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2001.11.29 - Excom

Thursday November 29, 2001
Minutes, Ex-comm meeting, November 29, 2001 Members present: Bob Hood, Commodore, Jolanda de Boer, Rear Commodore, David Fraser, Port Captain, Karen Huff, Secretary, Bernard Bouis, Treasurer.

Treasurer's Report

On 10/31/01 I deposited $3,265.99 to our checking account. $3255.00 was membership. On 11/23/01 I deposited $1,885.40 to our checking account. $1870.00 was membership. As you can see our incomes are going down for this time of the year. I deposited only $20.00 for the Dinghy fund for this past month. No donations since. On November 6, I transfered $9000.00 to the Dinghy fund, and $6000.00 to the Saving Fund. The $6000.00 represented the cost of the new Precision 15 that have been taken from the checking account since the purchase of this boat. As of today, we have exactly: $13,085.43 in the Checking account $48,562.55 in the Dinghy Fund $46,042.16 in the Saving Money Market total of: $107,690.14

Regarding our insurance, we are covered for any liability that could be resulting from any injuries, and all members of the Club are covered, as well as their family and children, if sailing with the Club member.

Bernard Bouis CSC Treasurer

Secretary?s Report

I have sorted through the stack of DMV renewals for SCS vessels, with much-appreciated assistance from Peter Kuhn. They have been turned over to Bernard, who is sending a check to DMV well ahead of the due date. Karen E Huff, CSC Secretary

Minutes of the last meeting were accepted.

Agenda Items continued from last time were work-study/dayleader issues and off-site storage. The Port Captain\?s team continues to work closely with UCB to be sure all requirements are met. We will be without work-study eligible dayleaders between semesters, including for most of May. Many suggestions for increasing volunteer participation are under consideration, including more frequent training sessions, making training part of the junior skipper requirements starting next spring, and revisiting the possibility of hiring non-work-study help, in view of computer programs that make the bookkeeping for such things easier. There will be the opportunity for more members to volunteer for training at the General Membership Meeting on December 20th.

The Port Captain team is actively seeking more help, and the Port Captain may consider adding a Dayleader Chair.

Off-site record storage is still being investigated.

Member Ken Shepherd expressed concerns about both dinghies under consideration. He cited the centerboard length on the Precision as possibly unsuited to the low tides in the South Sailing basin. Ken also questioned whether the large fenders over the side of the Antrim might make it more prone to cartwheel jibes and whether the rigging design could cause serious injury by trapping people between the boom and shroud in such circumstances. Ex-comm advised him to discuss the specifics on these issues with the design committee.

As a separate issue, Ken suggested that with the increased silting in our present location, and no definite alternatives for dinghy launching, we might be better off considering adding to the keelboat fleet.

There was one closed agenda item.