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2001.11.01 - Excom

Thursday November 01, 2001
CSC Ex-comm Minutes November 1, 2001
Present were Commodore, Bob Hood, Rear Commodore, Jolanda de Boer, Port Captain David Fraser, Secretary, Karen Huff, and Treasurer, Bernard Bouis

Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

The next quarterly membership meeting will be in December, date to be confirmed with BYC

The Commodore will get new Senior Keys for the lock changes and these will be available to qualified members at the quarterly meeting

It was agreed that people who wish to bring agenda items before ex-comm should do so either before the meeting, by contacting the secretary or another ex-comm member, or showing up early, or within the first five minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting.

Allan Champion completed all requirements and was unanimously approved for the rating of cruising skipper.

Allan Champion also requested, and was granted a variance for the 5 year old minimum age passenger requirement on club boats for his 4 year old son, Evan, contingent upon ascertaining that this does not present an insurance problem, and under the specific conditions that it be keelboat only, with Allan as skipper, a minimum of two responsible adults on board and that the child be wearing a pfd and be tethered when appropriate for conditions. It was determined that there is precedence for this variance.

The question was raised whether first aid kits on board the commanders are adequate or need upgrading. The question was continued for discussion with the Third Vice Commodore, who was not present, regarding what should be maintained on the boats by the club and what is the responsibility of senior skippers to carry.

Registration renewals for three vessels were given to the secretary to be sent to DMV.

The treasurer sought permission to move up to $15,000 from the checking account, to either of the interest-bearing accounts (money market fund and dinghy fund, which pay the same interest). This was approved, but it was later determined that treasurer can do this at his discretion anyway.

The treasurer will follow up with our insurance company on their handling of the concerns of the member who was injured in July by a fallen mast head float.

There were no closed agenda items.