All Meeting Minutes

2002.12.22 - Excom

Sunday December 22, 2002

Present: Saul Schumsky, (Commodore); Barbara Knox, (2nd Vice Commodore); Tom Wu, (Port Captain); Beth Burstein, (Rear Commodore); Peter Kuhn, AKA Krusty (Treasurer); Lori Taguma, (Secretary).

ECM - Agenda Items

  1. Discussion regarding Jamael, who posed the question: “Why isn’t there a Yacht Racing Chair?” He has offered to fill the position.
  2. Mainsail for Donald $1200.00 and $250.00 of stuff for Keelboat.
  3. Report on January 8th open hearing at the Radisson, about the Marina Plan.
  4. Proposed sale of four new windsurf sails.
  5. Granting Mitsu a full membership, for the work he’s done on the Board Hospital.
  6. A motion to grant Nolan a membership.

Saul called the meeting to order.

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore):

The outcome of the State Park meeting: Everyone felt that the plan was generally good, except for the boaters. Nevertheless, the plan was approved. The Snipe needs to be picked up, and I will be doing that soon.

Jim (1st Vice Commodore):

(via Saul.) Open house days: There is a question about confirming rain dates, which coincide with low tide days.

Barbara (2nd Vice Commodore):

Somebody has taken on the Rhodes rub rail project as their Senior Project, and needs advice from someone who is knowledgeable. Would anyone like to advise?

3rd Vice Commodore (none):

He will be joining ECOM after the holiday jewelry demand has dissipated.

Tom (Port Captain):

Thanks to Ken Osborne for updating time sheets. Thanks to Davis Fraser for forwarding DL info. and interviewing potential DL candidates. Thanks to Matthias for making a new boat sling. Thanks to Robert Hugel for updating the web calendar. Thanks to Lori Taguma for getting the sailing manuals to the club before open house date. Work-study issues have been resolved. More money has been issued for work-study, which will keep the three current DLs. We will also need to hire one more DL to complete the coverage needed from Monday thru Sunday for the Spring semester. The club will now be open until sunset regardless of low tides starting Jan 20th, 2003.

Beth (Rear Commodore):

Saul, Ben, and I met to discuss the Educational Workshops. The issue of tides coinciding with dinghy sailing needs to be worked out. Robert O. has agreed to teach a proposed class. Peter Kuhn will teach Motor Use and Maintenance. Dan K. and Robert H. will take on the First Aid and Hypothermia class.

Peter (Treasurer):

I’m offering assistance for renewal of DMV registrations. Otherwise, we have been taking in lots of money and spending lots of money. The twenty-five horsepower skiff is dead. It needs $1000.00 worth of repairs, but there is still one functional rescue skiff.

Lori (Secretary):

Thanks to Bill Moseley, Sarah Hubbard, and John Frazier for teaching me their five-minute versions of HTML….and to Tom Wu for filling me in on meeting date changes. Peter Kuhn and I will be renewing craft registrations with the DMV. Thanks, Beth, for finishing the meeting minutes for me!

Old Agenda Items:


  • Antrim issue tabled to next meeting, until more Ex-Com members are present. Tabled
  • New Agenda Items:

      1. Total cost for Donald’s mainsail & other electrical repair parts for Keelboats: $1450.00. Saul made the motion to pass the item, which was seconded by Peter K. Approved by all present members.

      3. A motion was proposed to give Mitsu a free membership for all the work he’s done for the Club. Unanimously approved.

      5. Norm and John from Cal Adventures have joined CSC. Saul made the motion to give them a Jr. rating upon the completion of their work hours, which can include teaching, as long as it’s in the Day Sailing Area. Approved by all present.

      7. Bill Prinzmetal has asked for $2100.00 for new windsurfing sails, which will include 8 new Loft sails, delivered in March or April. It is about $100.00 more per sail than we spent last year, but these are new sails as opposed to used sails. Motion approved by all.

      9. Svensons: If we buy all of our maintenance and repair stuff from them, they will match Port Supply’s prices that we are paying now, and will let a certain number of people charge for the Club. They will sell us boats at their cost, plus 5%, if we pick them up that day with a check in hand. All CSC members can get a discount if they pay in cash, and Svensons will send people nine to twelve times per year to teach classes. Unofficial vote (before we get something in writing from Svensons ): All in agreement.

      11. Motion made by Peter: $1000.00 needed for the rescue skill motor repair. Motion unanimously approved.

      13. Saul moved to schedule ExCom meetings every other Sunday at 7:30pm. Motion was seconded by Beth and approved by all present. The next meeting will be in three weeks, January 12th, 2003, and then every two weeks thereafter, beginning January 26th.

    Saul motioned to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed unanimously.