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2002.11.07 - Excom

Thursday November 07, 2002

Saul Schumsky, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore; Seth Clark, 3rd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; David Fraser, Acting Port Captain; Sarah Hubbard, Secretary.


Commodore’s Report

Saul was in New York last week. Nothing to report.

1st Vice Commodore’s Report

Jim Pottenger will be running for 1st Vice at general membership meeting.

2nd Vice Commodore’s Report

Peter Kuhn and Josh have been communicating about the kind of roof they would like on the Board Morgue. A workday will be called as soon as materials are delivered.

I'm appealing to windsurfers to fill vacant positions on ex-comm such as Port Captain and Vice Commodore.

I'd like to thank Peter Kuhn for all his hard work in getting the Board Hospital project off the ground and to Josh Posamentier for his patience.

I'd also like to encourage windsurfers to become informed about an important issue that will be affecting the club: the Antrim designed dinghy and ex-comm's approval to enter into contract negotiations on this expensive project. If you have any thoughts on this very important decision, please be present at the next general membership meeting and voice your concerns.

There is approximately $650 left over from our $4900 requested for the purchase of boards, booms, and masts. Our most recent allocations(soon to be at the club) include a senior board chosen by Reese and Josh and hopefully, a very large sail (8.5 or above) to be purchased by Art Locht. If there's anything else you feel we need, please contact

Rear Commodore's Report

The rear commodore is pleased to announce the start of a series of lecture forums. These will be discussions about sailing and windsurfing related topics, hosted by a CSC member, to include "expert" speakers on the particular topic.

The first of the series will be Saturday November 16th at 4pm at the clubhouse. The forum is titled In Search Of: Other Great Sailing Meccas of the World. PART 1: Sailing the Mediterranean. With Special Host: Thalin Zarmanian

If you have experience sailing in this part of the world, please contact the rear commodore if you would like to attend as part of the expert panel. Otherwise all club members are welcome to attend and participate.

The second forum is scheduled for December 14 and is titled You want to buy a sailboat? What new boat owners should know. Event details will be announced.

Thanks to Matthias Roschke for his great class on sailing physics on Saturday November 2nd.

Port Captain’s Report

David has hired one new dayleader and will hire a second soon.

Treasurer’s Report

Here are the balances in our bank accounts as of 11/7/02. Please note there are about $2,500 in outstanding checks that haven't been subtracted yet.

Checking $3,331

Dinghy fund $49,774.78

Regular money market $64221.22

Total $117,327.83


1. A motion was made to sign CSC up with escrips. Friendly amendment: e-chair position created to maintain account and be contact person. Mike Hummel will be e-chair. Motion passed unanimously.

Escrip collaborates with merchants that donate a portion of purchases made by escips members to local organizations that are signed up with escrips. For more information and to enroll as an escrips member, go to

2. Ex Com is concerned with issue of mixing club and personal gear. This applies to windsurfing equipment (sails, booms, boards, universals), as well as use of private boats for club cruises and open house. Liability issues are the biggest concern. Issue has been tabled until a proposal is drafted.

3. By-Laws changes. Tabled until further review. Will need to be brought to vote of general membership.

4. Sergio Pacca’s senior project has been approved and his card has been signed.

5. Ex Com is considering the possibility of changing the dues structure from quarterly to trimester. Suggested trimesteral dues are $70 (approximately the same cost per month as the quarterly dues). Saul will report on this at the general membership meeting.

6. A motion was made to spend $150 to purchase a battery for Donald and a battery strap for Daisy. Motion passed unanimously.

7. A motion was made to spend $200 to repair Nena’s weak and delaminating foredeck. Motion passed unanimously.

8. A motion was made to spend $1700 to re-rig Donald for a spinnaker. Motion passed unanimously.

9. Luau is planned for Sunday, November 10, after open house, weather permitting.

10. Discussion about adjudication of disciplinary action. Dayleaders can and do suspend members for up to 36 hours. These suspensions are rarely brought to the attention of Ex Com. Further action should be taken for those members who regularly break rules and are suspended for short periods as a result. One suggestion is to have repeat offenders work as co-dayleader for a weekend day. We need to be sure that 1) a member knows that he/she is suspended and why, and 2) Ex Com regularly checks suspension log for repeat offenders. David Fraser will come up with a policy statement and present it to Ex Com for a vote.

11. A motion was made to change the operating rules (Section IV part E)

From: Windsurfers must wear a PFD while using Club sailboards, except that a PFD is not required for Junior, Junior-Plus, and Senior Windsurfers who are wearing a full (long-sleeved and long-legged) wetsuit and harness.


Windsurfers must wear a PFD while using Club sailboards, except that a PFD is not required for Junior, Junior-Plus, and Senior Windsurfers who are wearing a full (long-sleeved and long-legged) wetsuit and harness. Even with the exception, it is highly advisable to wear a PFD, for greater safety and easier water starts.

A second motion was made to table the motion. Second motion passed unanimously.

12. Discussion about presenting the Antrim process/decision to the general membership. During the October 24 Ex Com meeting, a motion was approved to allow Commodore Saul Schumsky to initiate contract discussions with boat builders to build the Antrim dingy. Contract discussions will not ensue until Saul has presented the circumstances to the general membership, and has heard their feedback and concerns. Some of the anticipated concerns are:

The original estimate ($120,000) is for a lot of money…are there better ways this can be spent?

Will bids be sought from at least three contractors?

The idea has been to build the mold and one boat, refine the design and build one boat at a time. Would we be able to get more for our money if we produce several at once?

Who will store the molds and what will it cost us to store them?

Would the price to produce the boats increase over time?

How does the price of the Antrims compare to buying production boats?

Has CSC defined what we want of a builder?

What is our fallback if we don’t like what is produced?

How much money would we be committing to?

How can we justify committing more money that we currently have (given our fundraising rates)?

What is the cost to the club to have boats inoperable on a regular basis?

How does the silting in of the south sailing basin affect our plans?

It is important to Ex Com that these questions be thoughtfully addressed. Many of the issues were addressed before the design process (for example, one of the criteria is that the boat should fit 4 average sized adults, but be possible to sail single handedly.) Saul will present the history and current status of the project at the general membership meeting, then give members the opportunity to ask questions and voice their concerns.

Meeting adjourned.

Tabled agenda items:

by laws changes

dues change - trimestral?


windsurfing lifejackets