All Meeting Minutes

2001.05.24 - Excom

Thursday May 24, 2001

MAY 24, 2001

Attending: Bob Hood, Marceline Therrien, Ben Pink, Brian Herlihy, Jolanda DeBoer, Alex Athenasopoulous, Joe Matera.

Review of Minutes from last meeting: The report about the Berkeley Bay Festival was made by Marceline, not Bob. It should read as follows: Vice Commodore Marceline reports that The Cal Sailing Club gave 165 free sailboat rides during the Berkeley Bay Festival held on April 28. The club thanks the many volunteers who made this possible (in no particular order): Robert Ofsevit, Jolanda DeBoer, Ben Pink, Sypko Andreae, Allan Champion, Dave Reichmuth, Bernard Bouis, Marie Lim, Jerry Huff, KarenHuff, Rebecca Haussmann, John Mankey, David Cary, Scott McLean, Peter Kuhn, Laura Speare, Tara Ellman, David Frazier, Peter Baczek, Kesinee Yip, Mika Kitagawa, JohnDanielson, and Seth Clark.


  • Commodore Bob Hood thanks all club members for all the great work!
  • Vice Commodore Marceline thanks Chris Havel for organizing the Ashby Shoal Sunday. She is still looking for Seniors to take kids from the YMCA on July 11 from 11-2pm. There will be an Open House on June 2 and 3.
  • First Vice Commodore Ben reports that there will be a work day on Saturday. There are new mainsheets on the Lidos. We are close to finishing the rebuilding of the skiff. We need people to help turn the skiff over and remount the steering assembly. There are five Lidos working and one close to working. Please be careful when launching the JY-15s - the shrouds must not touch the hoist. The laser project is close to completion. There will be a Laser Rigging and Storage Clinic on June 2 following Lido lessons. The next workday will be unannounced.
  • Second Vice Commodore Brian reports that we have a wind pager at the club!
  • Rear Commodore Jolanda reports that there will be a Hypothermia lecture at the Berkeley Yacht Club on Wednesday June 13 from 7:30 - 9 PM. There will be a Fast Track on Monday the 25th and Thursday the 28th. Teachers are needed for the Sunday Women’s program. Please contact Jolanda to volunteer.
  • Port Captain Alex reports that it is a new year for dayleaders. Windsurfers are encouraged to volunteer daylead.
  • Treasurer Joe will have bank statements and tax returns soon. We have $35,000 in the Dinghy Replacement Fund, $39,000 in the Money Market, and $7,000 in the checking account. All our bills are paid and our reimbursements are up to date. Please notify Joe if you need to be reimbursed.




  • A motion was made to approve all Ashby Shoal activities, including allowing Juniors out at low tide. The motion passed with 4 in favor and 1 opposed.
  • There will be a Tiki Party at the clubhouse on Saturday, June 30 with a BBQ and a moonlight sail. Peter Kuhn will be Master of Ceremonies.
  • There was a discussion about changing the requirements for windsurfing ratings. The discussion will continue at the next Ex Comm meeting.
  • A motion was made to approve the new budget. The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned until the next meeting on Thursday, June 7 at 7pm at the clubhouse.