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2001.07.26 - Excom

Thursday July 26, 2001
Minutes- Ex-comm July 26, 2001 Present: Commodore, Bob Hood, Vice Commodore, Marceline Therrien, First Vice Commodore, (proxy) Martin Jonikas, Second Vice Commodore, Vincent Fallourd, Assistant Port Captain Dave Fraser, Treasurer (also proxy for Rear Commodore) Bernard Bouis, Secretary, Karen Huff

Report Rear Commodore 7/26.

Our third fast track is coming and Beth Burstein has volunteered to help organizing this one from 7/30-8/2. Contact her at if you have finished all your requirements (rigging & written test completed + at least 2 work hours). She is looking for people who can help daylead during those evenings. Please contact David Fraser or Beth if you can help out during those evenings!

The women's program has 1 lesson coming up this Sunday 7/29 and 2 more in August on 8/12 and 8/26. Jan and Tara are looking for teachers. Please contact Jan at if you can help out

Jeff Lewis has volunteered to organize 2 classes for advanced dinghy training. These classes are for juniors who want to pursue their senior rating and feel they can use some help. First class will be held August 12th immediately after the women's class (3.30-7.30), second class will be August 19th from 2-6. If you can teach or want to attend, contact Jeff at

Malu organized another great lecture on docking with speaker Dave R last week. Keep an eye on the email list and clubhouse for future lectures

Rear Commodore Jolanda wants to thank all those people, who step in to organize our programs and lectures and who keep coming to the club for teaching! Rated members, please come to the club and give Saturday morning lessons or during the week. Non rated members who passed their rigging test, please pass on your knowledge and start giving rigging lessons, you will get work credit for this. Students, sign-up for the email list: there are always postings from members who offer to give lessons outside sheduled lesson time. Also, sign up for cruises, as you get to steer and learn a lot while you're cruising the Bay.

First Vice (Proxy) Report:

We did not pursue the possibility of using JP Rouland's 25HP skiff motor because the general consensus was that it would take too much work to adapt it to our purposes.

Rich Snyder was hit on the head by Lido #6 mast float during a lesson. He was taken to emergency and is making a claim on our insurance- David Frasier is taking care of this. All Lido masts were inspected and the one on Lido #6 re-installed.

Ed Shirk reminds us that our Operating Rules direct us to lower the sails on the boats at the dock if they are not to be sailed again within one minute! Please get back in the habit of doing this.

Both 25 and 15HP motors are working fine.

Huge thanks to Ed Shirk for heading the work parties every week-end, and in general taking care of the boats!!!! And to Peter Kuhn for fixing the skiffs!!!

Happy Sailing! -Martin Jonikas (Proxy for Ben Pink)

Deputy Port Captain's report 7/26 (for the Port Captain)

1. Hired 3 new dayleaders, Shermaine Barlaan, Joshua Jones, David Reinstein. May hire 1-2 more.

2. I plan intensive training for them Saturday 7/28 from 1230-1530. They will also need to train alongside experienced DLs as much as possible in the next week or so; I'm hoping they can work on their own in 7-10 days. They can be scheduled independently as soon as they and Port Captain feel they're ok.

3. Andreas Nguyen has joined the Port Captain team for the time being and, it is hoped, will deputize if James and I are away. (Please help convince him if need be!)At minimum I will attend Ex-Comm tomorrow, as proxy if James can't stay.

4. Andreas has been incredibly helpful and effective in rationalizing much of the DL operation quickly. He has produced and updated the DL schedule and expanded my initial list of current, volunteer, may-hire, and potential DLs into a useful database, both as an Excel file. Initial sked is in the DL file at south side of desk. Andreas has also done a great deal to put the clubhouse and desk into sensible shape.

5. We lost one potentially excellent new hire b/c of concerns over cost of clothing, among other things. Given the high turnover and difficulty in retention, with James's approval I am requesting an agenda item to outfit the Dayleaders, budget $500. This would include a large and a medium set of decent foulies, plus warm caps, gloves, and possibly boots. I will try to get a couple of estimates by meeting time. Do we still have discounts for club purchases and if so, where?

6. Club was closed Wed. 7/25 for lack of dayleaders. Andreas posted a large-type sign on clubhouse door and I emailed a notice to list. Perhaps a continuous-loop recording can be played too...

7. Felix Goebel, here from Germany for the summer, will also be available for the Port Captain team.

8. I am doing a FAQ sheet for dayleaders to give to prospective members: "please look this over and if you have any questions I'll be happy etc..." I think a second sheet can be done for members to update them on new policies.

9. If you have any suggestions for people who might be good for the Port Captain team please let us know.

Respectfully, David Fraser

Commodore?s report

Here's my report! .

The club is getting into full swing for the summer. The yard is active with many senior members helping people to do yeoman's work keeping our lidos afloat. They show how much a volunteer membership organization depends on it's voluntary membership. Thank you to Ed Shirk, Martin Jonikas and others on the Resin Ranch. Despite a shortage of qualified dayleaders, the Port Captain and his team have worked arduously to keep the club open, but remember folks we can't do this without the membership stepping forward.

Vincent Fallourd, our illustrious 2nd vice commodore has gotten our gear up to standards so is planning to concentrate on his senior project for the windsurfing container, so please lend him a hand. Welcome back to Dave Rabinowitz who has graced us with his wonderful presence again this summer and may come back after his next preambulation. Please remember to thank our volunteers on ex-comm who have been working above and beyond and help them keep the club running as smoothly as possible. Malu has put together a fine lecture series (Our first in a couple of years), so please attend and learn something about sailing. Wednesday night keelboat lessons are being led by our strong group of senior sailors and are well attended. Junior skippers please remember lessons times and teach a non-skipper how to sail. There has been a shortage of teachers especially during the weekday lessons. This is the time of year when we have a large proportion of new members who need to learn the ropes. It would save a lot of argument if people would read the rules, read the posted announcements, read the posted minutes and read the log. Actually, that's not true, but the "discussions" would perhaps be better informed and more entertaining. We are also looking forward to the new windsurfing program with the universals and the whole program administered by a group of windsurfers holding chairmanships and building a new more cohesive, self managing mature style.

Agenda Items

1.Jason Katz-Brown, 16, requested acceptance as a member of cal Sailing Club and was approved. Vivienne Fagrell proposed to prep and paint the bottom of Nenya as her senior project and was approved. A 505 in good condition was accepted as a donation. Whether to keep it (and possibly junk the 470) or sell it will be decided at a later date.

2.Windsurfing Program changes were approved as follows : The universals and the windsurfing sign-up sheets will be moved to the windsurfing shed on Saturday, July 28th. Prominent signs will be posted. The dayleader will still check the list at the end of day to be sure all people and equipment are back. dayleader still retains ultimate authority and responsibility for rescues. The second vice commodore is approved to appoint chairs as necessary to implement changes and give windsurfers more responsibility and empowerment in their program.

3.Richard Bloom who first joined in 1978 is back and shared that Cal Sailing Club had changed the direction of his life, inspiring him to change his major from linguistics to scuba! he also received instructions on how to reinstate his ratings.

4.Member Richard Snyder was injured when a masthead float and its metal fitting came loose and fell on this head, requiring 12 staples and causing three days of missed work. our insurance company will work out details with his insurance company and the club will extend his membership for six months free of charge.

5.The Assistant Port Captain was approved for a $200 expenditure for 2 sets of new foulies for dayleaders? use.

6.Letter thanking Cal Adventures for their assistance on resues and teamwork on matters of mutual concern was approved and signed by the Port Captain and the Commodore. Member Dave Rabinowitz requested a change in policy to allow excess work hours to be applied for one year rather than six months, on the basis that it might inspire people to put in more hours during the busy season when there is much to be done. The proposal was tabled for later consideration, but ex-comm unanimously approved extending Dave Rabinowitz?s work credits for a year (which he had not requested) because he no longer lives in the area, but puts in extensive amounts of work for the club when he visits from out of state.

7.Proposals to get radios for the skiffs, streamline dayleader training, and add requirements to rationings were tabled for further discussion. There was one closed agenda item.