to help out. Very much appreciated. In addition, Bruce McKenzie deserves the club’s thanks for stepping in to keep us sailing by scheduling dayleaders this month in Robert’s absence. Kenn has kindly taken charge of much of the dayleader paperwork so our stalwarts can get hired & paid.

We have discussed appointing a Head Dayleader to handle certain administrative tasks in addition to dayleading; extra hours would be compensated.

David has placed another ad for dayleaders and would like to maintain a pool of several additional paid dayleaders in case we lose some and to cover vacations/gaps. He encourages everyone at CSC, especially students, to spread the word to suitable college friends, enemies, and classmates regarding our openings for this and next semester. They don’t have to be UCB students, any undergrad/grad student at an area community/4-year/college/university can apply if their school is willing to work with CSC, BUT THEY MUST HAVE WORK STUDY FUNDING IN HAND. Details at:

Anyone interested in Port Captaining or Dayleading should contact David F. at . We can always use three or 57 more hands. Several new dayleaders have recently been trained; thanks again to Ben P., Jim P., Dave C., and others who helped. Thanks also to those who attended our trainings. New volunteer dayleaders who are soloing or Ok to are Tom Wu, Susan Esher, Dave Cary. (Did I forget anyone?) Please also welcome our new paid DL Anita Bueno. The extensively revised Dayleader Manual (DLM) is now complete and will go to Ex Comm for suggestions and refinements. Members are welcome to write in legible suggestions for corrections and improvements, on the pages in green binder (will be back at Dayleader Desk shortly). Flames will be remembered. New and improved version will be distributed to all dayleaders, paid and volunteer.

Sarah Hubbard, Secretary

CSC letterhead is now in the filing cabinet. Ex Com members can also access an electronic template through the excom listserve. General Membership Meeting invitation/announcement cards are ready to be copied. David Fraser will drop them off and request that they be delivered to the club house.

Paul Herzmark, Treasurer

Here are the account balances as of 10/7/02

Checking $356.65

Dinghy fund $49,742.81

Regular Money Market $69,955.16

Total 120,054.62

4. BAADS (Bay Area Disabled Sailors) - Reps were at the last Waterfront Commission meeting. Group thinks it will need to give up Berkekley Marina slip because they are unable to maintain program here. One idea is for CSC to work out exchange where we help them with boat maintenance and sailing for their program, an get to use boat for CSC use when they do not have it scheduled. Boat has an inboard motor. Details need to be worked out, and CSC rating committee needs to be consulted.

5. Davids senior project. A motion was made to confirm email approval of David Frasier’s senior project. Motion passed unanimously.

6. A motion was made to put the following items on the agenda for the November 21st General Membership Meeting: Ex Com Reports, Ex Com Election, Discussion and Feedback on CSC moving foreward with the Antrim boat design. Motion passed unanimously.

7. Antrim Boat History and Status Report:

In 1999, Ex Com was asked by general members to look into having boats built for the club. Club set parameters, Production committee looked for boats, sought proposals. From submitted designs, Jim Antrim’s boat design was chosen and an estimated price was set. Design went through several renditions. Ron Moore’s bid to build the boats was higher than expected. Price was negotiated but club still didn’t have enough money. It would take +/- $55,000 to get the first boat in the water, it would be sailed and tested, then other boats could be made. $50,000 is surrently in the dinghy replacement fund. Using club members’ labor to reduce costs was discussed, but does not seem viable. Saul will get a bid on the cost without using club labor. $8500 has been paid for the design. Aprox. cost for 8 boats with sails is $120,000. Money could be raised through grants. Decision to proceed will be voted on at next Ex Com meeting.

8. A motion was made to allow $700 for keelboat maintainance as listed:

$400 to refurbish elect systems and add a 2 stage charger to two commanders, $100 to replace stern lights on 3 ensigns, and $200 for plywood and sealant for ensign deck.

Motion passed unanimously.

9. A motion was made to have a Tropical Luau Party on November 10th (Nov. 24th if it rains on the 10th), allowing $300 to fund it. Motion passed unanimously. Party will be after open house. Donation for food and beverages will be requested of attendees.

10. A motion was made to allow the 1st Vice Commodore to sell old, used windsurfing equipment. Friendly ammendment: Sales limited to list presented by Barbara at this meeting (list developed by Laurant and Barbara) and sales must be advertised to the public. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned

Tabled agenda items:

member suspensions - log vs. white board.

operating rules - mixing club and personal gear

by laws changes - hard copy needed (Saul, post to list)

board hospital