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2001.09.06 - Excom

Thursday September 06, 2001
CSC EX-COMM MINUTES SEPT 6, 2001 Present: Bob Hood, Commodore; Marceline Therrian, Vice Commodore; Vincent Fallourd, Second Vice Commodore; Chris Havel, Third Vice Commodore; David Fraser, Port Captian; Karen Huff, Secretary; Bernard Bouis, Treasurer. Vice Commodore's Report BYC has been reserved on Sept. 20 for our quarterly general membership meeting. Notices will be sent to members shortly. CSC volunteers provided about 170 sailboat rides to members of the public during our last Open House on Sept. 1-2. Many thanks to those who helped out, and razberries to the one member who took out a boat on his own when there were many people waiting for rides. Please remember that on Open House days and on lesson days, members MAY NOT take boats out for private sailing until the lists are cleared. The Vice Commodore has nearly finished reconciling our bank statements for the past year-something that must be done so we can produce financial reports and file our taxes. First Vice Commodore?s Report The first vice commodore would like to thank those people who have been tirelessly helping work on boat maintenance. Thanks to Ed Shirk for getting us to the point that the lido fleet is in better shape now than it has been in a very long time. Thanks also to Peter Kuhn, Bill P., John Mankey, Geoff Miller, and others for their work on the Precision 15. Thanks to Allan Champion for getting the dock foam for the lido flotation. Thanks to Scott for your carpentry fixing the bench in front of the club after the vandalism. The first vice has several ideas for senior projects around the club, so please contact him if you are a senior candidate looking for a project. The first vice commodore wants to inform people that he will not be too active at the club for the next month or two. He is now studying for the GRE and applying to graduate school which will take a great deal of his free time. Feel free to contact him with any questions regarding small boat issues that arise at the club. Thanks for your understanding. -Benjamin Pink Second Vice Commodore?s Report 23 sails have been taken out to repair with no estimate on the cost yet. We are in contact with the Powerex/Hawaiian ProLine company and may get more masts and booms donated in the future. (they donated the equivalent of $6,300 this year). Apparently there has not been too many equipments left out lately. Hopefully the trend will last! The windsurf locker will be going on serious repair this winter, hopefully at very little cost. The roof has a big hole. It may be worth it to replace it if we can have one donated. We also want to build a waterproof TV/VCR cabinet outside the toolshed or inside the yard, so everybody can watch instructional video. Bill Bradfield has been allowed to sail. Nothing new on the Kazoo boards yet. We will wait till the big boat show in Florida happened to see for possible sails purchase. Port Captain?s Report 1) In a bloodless reorganization endorsed by Ex-Comm,the Port Captain esigned and was replaced by the Deputy Port Captain. The former Port Captain was named Deputy Port Captain by the new Port Captain. 2) Andreas Nguyen, who I hope will accept the mantle of Vice Port Captain, has completed a workable, structured, yet flexible scheduling system and is to be commended for his continuing efforts. It requires DLs to find their own replacements if they can't make a shift, while keeping us notified. 3) We have rehired Melanie as DL and are planning to hire our final Dayleader (for the moment) shortly. She can work Wednesdays, completing the shifts. 4) I have scheduled a PC/DL meeting for 1230 this Saturday to discuss issues. We will have these as needed. Respectfully, David Fraser Port Captain Treasurer's Report For the period July 11 to August 9, I made a deposit of $5,772.40 representing membership and few $ for Donation to the Dinghy fund that I will transfer later. The expense were $5,074.35. For the month of August 10 until today September 6, I deposited $11,971.41, that is membership, and include a $1,236.61 taxes refund from the Alameda County. Expenses are not yet tabulated. For the Dinghy Fund, $2139.01 was donated to the Club. Thanks to all our donors, Jennifer, with a $1000.00 donation, Gregory, Paul, Laura, John with $500.00 and Frances and small donations from our members. DON'T FORGET, THESE DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Bernard Bouis Treasurer Minutes of last meeting were accepted. A budget item of $150 for Lido tillers was approved. Jerry Huff was granted an extension of six months on the written test for senior skipper, which he took two and a half years ago; he has completed all other requirements and is now a senior skipper . Saul requested that we make a commitment on the Antrims to begin tooling in December. So far we have spent $8,500 on the initial design and committed to an effort to help market these boats. Tooling will cost about $40,000. The total cost of the fleet will run about $120,000, which leaves us needing to raise $50,000 to 60,000. Issues for further consideration on this include the concern that if we do not act soon, we will not have new boats in the water by next summer, and concerns that about spending that great an amount until fund-raising has progressed to a point where we feel confident of our ability to complete the project. $600 was approved for Ensign rigging. A proposal to schedule one open house day a month was continued until next meeting. Ed Corbett was appointed Racing Chair Ed Shirk reported that nearly 2/3 of the contents of the shed were junk. The massive clean up is now nearly complete. He wished to thank Maureen Dobbins especially for lots and lots of hours, and all the other members who pitched in to help. The budget for Kazoo boards was modified to $1800 for six boards to take advantage of the discount offered for more than five. $1000 was budgeted for repair of windsurfing sails. The windsurfing locker has a large hole in the roof; it will be repaired for now, but we need to start considering a replacement. The Commodore suggested we focus on getting much of the needed maintenance and repair work around the club done over the winter. Dominique Barthel was approved for the rating of cruising skipper.