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2001.02.01 - Excom

Thursday February 01, 2001

FEBRUARY 1, 2001

Present: Bob Hood, Marceline Therrien, proxy for Chris Havel, Jolanda de Boer, Ben Pink, proxy for Joe Matera.


  • Commodore Bob reports that the Treasurer and committee are working on the budget in Quickbooks and we are planning to review it budget by the next Ex Comm meeting (2/15). He also reports that we’re moving forward on the dinghy acquisition. He request that Ex Comm members submit their phone numbers to him.
  • Vice Commodore Marceline reports that she will propose a detailed advertising plan next meeting. The advertising budget has been $1800-$2000 annually. In order to get free publicity, we have sent out e-mails to a variety of community calendars. There is an Open House this weekend of 2/3 and 2/4- due to low tide we need seniors!
  • Rear Commodores Ben and Jolanda report that Sypko has indicated that the membership database is operational, so we can start to send out e-mails to juniors to teach. We are going to reorder the teaching hats, which you will get with 20 hours of teaching. Volunteers for fast tracks are needed; one does not have to be rated to coordinate the fast tracks. Organizing a fast track will give you free membership for 3 months. Contact Ben or Jolanda for more info.
  • Port Captain Alex reports that we have enough dayleaders. On Monday & Wednesdays the dayleader starts at 1.30 PM. We have a fire extinguisher in the club house, near the door, near the key box. He will organize a seminar for all the dayleaders to discuss dayleaders function.


  • Correction to last meeting’s minutes: Jolanda notes that she is looking for female volunteers for the women’s sailing lessons.
  • The next Ex Comm meeting will be on Thursday, February 15 at 7 pm in the club house.

The meeting was adjourned.