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2001.10.04 - Excom

Thursday October 04, 2001
CSC Ex-comm Minutes October 4, 2001
Rear Commodores Report

We had an active teaching season with numerous special teaching programs and a bunch of new juniors starting to teach! Muchas gracias to all these juniors and seniors, who taught lido lessons and keelboat lessons- we could not be the great sailing club without you!!

Thanks Alex, Sarah and Beth for coordinating three fast tracks this summer. Thanks to Tara and Jan for organizing five months of women's lessons on Sunday. Thanks to Jim, Ben, Matthias, Peter, James and Jeff for organiizing special classes like Rhodes intro, Laser classes, capsize events and senior training. The season is still going on and we still need your help: please come down on Saturday mornings and during the week, when you have time. Thanks, Jolanda de Boer Rear Commodore
Third Vice Commodore?s Report

Haulout of the Commanders will be October 11 thru completion (hopefully the 14th). Contact me, "Third_Vice@Cal-Sailing. Org" , if you can help. As soon as we get the ensign rigging we can proceed to install it.

It has been proposed that we keep a list of keelboat chores at the dock so that before giving a lesson we can have the students participate in some basic care of the boats. Lets first try to make ONE master repair log at the beginning of the signout folder. Please list any items and parts needed here so that all will see.

Please ask Mathias, Jim, or Viviene if you can help them to finish repairs on Nenya.
Agenda Items (open)
1. It was suggested that we look into putting bolt cutters on the keelboats. or requiring them as part of the senior skipper tool kits, so that shrouds could be cut if masts break. One member present suggested hacksaws were lighter, cheaper and probably more effective. Rear Commodore Jolanda de Boer offered to test both tools on scrap pieces of shroud and report back.
2. Haulout budget of up to $800 for keelboats was approved.
3. We have been informed by the Marina that the dock boxes at our slips have been repaired at Marina expense an inordinate number of times and that we will now be charged for any needed repairs. Since we do not pay for the slips, it does not seem unreasonable. They feel that we are running into them. Club skippers pointed out that the most common breakage is the hinges that hold the tops, and that some damage may be just that we use them more frequently than anyone. Suggested solutions included springlines at a 45% angle to prevent hitting them, more caution in docking, and possibly replacing the hinge chains with polypropeline the next time they break.
4. Chris Havel proposed a lesson sign up from for keelboat lessons and consideration of Saturday keelboat lessons if teachers can be found. Needed repairs for all keelboats will be listed on an easily accessible sheet, as covered in his report, to make it easier for keelboat students to determine what needs to be done to the boats.
5. Commodore Bob Hood reported the cost of re-keying locks and new senior keys will run approximately $300, which is within normal operating expenses.
6. Dave Rabinowitz asked permission to drill a hole in the changing room for a drain, which was cheerfully granted.
7. Determination of how much money from the general fund can now be transferred to the dinghy replacement fund is continued till the next meeting.
8. There were no closed agenda items.