All Meeting Minutes

2001.06.07 - Excom

Thursday June 07, 2001


JUNE 7, 2001

Attending: Bob Hood, Marceline Therrien, Ben Pink, Brian Herlihy, Chris Havel, Jolanda DeBoer, James Wai proxy for Alex Athenasopoulous, Joe Matera, Isabella La Rocca.

Review of Minutes from last meeting: Approved without corrections.


  • Commodore Bob Hood reports that he is pleased and proud of our members’ activities in the club. There is a lot of activity in the club and all members are benefiting. The teaching program is active on many fronts, and we are also keeping our boats floating with Ed Shirk’s help and direction. Open Houses are getting more active and he would like to remind all members that it’s important that they participate as representatives of our club. Open House is where the public gets to see our club and learn what we are all about. There will be another Ashby Shoal breakfast this month organized by Sypko and Jim P. There will be a Tiki Party and Moonlight Sail on June 30. Peter Kuhn agreed to be Big K, but will not buy the Book of Tiki so we are appealing to the membership for any copies of the Book of Tiki as well as torches, plastic leis, grass skirts, etc. Please contact Big K. Bob would like to thank James Wai for his successful efforts to keep the club open and his activities with the dayleaders. He would also like to thank Joe Matera and Marceline for pulling our finances together. Bob would like to remind members of the General Membership meeting and elections coming up this month and he would like to encourage all members to participate in the election. We will have some offices in the Ex Comm vacant and he encourages interested members to consider serving on Ex Comm. We are continuing to struggle with the thorny financial issues involved with replacing our dinghy fleet and Saul has done wonderful work to get realistic and manageable figures from our potential builder.
  • First Vice Commodore Ben reports that we should have seven lidos operational within a week or two. The second skiff rebuild is almost complete. Thank you to Ed Shirk for his continuing work with boat maintenance. The laser rack is complete and operational. Please ask Ben for a demonstration of its proper use. Numerous times in the past two weeks Lidos have been left in the yard not properly put away. Sails have been left without covers and unrolled. Persons found to have not put their boat away properly will have sailing privileges temporarily suspended. Please ask a senior sailor if you need help rigging or derigging. Laser and Byte sails, spars, and hulls are old and prone to breakage. Please be careful with this equipment to prevent breakage and a potential incident while sailing. Check all lines, fittings, and of course one’s drain plug before Lasering! Please be extra careful when launching or hoisting JY15s. The spreaders can be pulled out of the mast easily by hitting the shrouds on the hoist. Keep the bowline taught and the nose of the boat at right angles to the hoist to avoid hitting the spreaders. Ask for assistance if you are not sure of how do this. Ben is seeking help organizing Laser races, and seeking donations of laser hulls, spars, and sails. If you have these skills and want to help the laser program, please contact Ben or Malu.
  • Second Vice Commodore Brian reports that we will have a windsurfing demo day this Saturday, June 9 from 2-6pm!


  • A motion was made to approve Junior sailing for the Ashby Shoal breakfast on Sunday June 24 and using the skiff Friday night and Saturday morning to place the night buoy. The motion passed unanimously.
  • Saul reported that the original boats would cost approximately between $108,000 and $118,000 for 8 boats and molds. We would be buying molds that can be used in the future. We will be voting on approving additional money for the design specifications at the next Ex Comm meeting.
  • The Boat Design Fundraising Committee meeting will meet on Monday, June 18th at 7pm. Contact Chris for the location.
  • Seniors are reminded that in the case of damage to other boats they should leave their own name and number as well as the affiliation with the club. They must come to Ex Comm immediately after the incident and they are responsible for managing the incident to its conclusion.
  • A motion was made to forbid free sailing and windsurfing as long as there are people waiting for rides during the next Open House. The motion failed with 4 in favor, 1 abstention, and 4 opposed.
  • A motion was made to amend the above motion to forbid free sailing and windsurfing as long as there are people waiting for rides during the next Open House except with the explicit permission of the dayleader. The motion failed with 2 in favor, 1 abstention, and 4 opposed.

The meeting was adjourned until the next meeting on Thursday, June 21 at 7pm at the clubhouse.