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2001.08.26 - Excom

Sunday August 26, 2001
CSC Ex-Comm Minutes, August 23, 2001 Members Present Bob Hood, Commodore; Marceline Therrien, Vice Commodore; Ben Pink, First Vice Commodore; Chris Havel, Third Vice Commodore; Jolanda de Boer, Rear Commodore; James Wei. Port Captain; Karen Huff, Secretary; Bernard Bouis, Treasurer Rear Commodore's report 8/23 REAR COMMODORE?S REPORT Mixed news from the rear commodore's desk. Let's start with the good news: The women's program is extended till the end of September. On Sunday 8/26, 9/9 and 9/23 are three more lessons scheduled from 1-3:30pm. The program need teachers, please contact Jan and Tara at and First vice commodore Ben Pink offers a RHodes 19 rigging class August 24th, starting at 1745. All CSC members are welcome, but you must be a junior to get checked out on this boat. Only members who, besides sailing it, are gonna be actively involved in maintenance of the Rhodes will be checked out. Please, contact Ben directly at Besides these great programs/initiatives and other people who offer to teach/give tests (we know who you are!), we desperately NEED TEACHERS for SATURDAY! We have the boats, but we're missing teachers showing up in the morning to help the 30+ students signed up. Please, come down and help, if you know how to teach sailing, rigging, knots, theory. Our priority is to give as many sailing lessons as possible, but if there's no instructor yet available, please start giving rigging lessons, teach knots etc-all things students need to learn. Remember you do not need to be a junior to give rigging lessons. Seniors, consider using keelboats if the wait is enormous and there are several juniors around to teach. Please, contact me directly at if you can help out on the next Saturdays, so I know what to expect. ?Jolanda de Boer SECOND VICE COMMODORE?S REPORT We have now 37 new members to our windsurfing Yahoo Group. I would encourage anyone posting messages that do not regard boating to also do it on this group. In order to help the day leader during busy time, we propose that he/she be able to ask any windsurfer about to sign out to help for a short period of time. We are planning to buy at least 6 new Kazoo boards. Those will replace the aging Revos. Some of them are getting damaged beyond repair. We have a good deal with the company and we will seek to try them out before buying them and after approval from ex-comm. We hope to start working on the windsurf locker soon. We also have a suggestion to make regarding building more locker to rent this winter. Could it be a senior project? ?Vincent Fallourd/ Trumpton Mac Farlane FIRST VICE COMMODORE?S REPORT As of 8/22/01, we have six lidos sailable, with two being repaired but close to finished. The two lidos still being worked on are #7 and #8.Lido #7 : The stem fitting and chainplates were installed. New tank drain plugs installed. It still needs the upper gudgeon installed and a mast. Lido #8 : Ed ordered some custom metal and plastic parts for the centerboard cassette. This boat could be finished this weekend. Currently, all JY15s are do not sail. JY15#3 is waiting for a small part and should be fixed very soon. JY15 #1 had a shroud and the mast break during a sail. Replacement parts have been ordered and will be installed upon arrival (approx one week). JY15#2 is grounded temporarily until the shrouds can be inspected for corrosion, which was the cause of the break on JY15#1. The status of these two boats will be made known as repairs are made. The blue Rhodes19 is sailable. It has been used several times recently, including several spinnaker sets. The green Rhodes is still do not sail, and sits in limbo while its fate is debated by ex-com and interested parties. A Rhodes19 rigging class will be held by the first vice commodore on 8/24/01 at 1745. All members are welcome, but only juniors who have completed all their required work hours will be eligible for check-out on this boat. Contact the first vice commodore for more details. We currently have two sailable Bytes, and four sailable lasers. The red-hull laser is temporarily do-not-sail until it can be leak tested. The 470 is sailable. Please remember that the 470, laser, byte, Rhodes19, and JY15s each require a separate check-out above the junior rating. The first vice commodore would like to thank Ed Shirk for his continuing help with boat maintenance. Also thanks to Peter Kuhn for his work on the motors, and for all his volunteer teaching (and for his sense of humor!). Thanks also to the ever hard working port captain and his deputies for keeping the club open. ?Benjamin Pink TREASURER?S REPORT Bill payment is getting faster, but I would like to let everybody know that it will take at least two to three weeks before they will see their reimbursement checks in the mail box. I also want to remind all of you that Expense Report needs to be fill out and signed by an approved person. | Meaning, under $100.00 ExCom or Dayleaders, or Ed Shirk and some others, and over $100.00 only an ExCom member can approve the expense. I will not reimburse you anymore if I don't see the Authorized By: signature of the appropriate person at the bottom of the Expense Report. The Expense Report form are just behind the Dayleader, in a plastic pouch hung over the safe. If you have any questions regarding reimbursement,| read the directions that are posted inside that pouch, behind the Expense| Report sheets. Also, free membership is available only to people who teach over 10 hours. Work hours are not eligible for a free membership, unless approved for| special conditions, like dayleading for 10 hours.| This month as seen the beginning of the fundraising campaign to feed the Dinghy Fund, and already we got the first checks from our mailing. Thanks| Stefano for your contribution; Sypko, our new Cruising Skipper, for giving| back the last 2 years of is free membership, to the club; Jimmy, and| Shoshana, for your checks; the different people who didn't ask for their $10, or $5 change. The machine is on the rail, let's continue the process. I want to remind all of you that Dinghy Fund Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Regarding income, this August saw a total deposit of $6,677.00 coming from membership dues, and $1,236.61 coming from County of Alameda Tax Refund. Donation to the Dinghy Fund is, or will be in the near future, $774. Bernard Bouis, Treasurer FUNDRAISING REPORT I am very pleased to announce that we will be crossing the $1,000 dollar limit this week in donations. NOW is the time to build on that momemtum. Letters have gone out to club members and are being received very positively. We need to all remind new members why we really need to get these boats built. Some corporate fundraising has begun as well to make up the gap. At this point we are not selling sponsorship, just asking corporations for grants and donations, with some form of recognition. See the display board outside the clubhouse for all the latest info on this exciting project. AGENDA ITEMS 1. Andreas Nguyen?s proposed Senior Project of completing the policy and procedures for dayleaders, preparing the volunteer list and co-ordinating scheduling, which he has already put a great many hours into on a voluntary basis, was approved. 2. The first steps of Michael?s proposed senior project to replace the tool shed with a container were approved, specifically that he talk to the Marina management about the possibility of placing a container in our yard and further explore options (including donations) for obtaining one, and present Ex-Comm with a final budget proposal if the Marina approves. 3. Robert Osevfit received permission to take Daisy on a private cruise to Petaluma Sept 22nd and return Monday, September 24th. 4. Sypko Andraea was appointed Cruising Chair. 5. Mike Arntz was approved to serve on the keelboat rating committee. 6. Paul Herzmark completed all the requirements for cruising skipper and was given that rating. 7. $250 was approved for maintenance of the 5hp 2 stroke and up to $300 for servicing the 25hp motor. The feasibility of purchasing an 8hp Nissan is being investigated. 8. Ex-Comm approved the sale of the green Rhodes as-is if an interested buyer can be found, after verifying that needed repairs to the boat and trailer would cost approximately 8 times what the boat is worth. 9. Approval was given to the windsurfing program to purchase up to 5 new Kazoo boards at a special discount of $260 each if they choose to do so. The sails and universals are interchangeable with what we have. 10. The next quarterly membership meeting was tentatively set for Sept 20th, contingent upon availability of the yacht club. 11. A member who had just passed her keelboat test requested to not be required to repeat the written test passed two and a half years ago; permission to waive the time requirement was granted.