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2002.10.24 - Excom

Thursday October 24, 2002

Saul Schumsky, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore; Trumpton MacFarlane (alt 2nd Vice); Seth Clark, 3rd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; Sarah Hubbard, Secretary. Also present: Josh P, Stephane P, Paul K and Pauline.


Elections will be held for the following Executive Committee positions at the next General Membership Meeting on Thursday, November 21, 2002.


Vice Commodore (advertising/open house/fills in for Commodore when absent)

First Vice (Dinghies)

Third Vice (Keelboats)



Saul Schumsky - Commodore

Contacted by an individual who wants to bring 20 people down for Nov 10th open house. Looking into E-script

Allen Champion - Vice Commodore

Allen will not be running for reelection at the next General Membership Meeting.

Barbara - Second Vice Report

Thanks to Matthias Roschke for organizing winsurfing trip to the delta. A great time was had by all despite lack of wind.

Thanks to Reese for informative clinic on board repair. Extra handouts are located on door of windsurfing locker in case you missed it.

Dominique purchased 6 booms (4 200cm and 2 145cm-unfortunately there were no more 175s) for $560 which leaves us with $2366 for senior board(Reese and Josh), some fins, and other miscellaneous items. See me if there's something you think we need or don't need(there has been some discussion about whether new sails should be purchased in December). Please email with your opinions.

Bill is investigating the purchase of some loft sails to be proposed in December.

Final plans for the board hospital will be presented by Josh Posamentier tonight.

Thanks to Pauline P, Art, and Josh Polston for teaching.

Thanks to Art Locht and Mark Yampanis for supervising the rigging of novice sails.

Ben Pink - Rear Commodore Saturday, November 2 Matthias Roschke will give a lecture on boat physics.

David Fraser - Deputy Port Captain's report

1. Nick Chou has resigned as Port Captain effective November 1 and will be moving to New York. We will miss him and hisspirited presence, and wish him all the very best.

2. As I've been sitting in for Nick, I'm happy to be Acting Port Captain until the November general election, if that's Excomm's wish. Having been Port Captain, Deputy, or an active member of the team for the past year and a half, I won't be running for Port Captain at the meeting. I'll be happy to help whoever is elected, and will share the info I put together for Dave Reichmuth and Nick with the new PC.

3. We have been lucky to have several volunteers join the PC gang: Kenn Osborne is handling much of the Dayleader paperwork, especially payroll, and Pamela Crawford has agreed to do a monthly review of DL hours to keep us in good shape with Work Study. Work Study has been extremely helpful and accommodating, going out of their way (especially Lourdes Jesuitas and Dave Williams) to make sure our new ad was posted quickly and to smooth the hiring. ********* PLEASE PASS THE WORD! We could still hire several dayleaders.************

4. We have hired a fourth Dayleader, Ms. Tien Huynh, who will start in winter due to schedule overlaps. Welcome Tien!!

5. Other people who have been very helpful: Wilder Lee, who has offered to help with several aspects of the DL paperwork, and the incomparable Bruce MacKenzie, who is handling scheduling in the absence of the Schedulemeister, Robert Hugel. Many thanks!!

6. Ben Pink and I did an ensemble DL training a few weeks back, assisted by Dave Cary on the skiff and Alex Bustamante at the drums (oops I mean desk). My apologies if I missed someone, but those who survived the "audition" and are already able to solo as volunteer dayleaders (VDLs): Tom Wu, Susan Esher, and Dave Cary. My thanks to all who attended. Other members who got trained may be ready to VDL, we just need to check to see how ready they are and when's convenient.

7. I'm revising the recently approved Dayleader Manual, and will leave two copies in the green binder (now at home). One will be the clean copy for DLs to use, the other is for Excomm and other members to mark up with (mostly constructive) suggestions or corrections. Please add your points by Nov. 14. I plan to have the revision ready by the general meeting.


1. A motion was made to approve $2000 to purchase items as listed on board hospital budget. Motion passed with 5 in favor, 0 opposed, and 2 abstentions.

2. A motion was made to allow Stephane Plihon and Seth Clark to work out a reasonable senior project for Stephane to work on the keelboat Nena based on the list of tasks presented and, with Commodore Saul Schumsky’s approval, will determine a final Senior Project Proposal including a budget. Motion passed unanimously.

Stephane Plihon Senior Project Task List

1. holes in keel - need sanding and possibly more filler

2. bottom paint -must be done within 2 weeks of boat getting in water (coordinate with Vivian)

3. topside paint - waterline to deck (coordinate with Vivian)

4. deck paint - how we maintain rough textured surface

5. cockpit paint - need a final coat with non-slip surface

6. cabin paint - final coat

7. mount - motor mount (coordinate with Jim)

8. Cabin doors - do they close properly

9. Cabin doors - paint

10. cockpit deck - reinforce crossbeams by sistering with hardwood

11. cockpit deck install plywood deck

11a cutout hatch

11b drill holes

11c paint with non-skid surface

12. finish rudder - coordinate with Vivian

13 get instructions for using hoist sling

14 get 4x4x8? for use with sling

15 coordinate getting one boat out and one boat in - including insuring both boats have safety equipment before they are moved. (anchor, paddles ...)

16 scrub bottom of Hewey before hall-out

**** Additional tasks not included in senior project *****

17 prep standing rigging for boat

18 coordinate stepping mast

19 coordinate rig tuning

20 check electric system / battery?

3. A motion was made to approve the completion of Sergio Pacca’s Senior Project. A counter-motion was made to table the motion until the next meeting. The counter-motion passed unanimously.

4. Member suspensions must be communicated to dayleaders. This has been done by making a note in the logbook (which may be difficult to find among all other log notes) or by posting to the dry erase board (though suspensions should not be public knowledge). It was decided that a tab would be added to the back of the logbook and all suspensions would be written after the tab, in the back section of the logbook.

5. Discussion about mixing club and personal gear and required change to operating rules needed to clarify rule. Concerns brought up include dayleaders being unable to identify CSC windsurfers using personal sails, liability issues of mixing personal and club windsurfing gear, and liability issues of allowing club members to use private boats for open house rides and club sanctioned cruises. The issue will be discussed further. Saul will bring proposed operating rules change to general membership meeting.

6. New brochures will be printed. These will indicate, among other things, that dues are nonrefundable and that lessons are not guaranteed.

7. A motion was made to instate David Fraser as acting Port Captain, effective immediately. Motion passed unanimously.

8. A motion was made to allow Commodore Saul Schumsky to initiate contract discussions with boat builders to build the Antrim dingy. Contract will not be signed until the Executive Committee approves. A motion to table this was made, with no second. The motion was approved with 6 in favor, 0 opposed, and 1 abstention. This topic (decision making, contract, finances, member buy-in) will be addressed at the General Membership Meeting in November. Interested and concerned members are encouraged to become active participants of the Executive Committee.

Meeting Adjourned


by laws changes - hard copy needed (Saul, post to list)

Sergio Pacca’s Senior Project approval