All Meeting Minutes

2001.06.21 - Excom

Thursday June 21, 2001

JUNE 21, 2001

Attending: Bob Hood, Marceline Therrien, Ben Pink, Vincent Fallourd proxy for Brian Herlihy, Chris Havel, Jolanda DeBoer, Alex Athenasopoulous, Joe Matera.

Review of Minutes from last meeting: Approved with the following corrections: Rear Commodore Jolanda made the following report. - We finished a successful fast track a week ago, with one new junior. Thanks to Alex Francois and all teachers and dayleaders to make this happen! Sarah Hubbard has volunteered to organize the next fast track from June 25-28. She is looking for teachers, so please contact her directly at If you’re interested to volunteer for the third fast track in July, have good organization and communication skills, and want to earn a 3-month free membership, we would love to hear form you. Contact Jolanda at The women’s program is still going strong. Tara and Jan can always use female teachers and welcome students. For more info, look inside the club house near the changing room for their flyer. There will be a hypothermia lecture in the BYC on Wednesday 6/13 from 7:30-9PM. Learn to identify and prevent hypothermia and what are appropriate treatments. We really need more early bird Saturday morning teachers. Come down to the club and begin your weekend on a good note! Even when you’re not a rated skipper, you can still give rigging lessons and earn work credit that way. Also, Monday and Thursday afternoon teachers needed! Thanks to all the teachers who have been showing up so far!! New juniors, please contact Jolanda. We would like your help with teaching and can give you some pointers and help to get started. Many consider teaching a way to advance their own skills.


  • Treasurer Joe reports that the 1999-2000 taxes are ready to go to the accountant. The 2000-2001 information is not yet available. We were two years behind on our property taxes, but they are now paid in full. There are no longer any liens on our boats.



  • A motion was made to approve Rob Mohr’s senior project to teach windsurfing on 4 Saturdays for 3 hours each day. The motion was tabled because of lack of specifics.
  • A motion was made to approve David Fraser’s senior project to enhance dayleader training and operation as specified in the attached outline. The motion passed unanimously.
  • A motion was made to allow Sypko to park the skiff overnight at the BYC guest dock on Saturday and Sunday June 23 and 24. The motion passed unanimously.
  • A motion was made to accept a contract between CSC and Jim Antrim to complete the replacement dinghy design. The motion passed unanimously.
  • The following positions will be open at the next election: Second Vice Commodore in charge of windsurfing, Port Captain in charge of dayleaders, Treasurer, and Secretary.
  • A motion was made to hire a book keeper to assist the treasurer in preparing tax documents, records and reports. The book keeper will not sign checks, make deposits or attend Ex Comm meetings. Payment will be up to $25/hour for about 5-10 hours per month. S/he will be hired by the Commodore, the Treasurer, and the Secretary. The motion passed unanimously.


The meeting was adjourned until the General Membership meeting on Thursday, June 28 at 7pm at the Berkeley Yacht Club.