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2001.11.15 - Excom

Thursday November 15, 2001
CSC Ex-Comm Minutes November 15, 2001 Present were Bob hood, Commodore; Marceline Therrien, Vice Commodore; Jolanda de Boer, Rear Commodore; David Fraser, Port Captain; Bernard Bouis, Treasurer and Karen Huff, Secretary

Rear Commodore?s Report

Thanks to Sypko Andreae we had another teaching seminar on 11/9 where 4 new juniors got the ins and outs on teaching. If you like some more background on how to teach sailing, please contact me. New juniors, please make yourself known and send an email to me, so I can add you to my database of teachers.

I have plenty of teachers caps available for those teachers with 20 hours. Contact me and you will be the proud owner of our distinguished cap...

Together with the commodore I 'tested' out the cutters and hacksaw on some leftover shrouds, to see what method might work better in the emergency of a mast break. Conclusion: probably be good to have them both on board. People with different strengths, prefer different methods (the saw is definitely not my kind of tool and even cursing did not help to cut the shrouds fast). Off course, we don't have the best working tools in the shed either. Using Peter's and Ed's recommendation: spray with WD40 and seal in a plastic bag to protect against rust when left on board.

Contact Jolanda at

Vice Commodore's Report

The club brochure is being updated to reflect the changes in the Open House schedule and will be available at the clubhouse starting the first week of December. Flyers with the new dates will be posted at the clubhouse and other locations like West Marine & Svendsens in mid-November. Our advertising will also be changed to reflect the new schedule. We will be placing a small ad in the annual YRA calendar produced by Latitude 38.

Bill Moseley and Mike Fitzhugh are working on updating the website and migrating it to a new server.

Open agenda items 1. Jolanda de Boer has completed all requirements for cruising skipper status and was unanimously approved.
2. CSC records are stored in a number of places, including people?s homes. There is not room for secure storage at the club house. The Vice Commodore suggested the possibility of renting a very small amount of commercial storage. The issue is continued while we gather information about costs.
3. The Port Captain is working with the Assistant Director of work study at UC Berkeley to streamline and enhance our procedures for hiring work study students.
4. The treasurer followed up with our insurance company to be sure the member injured last summer by the falling masthead float was being taken care of. Our insurance agent said the member?s insurance had paid his medical expenses and the two insurance companies were working out compensation details.
5. The harbormaster is upset that so many people, many of whom may no longer be club members, have J Dock keys. They say 300 are out through CSC. The Commodore will discuss the situation with him.
6. The quarterly membership meeting will be at BYC on December 20th. This is an election meeting.
7. The secretary is processing the DMV forms for vessel registration. There were no closed agenda items.