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2001.02.15 - Excom

Thursday February 15, 2001

FEBRUARY 15, 2001

Present: Bob Hood, Chris Havel, Brian Herlihy, Ben Pink, Alex Athanasopoulos, Joe Matera, Isabella La Rocca.


  • Commodore Bob reports that the next General Membership meeting will be on Thursday, March 15.
  • Vice Commodore Marceline gives special thanks to all the Seniors who came down to give open house rides in February. We will need your help again in March, but she is making a proposal that she hopes will improve the situation regarding low tide in the future. We were able to get free publicity for our Open House rides last month in a number of publications including Latitude 38,, Oakland Tribune and Berkeley Daily Planet. She will definitely keep up this PR campaign. Quite a few Open House riders marked "newspaper" as where they learned about Open House rides.
  • First Vice Commodore Scott has resigned due to work constraints. A motion was made to appoint Ben Pink as his replacement. The motion passed unanimously.
  • Second Vice Commodore Brian reports that Diane Althoffs attempts to get donations from manufacturer’s have been well received, though we haven’t had any donations. He has not been able to get the Kazoo board.
  • Rear Commodore Ben reports that we have had successful informational seminars on the operating rules and more will follow. We are planning a dayleader seminar. Congratulations to Ernie on his diligence in preparing for the senior test and passing it!
  • Treasurer Joe will be keeping the club books on the club computer. Please call him at (510) 655 7547 if you have something to be included on the General Membership announcement postcard.

Old Business:

  • All previous unapproved minutes are now approved.
  • We are working on the budget; Joe is preparing the past year’s financial statements. Please attend the General Membership meeting to discuss the dinghy replacement fleet.


  • A motion was made to approve an advertising budget of $2,400. The motion passed with 4 in favor, 1 opposed, and 2 abstention.
  • A motion was made to change Open Houses to the following schedule because the low water situation in the South Sailing Basin has a negative effect on our Open House rides. For the past several months, we have had to rely solely on Seniors: One time per month (keeps as close as possible to our past schedule) March 3-4 (as originally scheduled), April 8, May 6, June 3, July 8, Aug 5, Sept 2, Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 9. The motion failed with 2 in favor, 4 opposed, and 1 abstention.
  • A motion was made to accept Marceline’s plan to set up and maintain set up accounts for all dinghy replacement money, including donations. The motion was tabled until the next Ex Comm meeting.
  • The next Ex Comm meeting will be on Thursday, March 1 at 7 pm in the club house.

The meeting was adjourned.