All Meeting Minutes

2001.07.12 - Excom

Thursday July 12, 2001

JULY 12, 2001

Excom members present

Bernard Bouis

Bob Hood

Marceline Therrian

Jolanda De Boer

Karen Huff

James Wai

Ben Pink

Martin Jonikas (proxy for Ben Pink)

Trumpton Mc Farlane

Commodore’s Report:- Bob Hood

I would like to welcome the new members of ex-comm. You are joining a wonderful crew. I am grateful, pleased and proud of all the work that ex-comm and many of our general membership is doing. I would like to thank the really active group of skippers who are engaged in a wonderful fundraising campaign for our dinghy replacement fleet. the dinghy fleet is the backbone of our teaching program and I am very proud and grateful that these skippers have taken on this challenge. I would like to thank Martin Jonikas for his recent contributions to the club since he returned from MIT and France. The cruise calendar is really hopping and I would like to encourage the membership to take advantage of the chance to promote the club with these great free rides around the bay with the great cruising skipper candidates. The season is getting really busy with new members signing up in droves, so I would encourage any member who sees someone new not knowing what they’re doing to help the new person. You all know more than you think. I hope to see an active and revitalized windsurfing program at the club with even more teaching and involvement of j+ and more senior members.


Vice Commodore’s Report- Marceline Therrien

The club gave 116 rides on Saturday and 95 rides on Sunday for a total of 211 rides during our last Open House. So far this year we have given 961 Open House rides. four of the club’s senior skippers took 20 teenagers from the Berkeley YMCA for a 3 hour boat ride on July 11th. This is the first time we have co-ordinated a program with the YMCA. We have taken about two dozen kids from Berkeley Youth Alternatives for rides so far this summer. Many Thanks to everyone who volunteered for these activities.

Members are reminded that private sailing by rated skippers on any type of boat is absolutely prohibited during Open House while members of the public are waiting for rides.

The club is working to get publicity for our boat-building campaign. Please contact the Vice Commodore if you know of avenues for getting publicity and are willing to help. Members of the club are kindly asked to coordinate media contacts through the Vice Commodore to be sure that the club’s needs are best served. Members sometimes inadvertently interfere with the club’s public relations goals by submitting their own material to media outlets.

The Vice Commodore welcomes the new treasurer, Bernard Bouis, to his position. She has helped train him in his duties and has also trained the club’s new bookeeeper. Members are kindly requested to cooperate with Bernard to make his job easier and keep him aboard.

Our next Open House is on August 4&5. Please come down and help.


First Vice Commodore’s Report- Ben Pink

We have a new layout of the yard. Please adhere to the new rules regarding the layout:

Please do not put sailboats on the green turf area in front of the windsurf lockers- this is now a windsurf rigging area.

Please do not leave windsurf sails or boards outside the green area.

When putting boats back in the yard, keep them at least five feet away from other boats that are clearly being repaired, if at all possible.

When putting away lasers or bytes, only one laser and one byte may remain on the seatech dollies; all others must be placed vertically in the laser rack. Get help if you don’t know how to do this!

The skiffs will now live in the front of the yard, near the opening fence- leave enough room for fence to close.

Regarding the skiffs and motors:

Skiff motors need to be flushed out with fresh water after every use. If you can’t find the plastic motor "muffs" to flush the engine, please write a clear note on the log for the next dayleader so they can flush the motor asap. Also the skiff is to be used for official club safety issues only. It is not to be used fro pleasure cruises or joy-riding. If you have any questions as to what I mean by official club use, please contact me, or the Port Captain, James Wei

We have begun to work on re-surfacing and painting the lido trailers. We are grinding off the rust and then painting over them with metal primer and rustoleum paint. Anyone can get work credit for working on the trailers- no experience necessary.

We have five working lidos, three that are being repaired. Every Saturday morning is an opportunity to help work on boats and get your work hours. Please help us maintain the boats. All three JY15s are working, although please use your lightest touch when stepping on the foredecks of these boats. Keep the shroud away from the hoist when launching the Jys! Work is well under way to make at least one Rhodes 19 sailable. If you want to get this boat into the water soon, please contact Jim Pottinger to volunteer for work.

We have several working lasers and two working bytes. These boats are great to sail, but please learn proper rigging. Always use two mast floats, each tied on with a separate piece of line, at all times. Make sure your tiller/rudder is securely tied on. Ask Malu Lujan for a laser/byte rigging lesson if you want to get checked out on these boats.

Martin jonikas will be the frist vice commodore in my absence from July 13th till approximately August 5th. Please contact him at email mjonikas@MIT.EDU with questions regarding first vice commodore issues in my absence.

That’s it!


Rear Commodore’s Report – Jolanda De Boer

Beth Burstein has volunteered to help organize the 3rd fast track from 7/30-8/2. Contact her at mailto:b burstein@ if you have finished all your requirements (rigging and written test completed + at least 2 work hours). She is also looking for teachers for one or more evenings. Our dayleader shortage stands in the way of executing this program, so please contact David Fraser if you can help out during those evenings!

The women’s program offers capsizing practice this Sunday 7/15. Jan and Tara show you the tricks how to right a lido, regardless of your height.

Malu is organizing the lecture series this summer and started one last Monday with our guest speaker Bob Hood. keep an eye on the email list and clubhouse for future lectures.

Rear Commodore Jolanda wants to thank all those people who step in to organize our programs and lectures and who keep coming to the club for teaching! For new instructors, there will be another teaching seminar this month. Rated members, please come to the club and give Saturday morning lessons or during the week. Non-rated members who have passed your rigging test, please pass on your knowledge and start giving rigging lessons; you will get credit for this. Students, sign up for the e-mail list; there are always postings form members who offer to give lessons outside scheduled lesson times.

Minutes from 6/28 were accepted.

The first agenda item was a review by ex-comm of the recent disturbances at the club caused by a non-member who seemed to have some mental problems. The Port Captain, the Commodore, the Vice Commodore and several members who had encountered this individual gave accounts of their experiences. Ex- comm agreed to consider the possibility of a restraining order should it be needed and the Commodore is checking into what that would require. The Port Captain commended the members for restraint and good judgment in dealing with this difficult individual.

Port Captain James Wei requested that we send a letter to Cal Adventures, thanking them for their assistance in recent rescues. This was approved. The secretary agreed to draft the letter, but requested time to find out if we have any official letterhead, since no one present knew.

Neil Denham and Jennifer Seimer appeared before ex-comm to request refunds of their membership. They stated that they had written checks on May 5, 2001 for membership, and decided after half a lesson that they did not wish to belong to CSC after all. The dayleader at the time, according to their testimony, explained that he could not return their checks because they were already in the safe, but told them it was no problem and they would not be cashed. They stated they were unaware that the matter was not settled until their bank statement showed that the checks had been cashed, at which point they were referred to a then-member of ex-comm, who listened to their story and agreed that their money would be refunded, since that had been promised, but that he was no longer able to sign checks. It was pointed out to Mr. Durham and Ms Seiner that they had signed an agreement that they understood our policy of absolutely no refunds. Ex-comm dismissed them from the meeting for lack of courtesy and informed them they would be notified after the veracity of their story was checked. The former ex-comm member returned the commodore’s call and confirmed that they had been promised a refund, so it was agreed to mail them refunds and to make a note to be sure the club policy was clear to dayleaders in the future.

Matthias Roschke and Jim Monanger both requested approval for senior projects involving about 25 hours of repairs each on Nenya. Both projects were approved.

Stephen Skalander, age 16, petitioned for membership in the club and was approved contingent upon him bringing back a medical release form.

Peter Kuhn testified that the 25hp skiff motor was okay to use now.

Karen Huff requested permission to take her junior test on a Rhodes as medical problems make sailing a lido nearly impossible, and was approved.

The Port Captain requested that educating members as to the volunteer nature of the club and accompanying responsibilities be emphasized more in teaching for any rating, which was agreed to be a good idea.

A request was made to post informational windsurfing signs on the dock, and given informal approval, with the caution that since the dock is public property they might disappear.

Discussion was opened regarding removing windsurfing universals from the clubhouse and having a separate sign-out for windsurfers at the locker, in an effort to empower the windsurfing program and lighten the dayleader’s duties a little. The issue was remanded for further consideration.

Two closed agenda items were dealt with.



The meeting was adjourned until the General Membership meeting on Thursday, June 28 at 7pm at the Berkeley Yacht Club.