All Meeting Minutes

2000.06.06 - Excom

Tuesday June 06, 2000

JUNE 6, 2000

Present: Joe Matera, Malu Lujan, Brian Herlihy, Scott McLean, Chris Havel, Dean Atkinson, Rebecca Hausmann, Isabella La Rocca.


  • A motion was made to approve William Weprin, age 13, for a Junior Skipper rating, with the restrictions that in over 10 knots he can only single hand in the inner daysailing area and that he wear a wetsuit unless it’s too hot. The motion passed unanimously.
  • Don McPherson reports that the Rhodes’ trailer is fixed.
  • A motion was made to approve Bowen Dwelle’s senior windsurfing project to make the "" wind sensor data available to club members on cell phones and pagers. The vote failed with 2 in favor, 5 opposed, and 1 abstention.
  • A motion was made to approve Bernard Bouis’ senior project to organize a Junior Skipper Fast Track Lido sailing project at the end of July. The vote passed unanimously.
  • A motion was made to allow Bernard Bouis to single hand a JY in under 15 knots of wind. The vote failed with 2 opposed and 6 abstentions.
  • A motion was made to approve George Parker’s senior project to research acquiring a computer for the clubhouse, including cost, uses, and installation. The vote passed with 5 in favor, 2 opposed, and 1 abstention.
  • Martin Jonikas reports that the windsurfing equipment inventory has been completed.
  • A motion was made to approve a windsurfing camping trip on June 24 and 25th to Sherman Island or Tomales Bay for J+ and Senior windsurfers. Gear will be signed out by individual members and all costs will divided among participants. A skiff or jet ski will be rented for rescues. All members will be required to wear a PFD. The vote passed with 7 in favor and 1 abstention.
  • A motion was made to approve Jolanda de Boer as Chair of Women’s and Specialized Teaching Programs for the remainder of the year. The vote passed unanimously.
  • A motion was made to approve Chris to rent another berth. The vote passed with 5 in favor and 2 abstention.
  • Please use the east hoist for the 25hp skiff. A sign will be posted on the skiff instructing the dayleaders to do so.



  • Commodore Joe reports that we have not had Sunday morning races because the Lido’s are being fixed (thanks to Ed Shirk and all volunteers). There will be races this Sunday. The next General Membership meeting will be on Tuesday, June 27 at 7pm at the Berkeley Yacht Club. The next Ex Comm meeting will be on Tuesday, July 11.
  • Vice-Commodore Malu reports that we had a successful Open House. Thanks to Narcisse and all skippers and volunteer dayleaders.
  • Second Vice Commodore Brian thanks Martin for a good job on the windsurfing equipment inventory. A motion was made to approve Brian for up to $2,000 for 15 booms, 5 bases, and 10 deviators. The motion passed unanimously.
  • Third Vice Commodore Chris reports there’s a new ensign and 2 senior projects for Dewey. He will be gone for 6 weeks and needs an interim Third Vice Commodore. Please contact Chris if you are interested.
  • Treasurer Rebecca reports that she will be getting all the information from Naim shortly. We have $69,782 in the money market account and $17,593 in the checking account. She will be bringing checks to meetings in order to reimburse members immediately.
  • Secretary Isabella is still looking for a volunteer to update the 2000 calendar.

The meeting was adjourned.