All Meeting Minutes

2001.04.25 - Excom

Wednesday April 25, 2001

APRIL 25, 2001

Attending: Bob Hood, Marceline Therrien, Ben Pink, Brian Herlihy, Jolanda deBoer, Alex Athenasopoulous, Joe Matera, Isabella LaRocca.

Review of Minutes from last meeting: Approved without corrections.


  • Commodore Bob Hood reports that he is encouraged and happy with all the great work!
  • Vice Commodore Marceline reports that the Berkeley Bay Festival is Saturday, April 28. She thanks the seniors who have volunteered. Seniors are reminded that seniors are responsible for repairing broken boats. We need more juniors and novices.
  • First Vice Commodore Ben reports that 5 Lidos are working. We are re-glassing the bottom of the the second rescue skiff this Saturday Three of the lasers are working, two of the bytes are working, and 1 of the Rhodes is working. Members are encouraged to sail the Rhodes but they need work. We are having a Yard Layout contest. E-mail a jpeg or submit drawings to any Ex Comm member. The deadline is Monday, May 20. Thanks to Ed and Malu for repairing the mast step on the red laser.
  • Second Vice Commodore Brian reports that he is very upset about broken equipment and equipment that has not been signed out, and worst of all both! We have a swap meet, a jibe clinic, and a demo day all coming up!
  • Rear Commodore Jolanda thanks James and Ben for the Rhodes class and to all who have taught. You will receive an instructor hat after 10 hours of teaching. You can also buy a hat for $10. The Women’s class starts this Sunday. Check the tides for upcoming lessons. Dayleaders may not arrive until 2pm on Mondays.
  • Port Captain Alex reports that our new dayleader Spencer started today. One dayleader quit but Alda will fill in.
  • Treasurer Joe is still working on organizing our financial records but progress is slow. There was a discussion about reorganizing the records.


  • A motion was made to approve Brian for $1400 for 4 new boards. The motion passed with 4 in favor and 1 abstention.
  • A motion was made to raise the dayleader’s pay by $.50/hour beginning June 1. The motion passed unanimously.
  • Malu was appointed Laser Chair.
  • James Wei was appointed Dayleader Chair.

The meeting was adjourned until the next meeting on Wednesday, May 9 at 7pm at the clubhouse.