All Meeting Minutes

2002.11.21 - General

Thursday November 21, 2002

Saul Schumsky, Commodore; Allan Champion, Vice Commodore; Matthias Roschke, 1st Vice Commodore; Barbara Knox, 2nd Vice Commodore; Trumpton MacFarlane, alt 2nd Vice Commodore; Seth Clark, 3rd Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, Rear Commodore; David Fraser, Port Captain; Sarah Hubbard, Secretary; Peter Khun, Treasurer

Pre-GMM Agenda:

1. A motion was made to give Sherri Daniel, Floating Bottle editor, a free membership. Motion passed unanimously.

2. Discussion about plan for General Membership Meeting

3. Discussion about budget figures

Meeting Adjourned

General Membership Meeting

1. Announcements: Many thanks to those who have worked especially hard for the club over the last few months, such as Paul, Ed, Sypko, Josh Polston, Art L, and Many others. Thanks much to Jerry and Jennifer for cooking yet another wonderful meal for all in attendance. If you are interested in Dragon Boat racing, meet at N Dock on Saturday at 10:30 for race practice, or Sunday at 9:30 (for less-serious training).

2. Reports

Saul - Commodore

During his service as Commodore over the last six months, he has worked on trailer repairs, the Rhodes has been fixed, he’s worked with the waterfront commission and emphasized our need for the South Sailing Basin to be dredged, and worked with Sven’s and other retailers to offer CSC members discount goods and services.

Allen - Vice Commodore

Thanks to Floating Bottle editor Sherri Daniel, Peter K, Cecil, Sypko, Bill Mosely, Patrick Towhy, Alex Case, Branden Gates, Jerry, Jennifer, and Wilder for their many contributions to the club, as well as all who have helped with open houses.

In the last year CSC has spent $3068 on ads in the East Bay Express, $609 for a Chronicle write-up, $1700 for Cal ads, $670 for Latitude 38 ad. Ads for March through November open house dates were put in the East Bay Express and the Cal paper, and all sort of radio and cable TV ads were sent out.

Uncle Donald is ready for a spinnaker now.

Sypko - Membership Chair

Reported on the membership database, which is derived from the Green Cards and updated by Volunteers. Data is used to make mailing labels, email lists, and generate club data. Information in kept confidential. His two-page report details membership trends for the last three years. Some highlights: Peak membership for 2002 was August, with 716 members. 20% of members are female. 40% of members are rated sailors or windsurfers. For the complete report, see the minutes clipboard behind the dayleader desk.

Matthias - 1st Vice

Many thanks to Ed, Peter, Greg, and Jim, who all have spent many hours in the boatyard. The club wouldn’t work without you.

Barbara and Trumpton - 2nd Vice

The board hospital's anticipated date of completion is December 1. We're looking for volunteers to put on the roof. When it's finished, we will have a workspace for repairing boards, a tool storage area, and two additional changing rooms. Many thanks to the hard work of Reese, Josh Posamentier, and Peter Kuhn.

We just purchased a 9.2 square meter sail for use by J+ and senior members.

And we will soon have another senior board.

Seth - 3rd Vice

Slow but steady progress is being made on Nena, which is dry-docked in the yard. We have found lots of new things to repair. Thanks to all who have worked on her. Hewey’s mast is down to prep for haul-out. Seniors help is needed for all projects. Keelboat sign-out sheets have been changed: now say “persons on board” rather than “crew on board” to make it clear that captain is part of head count.

Ben - Rear Commodore

Saturday morning lessons got off to a rocky start this summer, but improved greatly with help from many members who made phone calls to teachers. Thanks to all who came out to teach on a regular basis. The lecture series has continued throughout the summer and fall. Saturday Dec 14 is next, with lecture on buying a boat. Hoe to be a better dinghy teacher is planned for January. Request for future classes are welcome, just let the next rear commodore know. Ben has raised discussion about revamping membership system; he feels membership data (ratings work hours, etc.) should be the responsibility of the member, not the club.

David - Port Captain

1. We have hired a total of three new dayleaders to supplement the totally excellent Fred, Meredith, and Anita. Our new work-study ad seems to be drawing considerable interest. Welcome to Tien Huynh, Jeff Park, and Takashi Im.

2. We're fortunate to have a good group of volunteer dayleaders and will likely be seeking their help as the students enter the exam/holiday season. New volunteers to daylead and/or help the Port Captain team are welcome! 3. Robert Hugel has resumed handling scheduling, and many thanks to Bruce MacKenzie for taking over in his absence.

4. Pamela Crawford will audit the dayleader hours--thanks!

5. Kenn Osborne has been great about making sure the DLs get paid.

6. On the discipline issue, I am arranging for dayleaders to email the Port Captain or an alternate, each time there is a suspension. The PC will be responsible for informing Excomm. As for informing the person disciplined, I think the Port Captain can designate members of the team to inform the person. My suggestion is that the new PC team come up with a way to do this.

7. The revised Dayleader Manual is in effect, and I want to thank people who have written suggestions and corrections in the desk copy. All members are encouraged to add to this. I will do a further revision in the next two weeks and then print copies.

8. Since this is my last report as Acting Port Captain, I'd like to thank all the members who have helped make my job easier. Over the past 18 months I've put together a set of documents to help the new team, and will be happy to forward these to my successor.

Sarah - Secretary

A new CSC brochure is ready to hit the press. It includes open house dates for 2003. Many thanks to Marceline for the format and content.

Peter - Treasurer

He has taken over the Treasurer role from Paul Herzmark.

3. Antrim Discussion

Saul presented a brief history of the Antrim boat process and allowed members to voice their opinions about how the club should proceed. History: in 1999, idea to build a custom boat for CSC was brought to the Ex Com. Designs were commissioned. Jim Antrim’s design was selected. He completed the design, but remains willing to incorporate comments before the boat is built. Concurrently, two production dinghies have been purchased (the Precision 15s). Ex Com had recently voted to move forward with the idea by beginning contract negotiations. Concerns that have been voiced and will be addressed include: cost ($120,000 estimate includes sails and trailers), bids (will be obtained from 3 or 4 builders), other options (we can buy a lot of keelboats for that money), cost of shipping, storing the molds, cost to produce additional boats in the future, using club members to build boats (Alameda builder has offered this as option, but can we count on members to put in the required time? Do we have the skills? Anyone interested in putting in hours building boats should email, CSC rights to design (We have 5 years to build and market boat, if we don’t market it he (Jim Antrim) will regain rights to market. We still retain rights to build for ourselves. We’d get royalties on all non-CSC boats taken out of molds.).

Saul clarified that Ex Com has not approved spending any more money on building the Antrim yet, only approved perusing a contract. It is important that Ex Com have the support of the membership before proceeding.

Members were welcomed to voice their opinions, each given up to 2 minutes to speak. All were reminded of our common concern for the club’s ability to serve members and the community, and respect for differing opinions was urged.

Summary of opinions voiced:

Allen: Cost is a concern. Would a production boat be suitable? How much $ is too much for club to spend on this? We’ll need to get three contractor bids to get a competitive price. (We have gotten 3 and are waiting for a 4th.) All of our questions need to be addressed contractually.

Paul Kamen: Has been a club member for many years and is a naval architect. Originally skeptical, but questions the use of production boats. CSC is about fun and art. Building the Antrim involves risk, but we’ll never know if we don’t try. We’re one of few nonprofits who has the ability to do this kind of thing.

Josh Polston: CSC has a hard time carry projects forward in a commercial way. What can we bring to a commercial (production) boat builder to fortify a production boat and get what we need, and avoid paying development costs. Can a computer simulation be done?

Ken S: We shouldn’t get the Antrim. South sailing basin is running out of water. We aren’t equipped to market the boat.

Amy: Our charter says we are a nonprofit teaching organization. Most members are unrated and in quest of an education. We can’t forget our primary mission of member service.

Gary F: Been racer with club for two decades. Sees exciting opportunity. Concerned we won’t know how boat will handle until it is built. One boat will cost us $15000. Catalina 14.2 is only $6000…Antrim would need to last 2.5 times as long. If Precision were only other boat option, he’d be for the Antrim. Also, South Basin silting will need to be addressed.

Dean A: Antrim design is for durability, maintenance prevention, harder to break, easier to repair. It would be worth paying more money for that.

Ben P: South Basin silting is a scare tactic…we need to keep the club open and operational. We are making an effort to get the SSB dredged. It is reasonable to expect the Antrim to last 2-3 times as long as a production boat.

Paul K: As a member of the Waterfront Commission, he can confirm that $1 million has been set aside to dredge the SSB, but this is likely not enough money. Cal Adventures is also concerned, and are discussing move to North Basin. One option is to operate in subtidal zone.

Ed S: Zero water level is 6-8 inches. Digital charts of bay are available that show historic depths. There has been a 6 ft decrease in depth at the dock, and 8 ft in the surrounding are. Average is 1-3/4 to 2 inches per year. No sign that would slow down.

Frank: Though Antrims may last 3X as long, what is wrong with buying 3X as many production boats? Newer boats would need fewer repairs, money could be used for other needs.

Alex: Disagrees with Frank. Money saved by buying production boats wouldn’t dredge more the 20 sq. ft. Production boats need many hours of work and $ before they are ready to sail.

Saul: Fortifying production boats is a lengthy process, one that we are going through with Precisions (and finding is slowly but surely increasing the price and the need for custom parts on those boats). Regarding computer simulations, the Antrim was designed by a naval architect. Regarding the Catalina 14.2, he was told it is not suitable for bay water sailing instruction (tippy, hard to right). Precisions cost +/- $7000 + modifications and later repairs. Boats need to be designed to be repaired easily.

Barbara: Clarify that when we take an advisory vote it is simply for Ex Com to get a feel for how much the club supports moving forward with this project.

Gary F: According to Ed Corbett, the "C14" handled almost exactly like the Lido, although it had some more tendency to broach during jibes in 18 knots and higher winds.

Result of Advisory Vote: 31 member sin favor of pursuing contracts. 6 against.

(Break for Dessert)

4. Elections

The following individuals were elected to the following positions:

Saul Schumsky, Commodore

Ben Pink, Vice Commodore

Jim Pottenger, 1st Vice Commodore

Barbara Knox and Trumpton McFarlane, 2nd Vice Commodore

3rd Vice Commodore position not yet filled…interested members can go to an Ex Cam meeting to be appointed

Beth Bernstien, Rear Commodore

Tom Wu, Port Captain

Lori Taguma, Secretary

Peter Khun, Treasurer

Meeting adjourned.

New meeting called to order.

A motion was made to appoint newly elected officers to their posts. Motion was approved with 7 in favor, 1 abstention

Meeting adjourned.

Tabled items from last meeting:

by laws changes

dues change - trimestral?


windsurfing lifejackets