All Meeting Minutes

2000.03.21 - Excom

Tuesday March 21, 2000

MARCH 21, 2000


Rebecca Haussmann for Joe Matera, Malu Lujan, Scott McLean, Chris Havel, Dean Atkinson, Naim Busek, Isabella La Rocca.


  • A motion was made to approve Lucas Kelley, aged 12, for membership. The motion passed unanimously.
  • A motion was made to approve Malu for up to $600 for advertising. The motion passed unanimously.
  • Closed agenda item.
  • Saul Schumsky, Chair of the Dinghy Commissioning Committee, reports that if we undertake the project, it would take at least 18-24 months to have boats in the yard. The first expense would range from $3,000-$14,000, depending on the designer and the commission structure, for the design. Saul recommends having a third party market. the boat, which would require a smaller initial expense. Both designers have agreed to come to a meeting and give a talk to the membership, but all other communications would be through Saul. Then we can decide on building a prototype which would only allow us to make minor changes without redesigning (incurring a redesign fee), and would not be the same in manufacture as boats made from a mold, so that some finish characteristics may differ. The general estimate for a prototype and mold is about $20,000. Each boat made from a mold would cost from $5,000-8,000 including rigging, depending on whether we rig it. Saul estimates that a fleet of 10 boats would cost about $106,000 and should last 20 years. This solution would give us complete control over the design and manufacture of the boats (hopefully insuring the high quality of both), and we would own rights to the molds and receive a percentage of the gross from all other boats made from them. There was debate as to whether we would recoup much of our investment in this way. In the last 20 years we have spent approximately $120,000 on lidos, which doesn’t include maintenance costs. Saul will continue discussion with the second designer and make further recommendations.
  • Rebecca, Chair of the Dinghy Purchase Committee, reports that she has received 14-20 packets of information from boat manufacturers. The Committee will meet in the next meeting to review and identify the top 5 boats.
  • There was discussion regarding the ensign for sale in Latitude. The asking price is presently $1900. Peter Baczek examined the boat and took some pictures. It needs refitting, all the standing rigging, running riggings, and most or all of the hardware and probably extensive rudder work.



  • Rebecca, proxy for Commodore Joe, reports that we are late on our insurance payment. The check will be sent immediately. We need to identify the breaks in communication that result in such oversights and make sure that we are in better control of our operations. All mail should go into the mailbox and only authorized Ex Comm members (Treasurer, Commodore, and Port Captain) should take it out. Rebecca sold the Santana 22 for $2,000. The next Ex Comm meeting will be at the General Membership meeting on Thursday, March 30 at 7pm at the Berkeley Yacht Club. The following Ex Comm meeting will be Tuesday, April 18.
  • Vice Commodore Malu reports that she will be advertising at grocery stores and in free events listings in local papers. She will also be advertising in the Sierra Club Yodeler, the East Bay Express, and the Daily Planet. She is writing articles for the local papers and emphasizing our racing programs.
  • First Vice Commodore Scott reports that he will be working on Saturday at 9am and requests anyone who wants to get get gooed up to come and help. We had 8 boats for Sunday racing thanks to all the help repairing boats. Good senior project ideas on request.
  • Third Vice Commodore reports that the new motor mount for Donald will accommodate a 4-stroke motor.
  • Treasurer Naim reports that a bunch of reimbursement checks went out last week, more will be sent out this week, and we are up to date on our bills.



The meeting was adjourned.