All Meeting Minutes

2001.03.28 - Excom

Wednesday March 28, 2001

MARCH 28, 2001

Attending: Bob Hood, Marceline Therrien, Brian Herlihy, Ben Pink, Jolanda deBoer, Alex Athenasopoulous, Joe Matera, Isabella La Rocca.

Review of Minutes from last meeting: Approved without corrections.


  • Commodore Bob Hood reports that Hs. Lordships has a Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 5-7pm with $1 pints of beer and free buffet. We had an interesting and successful General Membership meeting.
  • Vice Commodore Marceline reports that CSC and BYC are sponsoring a lecture entitled Keelboat Racing Basics for New Crew on May 16. All CSC members are invited to attend for free. The Berkeley Bay Festival is on Saturday, April 28. Keelboats are reserved for that purpose that day. The BBQs are scheduled for Saturdays after Open House contingent on the appointment of a BBQ Chair.
  • First Vice CommodoreBen Pink reports that we had a successful Lido work party last Saturday and we will be having another this Saturday. We will attempt to skin the larger skiff bottom which will take a month. For the next couple of months we will have work parties concurrent with Saturday morning lessons, during which we will repair leaky Lidos. He requests that members clearly and specifically identify problems with the boats in the log or directly to Ben. Thanks to Bill Prinzmetal for Sunday’s second successful cruise to Marina Bay. More dinghy cruises will be proposed soon.
  • Second Vice Commodore Brian reports that he would like to hold a windsurfing swap meet at the club and is working on getting on the proper permission.
  • Rear Commodore Jolanda reports that we have extremely cute hats for sale at $10 each. We only accept checks or money orders - no cash please. Please check the website calendar for the latest information on dinghy lessons and tides. Seniors please come down on Saturday! There will be a class on capsizing Lidos on Sunday April 1. We had our first teaching seminar last Saturday and we will have one each month.
  • Port Captain Alex reports that he is concerned about the state of the clubhouse. We have an urgent need for a committee of members interested in the repair and replacement of the clubhouse, including a solar shower. He expresses his dismay that new members must pay to become members before they are eligible for a free volunteer membership.
  • Treasurer Joe reports that we have about $12K in the checking account and about $86K in the money market. He looking for a replacement for the Race Chair for Lido races on Sunday mornings.


  • A motion was made to approve Tara Ellman and Jan Crosbie-Taylor ‘s senior project for organizing the Women’s Sunday Lesson Program as outlined in the attachment to the minutes at the clubhouse. The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned until the next meeting on April 12 at 7pm at the clubhouse.