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2001.08.09 - Excom

Thursday August 09, 2001

CSC Ex-Comm Minutes
August 9th, 2001

Officers present:

Marceline Therrien, Vice Commodore; Ben pink, First Vice Commodore; Chris Havel, Third Vice Commodore; Jolanda de Boer, Rear Commodore; James Wei, Port Captain; Karen Huff, Secretary; Bernard Bouis, Treasurer.

Minutes of the last meeting were accepted.

Deputy Port Captain’s report

August 9 (for the Port Captain) Note Port Captain James Wai was out of town for part of time covered here.

  1. Talked w/ several Dayleaders and other members who expressed concern and confusion over new windsurfing signout location and operation.
  2. Following that, I met with Trumpton and Vincent and we agreed upon a working procedure based on a rotating Windsurfing Leader.
  3. There are several documents around generated at the meeting but it’s unclear when and how it will be implemented. Confusion still exists. Hell, I’m confused.
  4. A number of people including some senior windsurfers have expressed dismay about the changes.
  5. James and I have made it clear that whatever the outcome, we do NOT want the Dayleaders further burdened or blamed for any shortcomings. I suggest this needs to be put in place ASAP since there is far too much ambiguity. What, the DLs are asking, are they supposed to do? Since they are the key to much of the club operations, they need some clarity.
  6. On DLs, Andreas Nguyen deserves great thanks for setting up an online calendar of DL work schedules. He has also proposed a system where DLs are responsible for finding replacements if they cannot make a shift; this would be in conjunction with the Port Captain. Andreas has, in my view, finally made it possible to rationalize most of the work rotation.
  7. Currently the working paid DLs are Paul, Shermaine, and Joshua; we’re quite happy with their work. Alda will return shortly and David Reinstein is also on the roster but will need to complete training. We are hiring (as needed) on the basis: 1) good person for the job; 2) available on days CSC needs. Other DLs will be brought aboard as needed. Sked is reworked and nearly updated.
  8. Volunteer DLs made all the difference w/ the latest Fast Track; our thanks to Dave R., Scott, Laura B., Bruce McKenzie, Dr. Sarah, Chip, Jim P., and anyone else who helped, as well as Beth for keeping it going.
  9. I’ve made an FAQ (see desk, need copies) about the club which dayleaders can give out along w/ our brochure; should save time.
  10. I also made a new Open House signout form designed to simplify things by spelling them out; it was however not ready in time for O.H. Thanks to several folks for handling the horrific task last weekend including Felix Goebel, Boris Dev, and others.
  11. The Port Captain and his Faithful Deputy would like to join the call for a reliable new motor for the skiff. It died on Open House day and the DL got a tow, and has had sporadic problems. I also take Peter’s point about a new skiff (sigh).
  12. James and I hope that our teammate and Windsurfmeister Matthias Roschke will be able to be Acting Port Captain as needed this weekend; Sunday may be OK for him.

Respectfully, David Fraser Deputy Port Captain


First Vice Commodore’s Report 8/9/01

Are you tired of having to sail old, worn-out boats? Tired of coming down for a lesson, waiting two hours, only to find out that you have to fix the boat you were about to take a lesson on? Tired of centerboards that don’t raise when you want them to? Are you suffering with tiller-extension-under-traveler anxiety attacks? Do you loose sleep because you secretly fanaticize about the day CSC will finally hold a giant bon-fire to Neptune and burn those Shock nightmares they call Lidos? If you said yes to any of the above, don’t worry, you are not alone. Take comfort in the fact that there is an answer to you problems. Your prayers have been answered alright, but the answer might be difficult for you to hear. The solution lies within everyone of us. We will need strength to stand up to the disbeliveers, but I know we can do it. Courage, determination, sweat and blood will take us all down the path of salvation. How you ask? It has a name: The CSC Dinghy Replacement Fund.

Seriously folks, we are in real need of a new fleet of teaching boats. As you may know from looking around the yard, the Lidos are not in great shape. They are being patched, fixed, painted, sanded, and kept limping along, which is consuming countless volunteer work hours and money spent on supplies. The lidos will get us through this summer, but I don’t know about another one. What can we do about it? Each of us can step up and help out the fundraising effort for the dinghy replacement fund. We have a lot of money to raise, but I am confident that if we each put our creativity and effort into this process that we can prevail. As first vice commodore, I want to see us with the new Antrim dinghies as badly as anyone.

PLEASE, PLEASE, contact Chris Havel, head of the fundraising committee, to find out how you can assist us with this effort. If you can’t give money, please give us your time.

As of today, 8/9/01, we have four lidos operational, and four being repaired. Of the four being repaired, each one is fairly close to being back in action. Myself and Ed Shirk can always use volunteer help working on the lidos. Contact me directly or come down to the yard on Saturday morning to help out. We have three working JY15s (we have new tiller extensions on the two boats that were lacking them). All the lasers and bytes are working! The 470 is down, as is the green Rhodes. The blue Rhodes is sailing again! Junior skippers: Ask me or another senior for a check-out on the Rhodes, JY15, Laser, or Byte. You must get a separate check-out for each of these boats, above your normal junior skipper rating.

Cruising Skippers Please Note: due to a situation where both skiff motors are having various problems, be advised that until the situation is remedied, cruising motors may be needed for use on the skiff at any time. This action will only be taken if both skiff motors are down, but be prepared to change your cruising plans at last minute (hopefully this will never happen, but I have to warn you in case it does).

Thanks for your understanding.

Vice Commodore’s Report;

The club once again received extremely favorable press coverage from Latitude 38 in August with an article about our new 15-foot dinghy. I hope more club members will join the effort to raise the funds to get these boats off the drawing board and into our yard. The club tax returns for the year ended April 2000 have been completed and filed. We do not yet know what penalties the IRS will assess against the club due to the unfortunate oversight of the club’s previous administration. In the worst case, it could be several thousand dollars. We have asked the IRS to waive penalties. Thanks again to everyone who turned up to give Open House rides on August 4&5. I know these weekends are extremely stressful for the club and I intend to propose a new schedule for 2002.

Faithfully submitted, Marceline Therrien Vice Commodore, Cal Sailing Club

Rear Commodore’s Report;

Thanks again to Beth Burstein for organizing a smooth fast track in July and to all the teachers and volunteer dayleaders who helped out!

If you’re interested in the women’s program, August is the last month that the program will run this year. Catch a lesson or teach on 8/12 and 8/26. Please contact Jan at or Tara at for more info.

Jeff Lewis is organizing 2 classes for advanced dinghy training. These classes are for juniors who want to pursue their senior rating and feel they can use some help. First class will be held August 12th immediately after the women’s class (3.30-7.30), second class will be August 19th from 2-6. If you can teach or want to attend, contact Jeff at

We can always use more teachers on Saturday morning and during the week on Mon and Thursday. Teach 20 hours and contact Jolanda at for the cool teacher cap. If you’re a new junior, we would love it if you can start teaching, which is also a fast way to improve your own skills. Please, send Jolanda an email if you just passed the junior test.

Thanks to all those loyal teachers who are always showing up -you know who you are!

Jolanda de Boer, Rear Commodore


Third vice Commodore’s Report:

Budget approved for Nenya Sr. projects. Please help Mathias, Jim P. and Viviene. I would like to haul out the Commanders this fall (we need cruisers to set aside one weekend) anybody who would like to lead this effort please let me know. Please be careful if the motor is on Donald. It is vulnerable to being hit, especially if Donald is not pulled all the way into the slip. Please be gentle on the Ensign floorboards, it looks like they need some work. And one final word, be easy on the tillers.

Commodore’s Report

I have nothing to report as I have been away from the club with an illness. Please just convey that I am happy that things are going so well and hope to be back soon.

Treasurer Report 08/07/01

I would like to thank Marceline for the fantastic job she has been doing to introduce me to my new position. It has been really a perfect and smooth introduction. Leif help is a tremendous help to me, and I am sure to the Club, to help us to reestablish a working treasury and an healthy financial situation to the Club.

I would like to remind everybody in the Club that all Expense Report need to be signed by an Authorized person, meaning Ex-Com members, has well as Dayleaders. Please James, and Dave, remind your Dayleaders that they have to approve expenses before putting the Expense Reports in the safe. Also they need to make sure that all information is readable, or there will no reimbursement. We are finalizing the transfer of signature for the different account. As soon as I will know how much we have in the different account, I will let you know. Last June we had $ 10,260 from membership, and this past July until now we had $ 5,502 from membership.

I would like to bring to your attention the generous donation of $250 to our Club, from Dennis Gates. This is a non member windsurfer who was helped by club members, on 5/21/01, a Monday, when he found himself in a difficult situation, wounded, and bleeding. His equipment was kept in the club when he was taken to the hospital. Thanks to the people who helped Dennis that day. They showed the spirit of the Club.

Bernard Bouis, Treasurer


Open Agenda Items.

  • SKIFF MOTOR ISSUES: $250 was approved for having the 15hp motor professionally serviced. A proposal to purchase a new skiff motor was tabled for further consideration and for input from Peter Kuhn who is the chief motor repair person. Port Captain James Wei noted that the 25hp has been dying frequently. Ed Shirk advised that we not buy a 2 stroke, both because our other motors are 4 stroke and take a different type of oil and because the 4 strokes are less polluting. There appears to also be a possibility that 2 strokes will be prohibited in the marina and possibly in the bay in the foreseeable future.
  • Sypko Andeae has met all the requirements for his Cruising Skipper Rating and was unanimously approved.
  • Sypko Andreae requested and was granted permission to take one kayak to Tomales Bay on August 12 and 13th.
  • A policy of requesting a $100 fully refundable deposit for equipment being transported out of the area was approved.
  • Windsurfing signout policy was modified in the following manner: windsurfing signout/ sign-in sheet is to be returned to the clubhouse under the dayleader’s jurisdiction. The dayleader may close the signout sheet at any time equipment is not put away and checked in until the situation is corrected. Universals remain at the windsurfing locker. Suggestions for implementing use of section leaders and other proposals were tabled for further consideration and input from the windsurfing vice commodores.
  • Fundraising Committee chair Chris Havel reports that the committee is sending out letters of solicitation to all Club Members. They also plan to put a display near the clubhouse to raise awareness of our goals and progress in reaching them. It is expected that most funds will be raised from CSC members and a collection box at open houses. Individuals and Corporations likely to be interested in supporting CSC are also being approached for larger donations.
  • A budget item of up to $2,000 for repair and necessary maintenance on Nenya was approved.
  • The First Vice Commodore’s request for a surprise workday on Sat Aug 11th was approved, with instructors exempted from work and students leaving when it’s their turn for lessons.
  • A budget item of $500 for improvements and supplies for the tool shed was approved.
  • A resolution was passed to strongly encourage people with junior plus or advanced dinghy or above rating to participate in dayleader training as part of their leadership role in the club.
  • A proposal to raise the liability level in case of damage resulting form negligence to club equipment from its present $100 to $500 was discussed briefly and tabled for further consideration. There were suggestions to raise it to $250 instead, and opinions expressed that the present rate is unrealistically low, that a higher rate might discourage seniors from teaching, and that real negligence was involved so seldom that the present liability was assessed infrequently enough for it to matter at all.


There was one closed agenda item.