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2001.12.13 - Excom

Thursday December 13, 2001
CSC EX-_COMM MINUTES December 13, 2001

Present: Bob Hood, Commodore; Marceline Therien, Vice Commodore; Chris Havel, Third Vice Commodore; David Fraser, Port Captain; Karen Huff, Secretary; Bernard Bouis, Treasurer

Minutes of last meeting were accepted.

A motion to require all junior skipper candidates to train on the skiff for rescues failed.

Dave Fraser announced that he will no longer serve as Port Captain as of December 20th.

A motion to modify the junior test requirements to allow testing on the JY15 failed.

A request by the vice commodore for up to $300 for a secure, locking mailbox that meets USPS standards was approved, in view of critical mail getting lost or not delivered on more than one occasion with the current arrangement.

The Third Vice Commodore requested and was granted a budget of up to $700 for a new rudder shaft and hardware for Nenya.

Alan Jensen , from UCB?s work-study program will be attending an ex-comm meeting in January.

Upcoming issues for the general membership meeting, besides fine dining and elections are:

The treasurer pointed out that tools and equipment (mostly hardware) had been left in the yard in buckets that then filled with water. We have a tool shed. Members should please put things away when leaving after a work project.

We will be cleaning and organizing the clubhouse in the next few weeks. Please remove any personal items that may be lying around. Also, if you have Club documents, records, etc, stashed around your house, please let the secretary or another ex-comm member know, so we can attempt to get these things in one place.

The commodore will be giving out new senior keys for the club, yard, etc at the general membership meeting prior to changing the locks. You will still need your old key for awhile until they are actually changed.