All Meeting Minutes

2002.12.05 - Excom

Thursday December 05, 2002

Present: Saul Schumsky, (Commodore); Jim Pottinger, (1st Vice Commodore); Barbara Knox, (2nd Vice Commodore); Tom Wu, (Port Captain); Lori Taguma, (Secretary).


  1. Dues change discussion.
  2. Discussion about Don McPherson, regarding 3rd Vice Chair.
  3. Dominic giving friends ride, during the Open House.
  4. Sypko, Membership Chair: discussion on exchange of lists for Harbormaster, regarding J-dock keys.

Saul called meeting to order.

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore):

Thanks to old and exiting members of Ex-Com. for their hard work, to people who are staying, and to new members for volunteering. I believe accepting the Snipe would be good for the club. It is the donation season. I would like excom to be ready to respond to potential donations quickly. After somebody looks at the boat, we need to be ready to except via email and confirm at the next meeting. E-mail from Evan for tax form for write offs. Received 200-page document from Waterfront Commission for long term planning for Marina. Hearing tomorrow at Radisson regarding State and E. Shore plans for boathouse in N. Basin. Svendsen’s Boat Works- buying from them?

Jim (1st Vice Commodore):

Ed and Greg are doing heroic job keeping the Lidos going. There are three dinghies in contention, two Lasers need work, and the Rhodes needs a rub rail. We need to discuss paring down the fleet of Lasers. These would be three great senior projects.

Barbara (2nd Vice Commodore):

Mitsu has been putting in a lot of time painting the Board Hospital; special thanks to him for giving his time to the club. Thanks to Peter Kuhn for all of his hard work also.

3rd Vice Commodore (none):

Thanks to Ed and John Frazier who have done great work on the deck of Nena. The community service work we do helps us keep our 501c3 and much of this is done with the keelboats. We as a club and in particular the SENIORS need to put more maintenance time into the boats.

Tom (Port Captain):

I'm working on the Day Leader schedule, trying to cover X-mas. Students will leave on Dec. 20th and return Jan. 15th. Remind DLs to hand in work-study time sheet by the 12th. Get list of qualified volunteer DLs and ask them to fill in for the pay DLs winter break. Investigating Work Study/ financial aid issue. Currently, UCB has frozen any additional funds to Work Study.

Lori (Secretary):

Let me know if anything needs to be copied, written, or licensed. The new schedules for 2003 are in!

Old Agenda Items:

  • Trimester vs. Quarterly Dues: Discussion concluded Quarterly over Trimester. Tabled
  • Disciplinary Action: Tabled
  • Lifejackets: Matthais originally mentioned making an operating rules change, that people wear their PFDs. In discussion it sounded like excom was moving towards making all windsurfers wear PFDs. Tabled

New Agenda Items:

  • Dan McPherson volunteered to be 3rd Vice commodore after the holiday season. Saul made the motion to appoint him. Barbara seconded the motion. Don owns a boat and learned to sail with CSC. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Barbara made a motion to allow Dominic to take out a boat on December 8, during the Open House. Jim seconded the motion. Since sailing is a large part of the CSC, and Dominic is an active member who is returning to France, and it is the dead of winter, he will be allowed to take a boat out. If the request was in the summertime, he probably would not. Motion passed unanimously.
  • What to do with the Snipe donation offer? Saul said that he saw similar boats offered at $1500.00 to $6000.00, the same age and condition as the one being offered for donation. The Snipe is a fiberglass boat which is in nice shape, with a road ready trailer. It would very little to accept it, re-register it for approximately $50.00, and then sell it for whatever we can get. Because it can sit in the yard it will cost nothing to keep until it can be sold. Saul made the motion to accept the donation for the club. Tom seconded the motion. Motion passed with five in favor.

New Agenda Item:

There was a twenty five-minute discussion of building Antrims and people’s reactions, in the General Membership Meeting.

Sypko mentioned the overwhelmingly favorable, yet emotional vote not being practical, but more of a barometer of feelings.

Tom wants to know if there is a budget set aside to maintain the club, plus build the boats.

Saul said there is money set aside for dinghy replacement, but there are several issues to discuss. The main question being: Which builder to pick?

  1. The first choice would be Joaquim. The Club could pay Joaquin to supervise the building of the boats. After the first two or three, there is potential to build the last boats with club members.
  2. Ron Moore would be the other choice. He has submitted a bid and is waiting for a commitment. He is considered to be one of the best small boat builders in the U.S. and is willing to work with CSC by holding molds until all 6 boats are built.

Tom: If the money doesn’t go towards building the Antrims, then where would it go? Dinghy replacement. (This question is only in response to the comment that, "Peter is for the Antrims but he doesn't want to use any of the club money.")

Saul: The materials fee to build the hull is approximately $1500.00 for laminate parts, $1500.00- $2500.00 for all other parts, and labor is $5000.00. Total of approximately $9000.00/boat. It is possible to solicit donations for materials from manufacturers. $50,000.00 is set aside for dinghy replacement. Who will maintain fleet of eight Precisions? Antrims will be a good solid product, which will last for a long time.

WE can solicit donations until we commit. Saul ended by saying that we need to make a commitment soon.

Saul motioned to adjourn the meeting. Motion was unanimously seconded.